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By Mike Johnson on 2009-05-24 22:45:00

Welcome to's live coverage of the 2009 edition of TNA Sacrifice from Orlando, Florida.

TNA opened up their live pre-game show from Orlando with a video feature on the Ultimate Sacrifice main event for the TNA title.  Jeremy Borash, standing before the crowd, then ran down the lineup for the PPV card.

Backstage, Lauren interviewed Daffney, who was with Dr. Stevie Richards.  She noted she wasn't a fan of Richards, so he said that if she wasn't going to be professional, he would take over the interview.  He said that Monster's Ball was going to be a brutal, monstrous bout and Abyss has channeled all his aggression onto Daffney.   He said that Daffney would take a step forward in her therapy tonight and that means someone would have to take a step back - Lauren's sorority sister, Taylor Wilde.  Lauren said she wasn't going to allow him to just use someone.  Richards blew her off and told her next time to be professional.

They aired a video feature on the female Monster's Ball.

The Amazing Red vs. Kiyoshi

The crowd chanted, "He's amazing" at the bell.  Red ducked a kick and hit a leg lariat, then an enziguiri while Kiyoshi was on one knee.  Kiyoshi went to the floor and Red hit a sweet looking twisting dive over the top to the floor.  Red tossed Kiyoshi back into the ring but was kicked as he returned through the ropes.

Kiyoshi began drilling Red with kicks to the head and face.  Don West said he and Kiyoshi spoke in his native tongue of Japanese earlier today.  West shilling merchandise in Japanese would be the greatest thing EVER.    Kiyoshi worked over Red and cinched in a side chinlock.

Red got to his feet and ducked a kick but was caught and hit with a flapjack.  Kiyoshi made a cover but only received a two count.  Kiyoshi came off the top with a chop to the head but Red got his shoulder up.  Red pulled himself to his feet but Kiyoshi maneuvered him to the top rope.  Red fought back and turned a suplex attempt into a twisting DDT.   The crowd rallied behind Red.

Red made it to his feet and drilled Kiyoshi with several flying kicks.  Kiyoshi cut off Red and went to the top for a moonsault, but missed.  Red went to the ropes and hit a dive into a faceplant.  Red hit a standing moonsault press and scored the pin.

Your winner, The Amazing Red!

Solid first match.  These two worked well together and Red's dive was a lot of fun.

At ringside, Jeremy Borash and Lauren previewed the championship matches.

They aired a video feature on the TNA Legends championship bout and then Kevin Nash vs. Samoa Joe.

Lauren interviewed Kevin Nash and asked if tonight was the end of their war.  Nash said he's from Detroit and that means if you beat him on Tuesday, he'll see you on Wednesday.  Nash said that he's been about violence for 21 years in wrestling and before that, he was beating people up in bars.  He promised he would bring the violence tonight and the war was over when he said it was over.

They aired a video feature on the Team 3D Invitational Tournament.

Don West and Mike Tenay did a hard sell for the PPV.


The PPV opened with footage of each of the competitors in the main event arriving at the venue.  Everyone showed up in a really nice car until Foley popped up in a piece of trash car joking around.  TNA aired a video piece on the show, blew up some pyro and off we went.

The Motor City Machineguns & Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. Lethal Consequences & Eric Young

Lethal and Chris Sabin opened the bout with some fun back and forth athletic exchanges.  Creed tagged in but Sabin took control.  Alex Shelley tagged in and tagged Creed with a kick to the head.  Bashir tagged in but was nailed with a somersault clothesline for a two count.  Bashir nailed a jawbreaker and tagged out to Sabin.

Lethal tagged in and drilled him withy an elbow between the eyes.  Lethal Consequences worked over Sabin with a series of synchronized moves.  The storyline was that they wouldn't tag in Eric Young.  Bashir kneed Creed but was knocked off the apron.  He pulled Creed out of the ring to the floor, where Shelley drilled him with a running knee off the apron.  Creed slammed into the railing on the floor.

Creed was tossed back in the ring where Bashir and the Guns worked him over in the corner.  Creed ducked a double chop in the corner and the Guns accidentally struck their own partner.  Creed escaped a double back suplex, landing on his feet.  He ducked under a double clothesline and tagged in Lethal.  Lethal began cleaning house with dropkicks and clotheslines.  He nailed a dropkick on Bashir for a two count.

 The Guns tripped Lethal, setting up Creed and Young doing stereo dives out of the ring.  Lethal hit the Lethal Combination but Bashir kicked up at two.  Lethal went to the top for an elbow but Shelley hit the ring and crotched him.  He nailed a brainbuster off the ropes.    Shelley went to the top.  Creed tried to stop him but Shelley raked his eyes.  Lethal tried to fight off Shelley but was shoved down.  He comes off the top but Lethal hits the combination again.  Shelley rolls out of the ring.

Lethal Consequences work over Bashir but Sabin breaks up the pin.  The Guns take out Creed and Young.  Lethal nails Bashir with a clothesline. The Guns attack him.  Young gets involved and is taken down.  Lethal DDT'd Bashir for another two count.  The crowd chanted TNA and "This is awesome."

Lethal and Bahir battled atop the ropes in a corner.  Lethal Consequences were tied to the tree of woe, where the Guns killed them with dropkicks.  They took out Young, who Bashir drilled with a splash.  The Guns killed Creed with their stereo kicks.  This left Young alone with the three heels.  They sandwiched him in the corner.  Young grabbed both in a Fireman's Carry and hit a double Death Valley Driver.

Lethal slingshot himself into the ring with a sunset flip.  Bashir held the ropes but Andrew Thomas channeled Tommy Young by kicking the ropes and Lethal scored the pin.

Your winners, Eric Young & Lethal Consequences!

A fun opener.  Tons of cool synchronized moves, fast athletics and cool spots.  Really, really good stuff here.

After the match, Eric Young was frustrated.  Even though he won, he wasn't happy with his performance.

Mike Tenay and Don West discussed the main event and the remainder of the PPV card.

They showed footage of Sting talking to some of the younger stars in the company, noting tonight could be his final match.

They aired a video piece on the Knockouts Monster's Ball.

Daffney (with Dr. Stevie Richards & Abyss) vs. Taylor Wilde - Monster's Ball

Taylor Wilde came out far too happy for someone going into this type of match.  How are you not all business when you are about to be fighting with weapons?

Wilde got the better of Daffney early, then pulled a trash can full of weapons to the ring.  She started distributing them in the ring.  Daffney grabbed a detour sign and drilled Wilde with it before she had a chance to do anything with the weapons.  She slammed Wilde on the mat, then drilled her in the corner for several chops.  She choked her in the corner with her boot.

Wilde came back with a series of cookie sheet shots to the head, then put a trash can over her head.  She beat it with a hockey stick.  Wilde hit a Death Valley Driver onto the trash can, which didn't even budge and scored the pin.

Your winner, Taylor Wilde!

Richards had words with Wilde, allowing Daffney to lay her out.  Daffney kept picking up weapons to beat Wilde but Richards told her no to several weapons.  Richards then poured thumbtacks in the ring and spread them out.  Richards called Abyss into the ring with the idea that he needed to do it for his therapy.  Abyss looked scared and concerned.  Richards began screaming at him to do it, then slapped him when he hesitated.

Richards pulled off a belt and threatened to beat Abyss with it.  Abyss grabbed Wilde for a chokeslam but Lauren ran out to stop him.  Richards shoved her down and began lashing Abyss to do it.  Abyss teased doing it but dropped her and instead chokeslammed Richards onto the thumbtacks.

They played Abyss' music as he celebrated.  They showed a shot of the back of Richards' shirt with all the tacks embedded in it and blood spreading across the shirt from his back.

The match was OK but far too short and nothing memorable.  The Daffney bump on the can made me cringe.  It was needless in a lot of ways.  The storyline stuff afterwards was far more interesting to me personally.

They aired a video feature on Jeff Jarrett.

Jeremy Borash announced "three big names" will be on Impact and they will be announced on the mobile text service.  He then interviewed Jeff Jarrett, saying it's surreal to know that after 7 years, Jarrett could lose everything he worked to build tonight.  Jarrett said that he can't make a single mistake tonight or it will cost him everything he worked for his entire life.  Jarrett said that as long as Mick Foley is the TNA champion, the company will continue to take steps backwards and that's something he and the company can't afford to do in today's day and economy.  Thus, he has to make sure that the title is taken away from Mick Foley. 

They aired a video piece on Daniels vs. Suicide.

TNA X-Division champion Suicide vs. Daniels

If Curry Man hits the ring, I will shave my head.

They locked up and Sucide backed him into the corner.  They had a clean break.  Suicide drilled him in the corner with a clothesline, then kicked him in the back.  Suicide nailed a suplex and floated over for a two count.  Daniels nailed a shoulderblock then took him over with a side headlock takeover.  Suicide fought his way to his feet but Daniels hit a leg lariat.

Suicide battled to his feet but was cut off by Daniels drilling him in the gut.  Daniels grabbed his legs to pull him out of the corner but was kicked off.  Suicide hit a back elbow off the ropes and then a clothesline and legdrop for a two count. Suicide was run into the corner, then hit with an enziguiri.  Daniels hit a double sledge and a spinkick.  Daniels hit a Northern Lights suplex for a two count.

Daniels nailed an uranage, and went for the Best Moonsault Ever, but Suicide moved.  Daniels landed on his feet but was drilled with a punch.  They battled for positioning of a tombstone which went badly awry. Suicide ended up on the floor.  Daniels went for an Arabian Press to the floor but Suicide got his legs up. 

They battled outside the ring on the ramp to the ring.  Daniels charged Suicide, who caught him on his shoulders.  He hit a forward roll into the ring.  They returned to the ring.  Daniels slingshot over the ropes in an Oklahoma Roll for a two count.  They each went for a shoulderblock but clunked heads.  Daniels went out of the ring to the floor.

Chris Sabin came out to distract the referee as Alex Shelley drilled Suicide with a knee to the face.  Why didn't he just unmask him?  Daniels didn't see it but rolled up Suicide for the pin.

Your winner and new X-Division champ, Christopher Daniels!

Maybe not.  Daniels took the mic after he saw the interference on the videoscreen and said he didn't want to win the title like that.  He said it was his first title match in 16 months and asked for five more minutes to re-start the match.  Suicide agreed and they re-started the match.

They began going back and forth with some fun spots and near falls.  Suicide nailed a side Russian legsweep for a two count.  Daniels came back to lock in a Kokina Clutch.  Suicide finally escaped.  He put Suicide in the corner.  Suicide escaped and hit a dropkick for a two count.  Daniels came back with an uranage with under a minute left.  He hit the Best Moonsault Ever as Suicide was standing for a two count.  Suicide went for a cover but the time ran out.

They announced it was a draw, so Suicide retained the belt.  Daniels presented the belt to him afterwards.

The match was OK but didn't really feel like anything special.  I think fans in Orlando knew that Daniels was Suicide for most of the run of the character and seeing him face the character just didn't click with them.  The overtime deal didn't get over with the crowd at all and you really need the crowd to care for that scenario for it to click.  Daniels looked silly for not wanting the title.

Backstage, Kurt Angle was working out.

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