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By Mike Johnson on 2009-05-24 22:45:00

They aired a Kurt Angle video feature.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Angle in his locker room.  Angle promised he was going to get the TNA title back tonight.

TNA Legends champion AJ Styles vs. Booker T - I Quit

They locked up and Booker powered Styles back in the corner.  They pointed out that Booker didn't want Sharmell in the corner so there were no distractions.  Booker kicked him and pummeled his back.  He measured Styles and chopped him in the corner.  He methodically beat down Styles.

Styles made a comeback with chops and punches in the corner.  Booker went for a suplex but Styles landed on his feet.  Styles used chops to keep Booker off balance.  They went to the floor where Booker dropped Styles chest-first over the railing.  Styles refused to quit.

Back in the ring, Booker began beating him with knee strikes.  Styles battled to get to his feet but fell backwards.  Booker began choking him.  Styles rolled to the floor.  Booker slammed him into the apron.  Styles began nailing Booker with a series of punches but is cut off with a forearm.

Booker did the Spinaroonie, then cinched in a top wristlock.  He turned it into a keylock but Styles refused to quit.  Styles muscled his way up and dropped back into a Samoan Drop but Booker didn't let go.  Styles finally reversed the leverage and cinched in a hammerlock but Booker got his foot on the ropes almost immediately.

They began exchanging punches in the center of the ring.  Booker missed the scissor kick and Styles nailed the Pele.  Styles began beating down Booker with right hand after right hand.  Booker refused to quit.  Booker got control and returned the favor but Styles wouldn't quit either.

Styles hit a slingshot crossbody to the floor.  Styles went for a springboard as Sharmell came to the ring.  Styles nailed the flying forearm.  Booker, not realizing she was there, rebounded off the ropes and nearly knocked her off. Shocked, he got caught with a crossarm breaker.  Styles really wrenched it.  Jenna Morasca came to ringside and threw in the towel.

Your winner and still TNA Legends champion AJ Styles!

The match was OK but couldn't follow the Team 3D finale.  The worke was fine but they've had better matches and the finish really took the edge off the match.  They basically used the entire scenario to fuel the Morasca-Sharmell storyline. 

Jeremy Borash interviewed TNA champion Mick Foley.  Foley said everyone is making sacrifices tonight.  He said he would like to end Sting's career, lead the Main Event Mafia and take Jeff Jarrett's voting power, but the most important thing is to maintain the TNA title.  He said he never wants to see a world where he isn't the TNA champion and will do everything he can to remain "your TNA World champion."

TNA champ Mick Foley vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle vs. Sting

Jeremy Borash did the in-ring introductions.

All four began brawling at the bell.  Foley and Sting went to the floor.  Sting slammed him into the railign.  Jarrett and Angle went back and forth in the ring.  Angle went for the Olympic Slam but Jarrett turned it into a DDT for a two count.  Jarrett hit a clothesline, sending them toppling over the ropes to the floor.

Foley and Sting returned to the ring.  Sting escaped a double arm DDT and went for a Scorpion death lock but Foley grabbed the ropes and left the ring.  Sting followed and they continued fighting outside.  Jarrett was knocked off the apron by Jarrett.  Angle slammed Jarrett into the announcer's table.  Foley and Sting went into the bleachers.  Angle suplexed Jarrett for a two count.

Jarrett locked in a figure four leglock as Foley and Sting made their way back down the bleacher steps towards the ring.  Sting and Foley battled up the ramp and Foley nailed a piledriver.  Meanwhile Angle escaped the figure four and locked in an anklelock.  Foley hit the ring with Socko and locked it on Jarrett at the same time.  Angle attacked Foley and dumped him out of the ring.

Angle hit an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.  Foley joined the announcers on commentary, basically saying he was going to let the others wear themselves out and then go steal the victory.  Jarrett and Angle went back and forth inside the ring.  Angle scaled the ropes but Jarrett cut him off and hit a superplex. 

Jarrett was left pinballing back and forth between Sting and Jarrett.  Angle whipped Sting into Jarrett, with Sting hitting a Scorpion Splash.  Jarrett ducked a clothesline and Angle nailed Sting accidentally.  Angle began suplexing Jarrett but was confronted by Sting.  Angle backs off then begins hitting German suplexes on Sting as well.  Angle suddenly realized Foley was gone and went to ringside to find him.  He charged the table and did a flip bump over the table to take out Foley.

Angle began beating Foley.  He then nailed an Olympic Slam on the concrete.  Jarrett grabs the dazed Foley and hits the Stroke.  Angle breaks up the pinfall and hits an Olympic Slam.  Angle then finds himself nailed by Sting, who cinches in a Scorpion Death Lock.  Jarrett rolled up Sting from behind for a two count.

Jarrett and Sting rebounded off the ropes and clunked heads.  Foley puts socks on each arm.  He socko'd Jarrett, then Sting.  They both kicked him but Foley ducked a clothesline and caught them each.  He brought them down to the mat but Angle grabbed him and locked in an ankle lock.  As he was kicked off, he knocked down the ref.  Sting grabbed him for a Scorpion Death Drop but no referee.  Jarrett hit Sting with a guitar but no referee.  Foley nailed Jarrett with a chair for a two count.  Angle nailed Foley for a two count.

Sting and Foley battled outside the ring.  Jarrett set up a chair, then put Angle on the top rope.  Jarrett nailed a Stroke off the top rope and drilled Angle into the chair.  Sting rolled into the ring and scored the pinfall on Angle.

Your winner, and new leader of the Main Event Mafia, Sting!

Foley retains the TNA title.

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