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By Mike Johnson on 2009-05-24 22:45:00

TNA Knockouts champion Angelina Love vs. Awesome Kong.

Love, all along since Kong destroyed all her allies, looked worried on her way to the ring.  When the bell rang, Love slid between the ropes to try and ward off Kong but no luck.  Kong began beating her down in the corner.  Love covered up, afraid. 

Love rolled out of the ring trying to escape but ran into Kong on the floor.  She tried to escape over the railing but was pulled back into the ringside area and hit with a double chop to the head.   Kong tried to drag her back to the ring as she held onto the railings, screaming.

Kong drilled Love's head into the railing.  Kong continues whipping her into the railing.  Love ran to the outside but was stopped by Saeid.  Love stopped short and was rammed by Kong.  She dragged her back to the ring.  Love sprayed Kong with perfume and rolled her up for the pin.

Your winner and still TNA Knockouts champ Angelina Love!

After the match, Kong could magically see and attacked Love, nailing the Implant Buster.  She left Love for dead.

Strange match.  I expected a monster beatdown and it really didn't happen.  I wasn't personally crazy for the finish. Match didn't click. They built up a huge beating and instead it made a far left at Albuquerque.  

They aired a Sting video.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Sting.  He said that its inevitable that one day, TNA fans will see Sting wrestle his last match but it won't be tonight.  He said he promised to bring back the honor and respect of the business he walked into 20 years.  He put his career on the line tonight to insure he would win tonight.  He promised to beat Mick Foley for the TNA title.

They aired a Samoa Joe vs. Kevin Nash video.

Kevin Nash vs. Samoa Joe

Nash worked over Joe in the corner with punches early. He choked Joe against the ropes with his boot.  Nash began beating Joe around the ring, then nailed him with a big boot.  Nash went for a Jacknife power bomb but Joe rolled through and locked in an anklelock.  Nash made it to the ropes, forcing a break.

They went to the floor, where Joe rammed Nash into the railing.  Joe went after him but got a thumb in the eye.  Nash cracked Joe's head against the railing.  Nash whipped him into the ringpost and grabbed a chair.  Joe ducked the chair, got it and drilled Nash with it.  Nash came up bleeding.  Joe began peppering him with punches.

Back in the ring, Nash took control again.  Joe came back and locked in a sleeper.  Nash fought his way to the ropes, then lowblowed Joe with a kick.  Nash picked up Joe for a sideslam.  Nash began beating Joe with a series of rights.  Joe came back to rebound off the ropes with a big boot then hit a senton splash for a two count.

Joe went back to the choke after making a throat slashing motion.  Joe locked on a Tazmission (not called that, obviously - Tenay called it the Kokina Clutch, which it was not) and Nash taps out.

Your winner, Samoa Joe!

Joe piefaced the referee, then began beating Nash with elbow after elbow.  Security hit the ring and Joe destroyed them all.  He went back to beating Nash, then walked out.  Scott Steiner came out to check on Nash.

Nowhere near the level of their first match but that was many months ago. This was all about building up Joe, so in that respect, it was booked the right way.

Lauren interviewed TNA and IWGP Tag Team champions Team 3D.  Devon said he wanted to thank TNA for showcasing tag teams and having the best tag team division in wrestling.  Ray said that Beer Money is the closest thing to being the next Team 3D.  He then said The British Invasion wanted to get their attention and did it by laying them out.  Ray promised that the next time they see the Invasion, they are going to punch them in the face.  When asked for a prediction, Ray said he hoped Beer Money kicked their asses.

Beer Money vs. The British Invasion - Team 3D Invitational Finals

Right before the match, Richard Trionfo, who is there and I noted we'd love to see the big oversized check like the old Crockett Cup and there it was when 3D came out.  Tremendous.  Team 3D are on commentary.

Doug Williams and Robert Roode started the match.  They had some wrestling exchanges.  It's great to see Williams FINALLY get a role here.  Williams hits an leaping elbow off the ropes.  Roode comes back with several chops in the corner, then nails the rolling snap mare.  Beer Money worked over Williams with an inverted atomic drop into a Russian legsweep.

Brutus Magnus tagged in but was drilled with several clotheslines and a neckbreaker by Storm.  Magnus tossed him over the ropes but Storm skinned the cat.  Roode poured beer in his mouth while he was hanging outside the ring, so when he returned, he spewed it into Magnus' eyes.   Beer Money cleared the ring.

Roode backdropped his partner over the top onto all three money of British Invasion on the floor.  Magnus charged Storm in the corner but was caught with a boot to the face.  He went to nail Magnus but Williams nailed him, knocking him to the floor.  Williams and Rob Terry beat down Storm outside the ring and tossed him back in.  The crowd chanted for "USA".

Storm finally nailed a droptoehold on Williams, making him headbutt his own partner low.  Roode tagged in and cleaned house.  He hit a spinebuster on Williams for a two count.  Magnus was whipped into the corner, where Storm drilled him with a kick.  Rob Terry slammed Storm into the canvas but was then taken out by Roode.  Williams hit a leaping European uppercut for a two count on Roode.

Storm hit a top rope hurancanrana.  Storm hit a top rope frog splash but Rob Terry pulled Hebner out of the ring..badly.  Hebner threw him out of ringside.  That allowed a distraction for Invasion to attack Beer Money from behind.  Williams went to hit Storm with the briefcase they stole from Hernandez.  Roode got it and drilled him with it.  Storm his a superkick and scored the pin.

Your winners, Beer Money.

Fun back and forth tag match.  Everyone looked good and this was probably the best Brutus Magnus has looked to date.

Team 3D came to the ring to raise Beer Money's hands.  Even though the trophy was at ringside, they announced the presentation would be on Impact.

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