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By Richard Trionfo on 2009-04-19 22:48:23
Welcome to’s live coverage of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling’s Lockdown pay per view. Tonight’s pay per view comes from the campus of Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Make sure to check out the live updates throughout the night. Also make sure to check out the Lockdown post pay per view audio on the site for Elite subscribers.

We are live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Jeremy Borash welcomes everyone to Lockdown. Jeremy shows us footage of Danny Bonaduce arriving on his motorcycle. We are reminded that Danny Bonaduce will be facing Eric Young. Jeremy reminds us of the other matches on the pay per view.

We see a video package for the Sting/Mick Foley match.

Lauren is in the back with Danny Bonaduce. She asks him about his motivation to get inside the six sides of steel. Danny says that they are in his home town and he will do his best tonight. He says that he is going to win. Danny mentions that he has Johnny Fairplay’s tooth around his neck on a chain. Danny says that he has been training for the match and he says that he is terrified to get inside the cage. He will do his best tonight and he says that he expects to bleed.

We see the video package of Eric’s appearance on Danny Bonaduce’s radio show.

PreShow Match: Danny Bonaduce versus Eric Young

Before the match even starts, Bonaduce goes after one of the fans in the front row and that fan is escorted out of the arena.

Bonaduce has nunchuks with him in the cage and then he kicks Eric down after tossing them in the air. Young with a drop kick followed by forearms to the back. Young presses Bonaduce over his head and he sends Danny into the cage. Young with kicks to Bonaduce. Young suplexes Danny into the cage twice and then drives him to the mat. Young with a forearm to Bonaduce and then he charges into boots from Danny. Bonaduce with a boot to Young and then he goes to the top turnbuckle and hits a swanton for a two count. Young punches Bonaduce and then he hits a power bomb. Young goes up top for a moonsault and he misses. Bonaduce has the nunchuks and he tries to hit Eric with them. Eric avoids them and he gets the three count with an inside cradle.
Winner: Eric Young

After the match, they shake hands but Bonaduce hits Young from behind and then he chokes him with the nunchuks. Rhino enters the cage and he hits a GORE on Bonaduce.

Lauren and Jeremy are at ringside while Bonaduce leaves the cage.

We go to the Lethal Lockdown Match video package.

Jeremy Borash mentions the TNA Lockdown fanfest and we see footage from the event. Jeremy brings out TNA President Dixie Carter. Jeremy asks Dixie about meeting the fans and she says that is what makes TNA so special. She thanks the fans for their support. Jeremy talks about the last three months. Dixie thanks the fans for breaking records on television.

We go to a video package for the Tag Team Title Match.

Lauren and Jeremy are inside the six sides of steel and we see the top of the cage for the Lethal Lockdown match.

This concludes the preshow and it is time for Lockdown to begin.

We start off tonight’s show with footage of A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels arriving at the building. Then we see the Main Event Mafia arrive at the building together. Is Team Jarrett on the same page?

Team 3D are at the Art Museum and Ray talks about thirteen years of kicking ass and getting their ass kicked. He says that this is the city that they got their start in and this is where they were born. He calls this the most violent and hardcore city in the world. He tells Beer Money that he would not want to be in their shoes tonight. They will fight throughout the arena and maybe into the streets in Philadelphia. Ray says that he hopes the fans take a shot at Beer Money. They vow to win the TNA Tag Titles and that they are the most dominant tag team in the world. Devon says that he hopes that they are ready and have done all of their training to get into shape for tonight. When the dust clears, there will be no more arguments. The only thing to be said is that Team 3D is the greatest tag team in the business. They will walk out victorious and they testify.

We have the opening video package that focuses on the TNA title match.

Your announcers are Don West and Mike Tenay.

Match Number One: X Division Xscape Match for the X Division Title: TNA X Division Champion Suicide versus Kiyoshi versus Sheik Abdul Bashir versus Consequences Creed versus Jay Lethal

(The rules of the match are that it is a standard match with pinfalls and submissions until there are two men left. At that point, it is a race to escape the cage. The first man to get to the floor is the TNA X Division Champion)

Suicide with a drop kick to Bashir as the bell rings. Kiyoshi with a kick to Suciide but Suicide with a kick of his own. Creed and Lethal work over Bashir. Kiyoshi works on Suicide’s shoulder. Lethal with a hip toss into a cartwheel and drop kick to Kiyoshi. Suicide with a leg drop to Lethal but Creed breaks up the cover. Bashir punches Creed and chops him. Creed wit a boot to Bashir and a kick for a near fall. Suicide with a reverse atomic drop to Kiyoshi but Kiyoshi with a clothesline for a near fall. Suicide with a clothesline to Kiyoshi and then he punches Bashir. Creed with a drop kick to Bashir.

Lethal and Creed work on Bashir in the corner and then Lethal presses Bashir over his head as Creed hits a bulldog. Lethal wit a tilt-a-whirl back breaker to Suicide and then Creed with a side Russian leg sweep and a drop kick to Suicide. Lethal and Creed turn their attention to Kiyoshi. Lethal with an enzuigiri and then Creed with a TKO and Lethal with an elbow drop from the top to eliminate Kiyoshi.

Kiyoshi is Eliminated

Bashir goes after Creed while Suicide runs Lethal into the cage. Creed with the somersault clothesline to Bashir. Lethal and Creed work on Bashir and they hit a double flapjack for a two count. Lethal gets Suicide up and Creed hits a cross body for a near fall. Lethal works on Suicide and Creed works on Bashir. Suicide and Bashir take care of Lethal and Creed and then Bashir with a clothesline to Suicide. Creed falls victim to the WMDDT.

Consequences Creed is Eliminated

Bashir with chops and punches followed by kicks. Lethal hits Lethal Combination on Bashir but Suicide goes after Lethal. Suicide with kicks and then he hits a series of clotheslines in the corner on Lethal. Suicide gets Lethal up but Lethal with a crucifix for a two count. Lethal with a rollup for a two count. Suicide with a clothesline that flips Lethal and Lethal lands hard but Suicide can only get a two count. Lethal with a kick to Suicide and then he tries for a moonsault but Suicide moves. Suicide hits Suicide Solution on Lethal and then Suicide is sent into the cage and Bashir gets the pinfall on Lethal.

Jay Lethal is Eliminated

We are down to Bashir and Suicide and they need to get to the floor to win. Bashir is sent into the cage door and the door opens but Suicide keeps him in the cage. Suicide climbs the cage and Bashir stops him and tries to bring him back into the cage. They fight on the top turnbuckle and Bashir slams Suicide’s head into the cage. Bashir hits a super belly-to-back suplex and both men are down.

Bashir tries for the WMDDT but Suicide blocks it. Suicide sends Bashir into the turnbuckles and then Suicide climbs the cage and gets to the top. Bashir goes up and he punches Suicide and Suicide hangs on the top of the cage. The fight on the top of the cage and they exchange punches with each man trying to stay on top. Bashir almost falls off the cage a few times and he stays up. Suicide with a head butt and Bashir goes to the floor. Kiyoshi has come to the cage one more time and security stops him. Suicide with a splash onto the security and Kiyoshi to win the match.

Winner: Suicide

Lauren is in the back with Christopher Daniels and A.J. Styles. She asks if Team Jarrett is on the same page. A.J. says that him and Daniels are on the same page. They have been together before, but not on this level. Tonight is about showing that they belong. Lauren asks Daniels what happened to bring him back. Daniels says that it is good to be home. What happened between Jeff and him stays between the two of them. Daniels says that that he is a man reborn.

Match Number Two: Queen of the Cage: Madison Rayne versus Sojournor Bolt versus ODB versus Daffney

Daffney and Madison fight while ODB and Bolt brawl on the other side of the cage. Bolt chokes ODB in the ropes while Cody Deener watches. Daffney with a Northern Lights suplex to Madison but Bolt breaks up the cover. Bolt and Rayne push each other and Daffney gets a rollup on Bolt. Bolt and Rayne work over ODB and ODB with a double clothesline and then Daffney gets on ODB’s back and she cannot last eight seconds as ODB with a snap mare. Bolt and Rayne continue to work together on ODB. Bolt holds ODB while Rayne punches and kicks ODB. Bolt and Rayne catapult ODB into the cage. Daffney joins in the attack on ODB and then Madison attacks Daffney from behind. Bolt joins in the attack on Daffney. Daffney hits a cross body on Bolt and Rayne.

Daffney pulls Bolt off ODB and Daffney with a swinging neck breaker to Bolt. Daffney with a European uppercut to Rayne and then she kicks Rayne in the corner. Daffney goes to the turnbuckles but she misses an elbow drop when Rayne moves out of the way. Deener gives ODB something to drink while she watches the action. ODB gets a second wind and she clotheslines Bolt and Rayne. ODB with an Irish whip to Rayne and then she does the same to Bolt and she hits a splash into the corner. ODB with the fallaway slam on Bolt and then she kips up.

ODB with a spinning side slam to Rayne for a near fall. Bolt with a kick to ODB and then she gets a near fall but Daffney breaks up the cover. Daffney with the Moss Covered Three Handled Family Credenza on Bolt but Rayne breaks up the cover. Rayne and Daffney each drive the other into the mat after grabbing the hair. ODB with another drink and then she waits for Bolt to turn around and she spits the drink in Bolt’s face. ODB with a power slam on Bolt for the three count.

Winner: ODB

While Don and Mike talk about the rest of the pay per view, we are sent to the garage where Jeff Jarrett has just arrived and it is only 37 minutes into the pay per view.

Match Number Three: IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Title Match: Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley) versus LAX (Homicide and Hernandez) versus Team No Limit (Naito and Yujiro)

This match will be conducted under Tornado Tag Rules and all six men will be in the ring.

Naito with a cross body to Shelley while Hernandez and Sabin battle and Homicide faces Yujiro. Naito goes up top again but Shelley stops him and Naito is in the Tree of Woe. Shelley with a series of baseball slides to Naito. Yujiro gets Homicide up but Homicide escapes the hold and Homicide hits a back elbow. Shelley chokes Naito with his boot. Homicide with a shoulder tackle but Yujiro stays up. Homicide tries for a cross body but Yujiro catches him and hits a power slam for a near fall.

Hernandez pushes Sabin away and Sabin with a punch to Hernandez. Sabin with an enzuigiri to Sabin followed by an Octopus and then he tries for a sunset flip. Hernandez does not go down and Sabin with a few chops. Hernandez blocks Sabin into the cage. Shelley chops Hernandez and then he tries for a suplex and Hernandez does not go over. Hernandez with a delayed vertical suplex to Shelley and Sabin kicks Hernandez to get his partner out of the hold. Sabin and Shelley try for a double suplex on Hernandez but Hernandez blocks it and hits a double suplex of his own. Naito and Yujiro work on Sabin and Shelley with a number of double team maneuvers. LAX work over Naito and they hit a number of double team moves.

Hernandez with a catapult to Yujiro and Homicide hits the senton onto the back for a near fall. Homicide and Shelley fight on the top rope and Homicide with a head butt. Sabin crotches Homicide and then Sabin with a drop kick off Shelley’s back and Homicide goes hard into the cage. Sabin and Shelley with flying forearms to Hernandez in the corner followed by a series of kicks. They put Homicide on Hernandez’s shoulders and then they hit the Missile drop kick into a Flatline on both members of LAX. Sabin with a tornado DDT on Homicide for a two count because Yujiro breaks up the cover. The members of the Machine Guns and No Limit work over Hernandez in the corner and then Shelley misses Hernandez. No Limit and LAX hit moves in the corner on Shelley.

Homicide catapults Shelley into Hernandez and Hernandez hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Homicide goes up top while Hernandez has Yujiro on the top rope and Homicide hits a senton but Homicide can only get a two count. Hernandez catches Sabin and he tries for a power bomb but Sabin fights off and he tries for a sunset flip. Hernandez does not go down and Hernandez picks up Sabin and then he tosses him into the cage and Sabin goes down awkwardly. Hernandez sets for a border toss of Shelley into the cage. Naito with a snap power slam to Homicide and then No Limit work on Hernandez. No Limit with a double press slam for a two count. Yujiro with a DDT onto Hernandez for a near fall. Yujiro slams Sabin to the mat and then he goes up top but misses a diving head butt. Naito with a slam to Sabin and then he tries for a Phoenix Splash but he misses too. Sabin and Shelley go up top as Yujiro is in the center of the ring. They hit a splash and leg drop combination but Hernandez breaks up the cover.

Hernandez with a head and arm suplex to Shelley. Naito takes down Hernandez while Homicide hits a missile drop kick on Naito. Yujrio has Homicide on the turnbuckles but Hernandez gets Yujiro on his shoulder and Homicide hits an Ace Cutter. Shelley and Sabin incapacitate Hernandez and then Naito is on the turnbuckles and they set for the Sliced Bread #2 and power bomb combination for the three count.

Winners: Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley

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