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By Richard Trionfo on 2009-04-19 22:48:23
Jeremy Borash is with the Main Event Mafia and Jeremy points out that they are the most confident that he has seen them. He asks if it has anything to do with Jeff Jarrett. Angle says that it has nothing to do with what Jarrett and Steiner have been saying. It is about Booker T seeking revenge on A.J. Styles. It is about welcoming back Sting into the fold. It is about Scott Steiner putting on some of the best matches of his career despite being told he was washed up. It is about the return of Kevin Nash. What if Kurt Angle re-injures his neck or if Nash re-injures his knee. It is about ‘what ifs’ from the younger guys because they know they cannot win. They are legends in the business. They will have three opponents younger, stronger, and faster than them. Angle says that you win with your brain, not with your heart.

Match Number Seven: Lethal Lockdown: Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Scott Steiner, Booker T, and Kevin Nash) versus Team Jarrett (Jeff Jarrett, A.J. Styles, Christopher Daniels, and Samoa Joe)

The first participant for Team Angle is Kurt Angle. The first member of Team Jarrett is Christopher Daniels.

Daniels and Angle go face to face and Angle pushes Daniels and Daniels with a double leg take down and then Daniels stands on Angle’s head. Angle with a kick and forearm. Daniels with a take down and he works on the arm. Daniels with a hammer lock into a side head lock but he holds on when Angle tries for an Irish whip. Angle with a belly-to-back suplex but Daniels holds on. Angle sends Daniels into the turnbuckles and then the cage. Daniels with a punch to Angle that stagger him. Daniels with a leg lariat and then he sends Daniels into the turnbuckles. Angle charges into a boot and then Daniels with a curb stomp from the top. Daniels puts Angle on top and he connects with a palm thrust. Daniels with a cross arm power bomb as he continues to wear down Angle. Angle with an elbow and a punch followed by a suplex. Angle with a side head lock and Daniels with clotheslines. Daniels with a Flatline into a Koji Clutch.

The next entrant for Team Angle is Booker T.

Booker finally enters the ring and he gets Angle out of the hold. Booker with chops to Daniels followed by knees. Booker with a punch to the midsection. Booker misses a side heel kick and Daniels with a drop kick. Daniels runs Booker into the corner and he hits shoulders. Booker sends Daniels into a European uppercut from Angle. Angle kicks Daniels in the head and then Booker holds Daniels for Angle to punch Daniels.

The next participant for Team Jarrett is A.J. Styles. Styles hustles to the ring and he punches Angle and Booker and then he hits a drop kick on Angle. Booker punches Styles but Styles sends Booker into Daniels. Styles and Daniels with a series of double team moves on Booker. Styles punches and kicks Booker while Daniels works over Angle. Daniels with a gutwrench suplex to Angle. Angle punches Daniels and Daniels with a clothesline. Styles and Booker each hit clotheslines and they are down.

The third member of Team Angle is Scott Steiner and he rushes to the ring and he hits clotheslines on Styles and Daniels. Steiner puts Daniels on the top turnbuckle and Steiner hits a super overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Steiner punches Styles on top and he hits a Frankensteiner. Steiner works on Styles while Booker kicks Daniels. Steiner with a clothesline followed by the flex elbow but no push ups. Angle with an elbow drop to Styles. Booker with a back heel kick to Styles. Steiner with a clothesline and the flex elbow to Daniels followed by push ups from Booker and Steiner.

The third member of Team Jarrett is Samoa Joe. Joe’s music plays but he is not coming out. Steiner is talking to someone. Booker kicks Daniels and Angle slams Styles. Joe finally comes out after his pep talk to himself. Joe with a head and arm suplex to Steiner and then he sends Booker into the cage. Joe with a clothesline to Angle and a head and arm suplex. Booker falls victim to a power slam. Joe chops Steiner and hits a senton splash. Daniels sends Angle into the cage and he punches Angle while Styles punches Steiner.

The final member of Team Angle is Kevin Nash. Joe sends the cage door into Nash and then Joe punches Nash on the floor. Nash with a knee and then he sends Joe into the ring post. Nash gets into the cage and he choke slams Styles. Nash with a side slam to Daniels. Joe with punches to Nash. Booker accidentally hits Angle and Daniels with a jawbreaker to Booker. Styles with a Pele kick to Steiner. Joe holds Nash for the BME from Daniels. Angle with a German suplex to Joe.

The final entrant in the match is Jeff Jarrett and it is time for Lethal Lockdown to begin and the roof to come down.

Jarrett with punches to Angle and Booker. Jarrett with a double clothesline to Booker and Angle. Team Jarrett gives his teammate weapons and they go after Team Angle. We go to a super duper split screen as we go to the Lethal Lockdown Channel. Joe sends a trash can at Steiner’s legs and then Jarrett hits Steiner with a trash can lid. Joe hits Steiner with the trash can. Jarrett hits Steiner in the back. Styles and Angle goes up to the top of the cage.

Angle and Styles square off on the top of the cage and they exchange punches. Angle sets for a suplex to the floor but Styles blocks it. Styles punches Angle and Angle is near the edge. Angle is hanging over the side of the cage. Meanwhile other stuff is going on in the ring.

Team Angle appears to be in control in the ring. Angle returns to the inside of the cage and Team Angle has an advantage until Styles returns to the ring. Angle with an Olympic Slam on Jarrett and then the Main Event Mafia celebrates. Styles with a dive through the top of the cage onto the members of Team Angle. Daniels gets a near fall on Angle. Joe hits Steiner with the trash can. Daniels with a kick to Angle and an STO. Steiner with a belly-to-belly suplex to Daniels. Joe with a reverse atomic drop and then Joe hits the muscle buster on Steiner but Booker with a jumping heel kick. Booker with the spinaroonie but he is hit with a punch from Styles. Booker with a knee and he sets for the axe kick but Booker moves. Jarrett hits Styles with the chair when Booker moves. Angle gets a near fall on Styles.

Joe yells at Jarrett. Angle hits the Olympic Slam on Joe and Daniels breaks up the cover. Daniels hits Angel’s Wings on Angle for a near fall. Steiner with a Flatline to Daniels and everyone but Jarrett is down. Jarrett goes for the guitar and he is ready to hit Booker and he hits him. Styles covers Booker for the three count.

Winners: Team Jarrett

After the match, the lights go out and there is something on the video screen. Bobby Lashley enters the arena.

We go to the back where Lauren is with Sting and she asks him about his match with Mick Foley. Sting says that you have to expect the unexpected because anything goes at any time in this business. Sting says that he goes way back with Foley but things have not changed. The one common thread has been respect, the belt, and what it means for TNA. Sting says that if the belt lands in the wrong hands, it is doomsday and the start of the end. Sting says that there are a lot of miles on his body. Anything goes in Philly and it will be Showtime.

Jeremy Borash is with Mick Foley. Jeremy asks Mick about whether he through he would be wrestling in the main event against Sting for the TNA Title. Mick Foley is not here tonight, so it is Cactus Jack. He says that he will not need the barbed wire bat because he will use every inch of the cage. He says that pinfalls and submissions will count.

Match Number Eight: TNA Heavyweight Title Match: TNA Heavyweight Champion Sting versus Mick Foley

Foley punches himself before he locks up with Sting and Foley is bleeding in the eye. Foley with a punch to Sting’s head. Foley with a kick to the head. Foley climbs the turnbuckles and then he goes to the top of the cage and Sting stops Foley. Sting with punches and Foley goes down to the mat. Sting kicks Foley in the head. Sting rakes Foley’s face against the cage. Foley punches Sting and then Foley goes for the turnbuckles to climb the cage again. Sting meets Foley on top and Sting hits a belly-to-back suplex and both men are down. Sting tries to send Foley into the cage but Foley blocks it. Foley punches Sting in the corner.

Foley climbs the cage again and Sting stops Foley and Foley is caught in the ropes. Sting works on the ankle. Foley tries to climb the cage but Sting hits Foley in the back of the leg and Foley falls to the mat one more time. Foley sends Sting into the cage. Foley with a swinging neck breaker for a near fall as Foley tries to get some feeling back into his leg. Foley with a double underhook DDT and both men are down. Foley tries for the Scorpion Death Lock and he applies it but Foley has to release the hold. Foley tells the referee to open the door and when the referee refuses, he pushes the referee down. Foley gets angry and he punches Sting after kicking the cage door. Foley with a baseball slide and he takes out the cameraman. Foley tries to climb through the camera hole but Sting pulls him back. Sting puts Foley in the Scorpion Death Lock and Foley gets into the cage and he demands his bat. Foley gets the bat after Sting releases the hold. Foley holds the bat in Sting’s face and then he tries to hit Foley with the bat. Sting punches Foley and Foley goes down. Sting climbs to the top of the cage but Foley hits Sting with the bat. Foley hits Sting again and Sting falls to the mat. Sting with a drop toe hold and Foley lands on the baseball bat. Sting has the bat and he hits Foley in the midsection and back with the bat.

Sting puts the bat in Foley’s face. Foley hits Sting in the head with the bat and then he hits an elbow drop and the bat on Sting. Foley wraps the barbed wire around his arm and he hits Sting. Foley punches Sting in the head. Foley with a running knee into the corner and he hits Sting with the bat as well. Foley climbs the cage and so does Sting. Foley is over the cage and he lands on the floor before Sting to win the match.

Winner: Mick Foley

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