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By Richard Trionfo on 2009-04-19 22:48:23
Lauren is in the back with Abyss and she reminds Abyss that Matt Morgan said that he will hurt him. Abyss thanks Lauren for caring and he calls her the greatest girlfriend ever. He says that he gave Dr. Stevie his word and tonight’s match is about survival. He talks about being abused as a child, when he was deemed mentally unfit. He will take everything that Matt has to dish out until there is nothing else for Matt to give. After that, he will take out all of his frustrations on Matt. Abyss says that Dr. Stevie says that it is good to take everything from the inside and let it out. Tonight he is going to let it all out.

Match Number Four: Doomsday Chamber of Blood: Abyss versus Matt Morgan

Abyss punches the chair in Morgan’s face and then he punches Morgan in the corner. Morgan with knees to Abyss and then he runs into a clothesline. Abyss with a splash in the corner and then Morgan falls into the corner. Abyss with a running butt splash and Morgan is down. Morgan with an elbow and punches to Abyss. Morgan with a boot to Abyss’s head. Abyss with a side slam to Morgan and then he looks at the chair. Abyss grabs the chair but he gets hit in the head with a bicycle kick into the chair. Morgan grabs the chair and then he climbs to the top of the cage and he throws the chair to the floor and the crowd does not approve. Morgan with a kick to Abyss and then he punches Abyss. Abyss is now bleeding so he is eligible to be pinned. Morgan throws Abyss into the cage and he gets a two count.

Morgan with elbows to Abyss in the corner followed by a splash. Morgan with a drop kick to Abyss for a near fall. Morgan punches Abyss as he works on the head. Morgan gets his black bag and opens it. Morgan reveals a bag of glass. Morgan tries to drive Abyss’s head into the glass. Morgan grabs a piece of glass and he tries to drive it into Abyss’s head but Morgan takes too long and Abyss stops Morgan. Abyss punches Morgan and then Abyss hits a shoulder tackle on Morgan. Abyss sends Morgan into the cage but Morgan does not bleed. Abyss with a choke slam and he covers Morgan but because Morgan did not bleed yet, the ref refuses to make the count.

Morgan with a knee to Abyss’s midsection. Morgan goes up top and Morgan hits a cross body on the referee when Abyss moves out of the way. Abyss gets a piece of glass and he jams it into Morgan’s forehead. Morgan is now bleeding so he is eligible to be pinned. Abyss and Morgan exchange punches and Abyss with a black hole slam but we have no referee who is conscious. A new referee gets in the ring but it takes too long and Morgan is able to kick out. Abyss opens the cage door and he leaves the ring to get the chair.

Dr. Stevie comes to the ring and he takes the chair. Abyss tries to plead his case but Morgan with the Carbon Footprint for a two count. Abyss leaves the cage again and he wants the chair. Stevie tells Abyss no and holds the chair from him. Abyss goes under the ring and he finds a bag so he does not need a chair. Stevie tells Abyss not to do it. Abyss opens the bag and it is full of thumbtacks. Stevie takes off his jacket and he enters the cage. Stevie slaps and hits Abyss. Morgan with a low blow while Abyss argues with Stevie. Morgan with a spinebuster onto the thumbtacks for the three count.

Winner: Matt Morgan

Jeremy Borash is with Jeff Jarrett and he asks Jeff which side of Jeff Jarrett will we see tonight. Jeff wants to know what side Jeremy is talking about. He has heard the comments from Styles and Daniels. He tells Styles and Daniels to worry about themselves. Where were they over the last six months. Does Jeff Jarrett need to worry about himself more than he has in the past. Jeremy wants to know what Jarrett means and he says that means that he will do the right thing. Jarrett opens the door and Samoa Joe is there and he tells Jarrett ‘no tricks’.

Match Number Five: TNA Knockouts Title Match: TNA Knockout Champion Awesome Kong versus Angelina Love versus Taylor Wilde

Love tries to climb out of the cage and Kong goes after her and she kicks Love. Meanwhile Taylor watches for a second and then Taylor attacks Angelina. Taylor sends Angelina into the cage and then Wilde Irish whips Love into Kong. Kong wants Wilde for a wheelbarrow move but she slams Wilde on the mat instead of Love. Kong with a chop against the ropes. Kong gets Love up for a power bomb, but Love tries for a sunset flip but Kong stays up. She tries to drop down but Love moves. Love and Wilde both work together on Kong and they get near fall. Love and Wilde get chest-to-chest and then Wilde gets a near fall but Love with a bridge and back slide for a near fall. Love with a clothesline. Love with an Irish whip and then Kong sends Taylor into the cage. Angelina tries for a rollup but that is not a smart thing to try because Kong does not budge. Kong grabs Angelina by the throat and tosses her across the ring. Kong with a giant swing on Love and then she pulls up Angelina while standing on Angelina’s hair. Kong tosses Angelina across the ring by her hair and then she tosses Taylor across the ring.

Kong with a choke slam to Love and then Kong goes to the turnbuckles and she tries for a somersault splash but she misses Angelina. Taylor makes the save and she kicks Kong in the process. Love with a kick to Wilde and then Angelina ties Kong’s hair into the cage. Saeed chases Velvet Sky around the ring. Wilde goes up top while Love mocks Kong. Wilde hits a cross body but she can only get a two count. Saeed tries to get Kong out of the cage while Wilde has Angelina in a reverse chin lock. Kong kicks Wilde away and Angelina Love gets the three count.

Winner: Angelina Love

Lauren is in the back with Team 3D and some of the fans in Philadelphia. Devon and Ray enjoy a beverage. Devon says that they are home. They were nobodies until Philadelphia showed them respect over the years. Devon says that this is a homecoming for Team 3D. When everything is said and done, they are going to go to Tony Luke’s for a few cheesesteaks. By the time they are done with Beer Money, they will have more cracks in their heads than the Liberty Bell.

Match Number Six: TNA and IWGP Tag Title Match in a Philly Street Fight: Team 3D (Brother Ray and Brother Devon) versus Beer Money Incorporated (James Storm and Robert Roode)

The match starts with all four men brawling and then Devon avoids Storm and Roode and then Ray sends Storm and Roode out of the cage. The battle moves to the floor very quickly. Ray sends Storm into the crowd while Devon and Roode battle in the crowd. Devon and Ray are in control of the action as they move up the aisle. Storm and Ray are about to fight into a luxury box and Ray punches Storm in one of the seats. All four men are on the stairs and Roode gets dropped on the railing by Ray. Storm punches Devon as they head back towards the ring. Devon bites Storm’s forehead. Roode slams Ray’s head into the railing but Ray fights back with a chop.

All four men return to the ringside area and Roode works over Ray and Storm takes a drink to recover. Storm spits the beer in Devon’s face. Storm sends Devon into the guardrail and then Storm hits Ray with the cage door. Roode moves the steps and put a table next to it. They set for a double suplex through the table and they hit it and Devon goes through the table.

Storm and Roode work over a bloody Ray as they rake his face across the cage. Storm with a splash against the cage and Roode gets a two count. Storm and Roode work over Ray but Ray fights back with chops and he hits a double shoulder tackle. Ray slams Roode and then he signals that he is going to go up top. Storm stops Ray and he goes up top as well. Storm punches Ray but Ray chops Storm and Storm gets crotched. Roode hits Ray and Roode goes up. Roode punches Ray and he kicks him. Ray with a rake of the eyes and Ray with a super BubbaBomb and Roode bounces off the mat. Roode kicks out. Storm gets a near fall on Ray. Devon gets back into the cage and he hits a shoulder tackle on Storm. They hit the neck breaker belly-to-back combination on Roode but Roode kicks out.

Storm punches Devon and Ray punches Storm and gets him on his shoulders. Devon with the Doomsday Device for a two count. Roode with a clothesline to Ray and then he Irish whips Devon but charges into an elbow. Devon with a Wassup headbutt to Roode. Devon is told to get the tables. Devon gets the table. Storm and Roode get Ray up and hit a double belly-to-back suplex. They both send Devon into the cage. Storm gets Devon up for a TKO and neck breaker combination for a two count. Storm and Roode go up top and Roode misses a diving head butt and Storm misses a somersault splash. Roode with a spinebuster to Ray and then Roode with a neck breaker to Devon. Roode wants Storm to come inot the ring and then they decide to send Devon into the cage door but Devon sends Roode into the cage and they hit 3D for the three count.

Winners: Team 3D

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