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By Mike Johnson on 2008-12-07 22:49:00

Welcome to's live match by match coverage of TNA Final Resolution 2008, live from Orlando, Florida at the Universal Studios.  The show opened with a video using old FDR footage decrying war from the 1940s interspersed with footage of the TNA Frontline and The Main Event Mafia.  TNA blew some pyro and the announcers ran down the lineup of the show.

Feast or Fired: The Motor City Machineguns, LAX, The Rock N' Rave Infection,  Jay Lethal, "The Guru" Sonjay Dutt, Petey Williams, BG James, Consequences Creed, Curry Man, Cute Kip and Shark Boy.

Everyone received singles entrances, since it was each man for himself.Cute Kip gave a fan the crotch chop on the way to the ring.  That was timely the last time he was over.  They noted during the ring introductions that Williams wouldn't compete due to the beatdown he received from the Main Event Mafia.

You have to retrieve a briefcase and escape the ring to capture one.  One of the briefcases will be revealed tonight.

Everyone started brawling at the bell.  Lethal and Dutt brawled outside.  It broke down with Curry Man and Shark Boy taking out the Machineguns.  Curry tried to grab a briefcase but BG James pulled him down.  Curry tossed James out to the floor.  Curry and Shark worked together to try and get a briefcase but were shoved off by Dutt.  Dutt used Hernandez' back as a springboard to go for a case but was taken out by Lethal.  Rave went for a briefcase but was grabbed and hit with a Border Toss out of the ring to the floor, where everyone else had congregated.

Hernandez then retrieved a case and left the ring.  Kip took out Curry Man and went back and forth with BG.  BG got caught with a stunned by Shark Boy.  Sharky began throwing out stunners.  Lance Rock took him down, then hit a German suplex on Alex Shelley.  This has turned into a fast collection of crazy spots.  Rock hit a double clothesline on Hernandez and Curry.  They took out Rock.  Curry and Homicide battled atop the ring for one of the cases.  Curry got the better of it and knocked Homicide down.  Curry got the case but found others in the ring waiting to attack him, so he did a flip dive to the floor on others to escape with the case.

Rave and Lethal went back and forth in the ring.  Lethal went for the Lethal Combination but Rave hit the Rock Your World.  Kip took out Rave but began eating offense from the Machineguns.  Consequences Creed hit a somersault into a clothesline.  Lethal hit Dutt with a full nelson suplex.  Lethal went for a case but was crotched by Homicide.  Homicide hit an Ace Crusher off the top rope.  He went for a case but Dutt grabbed him.  Homicide got the better of the exchange and crotched Dutt, even stepping on his back to get leverage removing the case.  Homicide leaped to the floor.

Dutt hit a dive to the floor on James and Kip.  Alex Shelley went for a case but Rave cut him off.  The Guns worked over Rave with a Tower of Doom combination powerbomb/sliced bread #2.  Jay Lethal tried to use the moment to grab the case but Shelley nailed him.    The Guns hit a missile dropkick on Lethal while he was on Shelley's shoulders.  Shelley went for the case but Shark Boy pulled him down.  Creed charged but was superkicked by Sabin.  He then nailed a DDT. 

Shelley went to the top and got the case as Sabin blocked everyone.  Shelley laid out Shark Boy and Creed with the case.  The Guns posed with the case held aloft in the air. Lethal springboarded off the ropes, grabbed the case in mid-air and escaped to the floor.

Your winners, Homicide, Hernandez, Curry and Lethal!

The lure of who will be fired is interesting.  They haven't had Christopher Daniels appear unmasked since he was fired but if they fire Curry, they could bring him back.  Hernandez' has a contract coming up, so its possible he could be on the way out if they don't come to terms.

Fun opener with lots of really fast paced spots.  They were all working really hard here.

Jeremy Borash came out and announced they would open one case now, but would give the winners a chance to forfeit their cases (and protect themselves from being fired, if they had that case).  The Guns remained in the ring.  None of them took the offer.  Borash said they randomly picked a number, which would be opened now.  It was #2, held by Jay Lethal.

Lethal returned to the ring,  crossing his fingers.  The Guns refused to leave, so you know an angle with Lethal is coming.  Borash told the guns the case wasn't theirs and the crowd chanted, "Yes it is." Ha!  He won a Tag Team title shot, which drove the Guns nuts.  The crowd chanted, "Bullsh**."  They were trying to turn the Guns heel and the crowd was making them babyfaces.

Jeremy Borash cut a promo on the heels saying he was tired of the Guns whining and moaning, because they knew the rules.  He called Alex Shelley an "A-hole."  Borash said that of the 250 people that TNA employ, Shelley is the biggest pain of the ass he's ever worked with.  Does that include Gary Coleman, who Borash has buried for years after he made a cameo in WCW?  Weird to see Borash "shooting".

Backstage, Lauren interviewed Sharmell and The Beautiful People.  Sharmell said that underneath all her beauty, she's as ghetto as ghetto can be and promised to be "Beyonce-ing" all over ODB.  Uh, Beyonce isn't ghetto.  How about Mary J. Blige?  Foxy Brown?  Lil' Kim?  Velvet Sky said that they do bad things to bad people, but they never start anything.  She said they take out the trash that TNA puts in the ring with them and they are tired of beating the ugly out of ODB, Taylor Wilde and Roxxi.  She said the only reason they took the match is that they wanted a new crib, since the storyline is they get Booker T's locker room if they win.  Angelina Love thanked Booker in advance for it, since they can never have enough real estate.  She said the economy sucks because they own everything. 

Angelina got a phone call from "The Governor", as in Sarah Palin.  They tried to tell her they were about to go on a moose hunt.  She promised to put Palin on the guest list for Impact on Thursday.  They giggled like little girls running into Zach Efron in the street.

ODB & Taylor Wilde & Roxxi vs. The Beautiful People & Booker T (with Cute Kip)

The babyfaces opened with quick tags, working on Love.  Love caught Wilde with a hell of a right to regain control.  The BP hit a double clothesline for a two count.  Velvet Sky worked her over with punches.  Wilde came back with uppercuts and caught her in a front facelock.  She tagged in Roxxi, who slammed Sky.  Sky retreated to the floor, so Roxxi nailed Angelina.  ODB tagged in and called for Sharmell to come in the ring but instead Kip got in the ring.  The referee stepped between them, allowed the BP to jump ODB. 

The BP tagged in and out working on ODB as the crowd tried to rally her.  Love rammed ODB back first into the corner.  Now that ODB was down, Sharmell was willing the tag in.  She nailed some punches, then ran out and tagged in the BP.  They both ended up getting nailed with a double clothesline, then made the hot tag to Taylor.  Wilde cleaned house with clothesline and dropkicks on the BP.  She hit a tiltowhirl backbreaker on Love.

Roxxi jumped Love and they brawled on the floor.  Sharmell tried to sneak up on ODB, who turned around.  The crowd popped for the moment.  Cute Kip hit the ring and shoved ODB in front of the referee.  NO DQ?  ODB slapped him then chased Sharmell to the back. 

Back in the ring, Love kicked Wilde as she charged into the corner.  Love hit a flying bodypress off the top but Wilde reversed it using her momentum and scored the pin.

Your winners ODB & Roxxi & Taylor Wilde!

The character stuff was fine but the wrestling was just OK.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed Eric Young, noting he had won the X-Division title but it was reversed because of how Shane Sewell got involved.  Young said he understood where Sewell was coming from, but promised he had Sheik.  Young cut a straight promo, saying he's got confidence and he's got the hopes and dreams that he and the Frontline are fighting for.  He said that's what he learned when he moved to America from Canada.  The Motor City Machineguns interrupted.  Shelley said that he wanted to borrow Borash.  Young told Shelley he needed to get on board because they were fighting for their future.  Shelley said he was on the team but didn't trust anyone but Chris Sabin.  He told Young he wished him luck, but wanted to borrow JB.  Young asked him if it was OK and Borash said it was.  The second Young left, they shoved Borash against the locker room and warned him that he wasn't thinking and he should never mouth off to them again.  They demanded to know where Mick Foley was and Borash said he was by Jeff Jarrett's office.

TNA X-Division champion Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. Eric Young

The referee was Shane Sewell, who they noted had two strikes but still had to officiate the match.  They praised TNA management for not taking the easy way out by getting another referee.  They started off with some solid back and forth wrestling and near falls.  Young hit a Thesz Press early. 

Bashir threw Young into the corner and unloaded with chops.  Young did the Flair flop in the corner but landed on his feet, hit a shoulderblock through the ropes, slid in and hit a belly-to-belly suplex.  Young was whipped into the ropes and bumped over to the floor. On the floor, Young was slammed into the steps and tossed back in.  Bashir went for a pinfall and then grabbed a waistlock to work on Young's back, which they said he injured on the tumble to the floor.

Bashir began nailing several elbows on Young.  Bashir got in Sewell's face, warning him to make the count correctly.  When Young kicked up, Bashir went for a surfboard to work on the back.  So far, so good.  They did a double clothesline with both on the mat being counted down by Sewell.  Young got the better of Bashir with a back suplex and an elbow off the ropes but Bashir kicked up.

Bashir kicked Young but was caught with a discus clothesline.  Young slammed him, then went to the top.  He missed a moonsault.  Bashir covered him for a two count.  Bashir went for his DDT but Young blocked it by grabbing the ropes and hit a forward roll for a two count.  Bashir got his foot on the ropes to break the pin.  Young argued but was tossed to the floor by Bashir.  Bashir and the referee argued.  Bashir shoved him and Sewell teased hitting him but composed himself.

Young hit a sunset flip into the ring but Bashir grabbed the ropes.  Sewell warned Bashir to let the ropes go and when he didn't, kicked off Bashir's hands.  Tommy Young would be proud.  Young pinned Bashir for the belt. 

Your winner and new X-Division champ Eric Young!

Bashir attacked Young.  Sewell tried to stop him but was hit by Bashir.  Sewell made the big comeback with a backdrop but Bashir nailed him with the X-Division title.  Bashir backdropped Young to the floor.  Sewell was busted open when he returned to his feet.  Bashir attacked him again and again, measuring Sewell, then choked him out with the turban.  Really good angle.

Bashir walked out with the X-title.  As he got to the stage, Jim Cornette and security came out and took the belt with force.

Good match and the post-match angle with Sewell was really good. The Cornette thing felt rushed, because it took some heat off Bashir after he laid out two guys himself, but beyond that, really liked this. 

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