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By Mike Johnson on 2008-12-07 22:49:00

TNA Knockout champ Awesome Kong (with Saied and Rhaka Khan) vs. Christy Hemme

The backstory here is Hemme is the underdog challenger with AJ Styles training her.  Khan is sort of worthless here since she's taller than the monster champion.  TNA brought in a veteran to introduce Hemme.  There was a sign that read, "If Hemme wins, we riot."

Hemme started off fast with strikes in the corner.  Kong whipped her into the corner but Hemme avoided the charge.  Hemme tried for a takedown but was tossed off.  Kong charged but Hemme dropped down and Kong went over the ropes to the floor.  Hemme hit a bodypress off the top to the floor, which looked awesome.  Kong slammed her down on the floor.  Kong brought her back to the ring and controlled Hemme, throwing her down and slamming her with a double barrel choke.

Kong locked Hemme in her version of the Torture Rack.  Hemme got to the ropes and began striking her with kicks.  She jumped on Kong's back with a sleeper but was shoved off.  Kong charged the corner but was kicked several times.  Hemme nailed a DDT and hit her split legdrop off the middle rope.  Saied pulled Hemme out of the ring at two.   Saied and Hemme brawled on the floor.  Khan got involved as well, but Hemme fought back against both and got back in the ring.  Again, it was all in front of the referee with no DQ.

Hemme returned to the ring and Saied followed her.  They did a DQ. 

Hemme fought off Saied.  Khan got on the apron.  Hemme went for a forearm and Khan ducked down to the apron to avoid it.  It looked like he she didn't want to take the bump.  It made Hemme look bad.  Hemme nailed her with a few kicks.  Kong and Hemme started brawling with security pulling them apart. 

The match was OK but more of a backdrop to show that Hemme was ready to fight and sort of set her up as the new Gail Kim top level fiery babyface.  They did a solid job of that I thought but Hemme will really have to grow as a performer for it to really take.  She's always shown a lot of enthusiasm for the business, so this will really be her chance.  As a step one, it worked. 

They kept brawling as TNA went backstage to an interview.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Kurt Angle, saying he needs to beat Rhino to get to Jeff Jarrett but if he loses, he's done with the company.  Angle said it was ecstacy, comparing himself to the hunter who just got the kill.  Angle said the last few weeks, he's seen a fire that he's never seen before in Rhino's eyes.  He said that he commends Rhino for lighting a fire under the Frontline.  Angle said their fire is nothing compared to his obsession with Jeff Jarrett and says he sees Jeff and his little girls and how they've ruined his entire life.  Angle promised next month, he's going to beat Jarrett to within an inch of his life with no mercy.  Borash asked about Mick Foley and Angle said, "He's been taken care of."

TNA Tag Team champions Beer Money Inc. (with Jacquelyn) vs. Matt Morgan & Abyss

Beer Money's entrance is great.  Morgan and Abyss laid out Beer Money early and they retreated to the floor.  Abyss chased Storm into the crowd with Roode following.  When Beer Money returned, Matt Morgan hit a bodypress off the top to the floor.  Morgan and Abyss beat on Beer Money, who pulled the old Memphis Wrestling heel walk up the ramp.  At this point, the bell still hadn't rung.

Referee Rudy Charles told the ring announcer that if they didn't return to the ring by a ten count when they started the match, they would forfeit the titles.  Beer Money charged for the ring at eight.  They broke the count and rolled back out of the ring.  That was funny.  Beer Money did a great job playing stalling heels not wanting to get in the ring with Abyss.  Larry Zbyszko was smirking. 

Matt Morgan tagged in with Roode.  Roode tried to grab a waistlock but was shoved off by Morgan.  Beer Money doubled on Morgan.  Morgan caught James Storm when he went for a high cross bodyblock and hit a Fall Away Slam.  Abyss tagged in and Storm ran for his life to the floor.  Roode was grabbed by Abyss and pulled into the ring.  Roode tried to focus on his knees but was hit with a side slam.

Abyss charged into the corner but was elbowed.  Roode was mad Storm was outside drinking a beer when he went for a tag.  Roode was double teamed by the challengers.  Beer Money took control, nailing Morgan's knee into the ring post.  He fought off Storm but when he went for a tag, Storm chopblocked him to take Morgan back to the mat.  Roode worked over Morgan with a leglock.  Beer Money tagged in and out working on Morgan.  They hit a Rocket Launcher on Morgan for a two count.   They went for a double suplex but Morgan reversed and tagged Abyss.

Abyss attacked Roode as Storm ran to the floor.  Abyss went for Shock Treatment but Storm attacked him.  His blows had no effect on Abyss, who pressed and tossed him into the air.   Roode came off the ropes but was caught and chokeslammed.  He put Storm into Shock Treatment and nailed it for a two count. 

All four battled inside the ring.  Storm had a beer bottle but was stopped by Abyss when he went to nail it.  Abyss went to hit him with the bottle but Jackie Moore got in the way.  Storm put on brass knuckles and nailed Abyss in the jaw, scoring the pin.

Your winners and still TNA Tag Team champs Beer Money Inc.

The match was perfectly fine for what it was designed to be.  Beer Money may be the best working tag team anywhere today.

Backstage, Lauren interviewed Mick Foley and asked how the pressure of being the Enforcer was weighing on him.  Foley said none of the pressure was on him because his job was pretty easy.  The Motor City Machineguns showed up.  Foley mocked Shelley for wearing the turkey suit on Impact.  Shelley ripped on Foley, but then said they figured out a way to make their relationship work.  He asked Foley to overturn the decision of the opener, asking Foley to give them the Tag Team title shot instead of Lethal.  Foley asked if they were asking or telling him to do it.  Shelley said he was telling Foley and they'd "see him out there."  They left.  Foley told Lauren that one day Shelley is going to get what's coming to him, but it'll happen on his time, not the Guns'.  He teased it could even happen Thursday.

As the announcers previewed the main events, The Motor City Machineguns came to the ring and took the ring mic.  Shelley said Mick Foley was about to reverse the Feast or Fired decision so they would get the Tag Title shot.  They took chairs and sat down in the ring, saying they weren't leaving until Foley came out.  Jim Cornette came out instead.  Cornette said Foley had better things to do than "wetnurse a couple of crybabies."  Cornette told them to get out of the ring and the building right now before they were in more trouble.  Alex Shelley said they weren't a pair of Rock N' Roll Express knockoffs and they weren't going to scared by Cornette.  Cornette got mad and said he was going to get the biggest security they have to drag the Guns out of the ring.  

I thought it would be Morgan and Abyss but instead it was the in-ring debut of Kaz's new masked character Suicide, who swung into the ring with a big entrance and cleaned house.  The entrance came off pretty good and the crowd got behind it.

Backstage, Lauren tried to interview Rhino but he just stared intently at her.  She asked if she shouldn't be there and he told her she shouldn't.  She handed him the mic and stood off to the side, scared.  Rhino said he's never been more disgusted than he has been hearing Kurt Angle talking about Jeff Jarrett's daughters.  He said when he hears what Angle said, it makes Rhino think of his own daughter,  He said he would up the violence and would be fighting for Jarrett's girls.  So, Rhino went from being the flagbearer for the Frontline who just PINNED THE TNA CHAMPION to Jeff Jarrett's stand-in.  I didn't care for that but the promo was solid.


During the tag match, they announced the X-Division title was held up and there would be an official announcement on Impact.



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