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By Mike Johnson on 2008-12-07 22:49:00

Rhino vs. Kurt Angle with Mick Foley as the special Enforcer - Angle must leave TNA if he loses; Angle wrestles Jeff Jarrett next month if he wins

Rhino, after all the talk of being disgusted and violent, broke clean when they got against the ropes during a lock up.  Sigh.   Angle grabbed a side headlock but was shoulderblocked down, then rolled to the floor.  Angry, violent Rhino didn't follow.  The crowd did the back and forth chants for each but I don't think the crowd is buying the idea that Angle could leave the promotion at all.

Rhino shoulderblocked Angle down, then used a headlock takedown.  Angle went for a hiptoss but was clotheslined down for a two count.    Angle whipped Rhino into the corner.  Rhino caught him with an elbow for a two count.  Rhino kneed him and went to the ropes but Angle shoved him over to the floor.  Angle followed him to the floor and whipped Rhino into the guard rail. 

Back inside the ring, Angle nailed a back suplex for a two count.  He cinched on a side chinlock.  Rhino fought his way to his feet but was caught with an overhead belly to belly suplex for a two count.  Angle began nailing Rhino in the corner but it energized him as he fought Angle back with several headbutts and punches.  Angle took Rhino back down to the mat with a chinlock. 

They did a double clothesline spot after Rhino fought his way back to his feet.  Rhino came back with a shoulderblock and a spinebuster.  Angle came back with a belly-to-belly suplex, then pulled down the straps, teasing the Olympic Slam.  He went for it but Rhino slipped out and hit a belly-to-belly.  Rhino set up for the gore but Angle moved and locked on the Anklelock.  Rhino tried to go for the ropes but was pulled into the center.

Rhino finally rolled through to free himself.  He picked up Angle for a powerbomb then flipped him over into the turnbuckles.    Rhino teased the Gore again but was kicked in the face and nailed with the Angleslam  The match is OK but it hasn't come anywhere near the Abyss match next month overall.  Rhino charged Angle with a shoulderblock in the corner but Angle moved the referee got nailed.

Foley got into the ring to check the referee.  Angle grabbed a chair.  He and Foley began arguing.  Angle dropped the chair.  Rhino rolled him up for a two count with Foley counting the fall.  Angle went to the top but Rhino began nailing him with punches.  He superplexed Angle into the ring for another two count. 

Al Snow walked out smiling as everyone chanted for Head.  Foley smiled and said something to Al, who slapped him.  Angle nailed Rhino with the chair and hit the Angleslam.  Foley, somewhat reluctantly, counted three.  The storyline was Snow was getting revenge for what Foley has written about Snow in his books.  Didn't WWE do 1999?

Kurt Angle took the mic and told Foley he was going to cripple Jeff Jarrett next month.  He said he was going to take care of Foley after Jeff and told him, "You piece of sh**, I'm going to beat the sh** out of you.  Have a nice day."  He gave Snow a thumbs up and Snow raised his arm on the stage.  They hugged.

Lauren interviewed The Main Event Mafia backstage.  She asked Sting how confident he was given that he could lose his TNA title tonight.  Sting said they were confident and it's what he wanted.  He said all of them were victims of the Frontline's disrespect and they have experience at his side tonight.  Sting said they've been in wars and survived them all, and are still standing.  He said that tonight, the Frontline were going to learn what the TNA title and the Main Event Mafia represented.

Jeremy Borash interviewed the TNA Frontline.  AJ Styles was asked if they can trust Team 3D.  Brother Ray said all week, everyone has been asking that.  AJ Styles asked Borash if he was back to palling around with Kurt Angle.  He said ten years ago, 3D were in the same position he and Joe were in.  He said they were brothers and family, and promised they were taking the TNA title home.  Ray asked Devon if he had this, and Devon said he did.

TNA Title on the line: TNA champ Sting & Kevin Nash & TNA Legends champ Booker T & Scott Steiner vs. Team 3D & AJ Styles & Samoa Joe

AJ Styles, no one else, will win the TNA title if the Frontline win, no matter who gets pinned or makes the pin.

Styles and Booker started the bout.  They started out fast.  AJ rolled over Booker to hit several shots but was thumbed in the eye.  Styles came back with a big dropkick.  Brother Ray tagged in and cinched in an armbar on Booker.  Booker caught him in the corner with a knee to the face, then tagged in Scott Steiner.  Booker hit a side slam so Steiner could work him over.  Steiner clotheslined Ray, but missed an elbowdrop.  Ray peppered him with punches, then hit a uranage.

Joe tagged in and nailed Steiner with an enziguiri in the corner.  Steiner raked Joe's eyes.  Joe pulled off and challenged Nash to tag in.  Sting tags in instead.  Joe began chopping away at Sting, then began kicking at him.  Joe continued to work him over in the corner but Sting raked his eyes, then began kicking and punching his combination on Joe.  He slammed Joe and hit an elbow.  Sting tagged in Nash.

Nash nailed Joe with the knees in the corner.  Joe was able to get Nash into his corner and tagged in Brother Devon.  Devon nailed a shoulderblock on Nash.  Devon then laid out Booker and Steiner.  Devon hit a back elbow off the ropes on Nash.  Sting nailed Devon from the outside and Nash hit the big boot to the face.  Nash drilled him with a sideslam for a two count.  Steiner tagged in and hit an over the head belly-to-belly suplex. 

The Main Event Mafia continued to work over Devon.  Booker nailed a spinkick for a two count.  He cinched in a rear chinlock on Devon.  Steiner tagged in and chopped away at Devon in the corner.  He set up Devon for a suplex off the turnbuckles but is knocked backwards into the ring.  Devon hit a headbutt off the ropes then made the tag to Brother Ray.

Ray and Nash battled in the middle of the ring with Ray getting the better of the exchange.  Ray hit a running splash in the corner, then hit a backdrop suplex.  Booker broke up the pin at one.  Joe tagged in and began drilling Nash with kicks and chops.  Joe hit a big kneedrop on Nash.  Booker whipped Joe into the corner.  Steiner grabbed Joe's legs and pulled him into the ringpost, crotching him, although the cameras missed it.

Nash continued the assault on Joe with a clothesline and kneedrop.  Sting tagged in and kicked Joe in the gut, then dropkicked him in the face.  Steiner clotheslined Joe.  Steiner nailed Brother Ray off the apron and locked in a choke on the mat.  Joe fought his way to his knees, then to his feet.  He elbowed Steiner away but Steiner nailed a STO variation.  Ray broke up the pin and slapped Joe with the idea he would wake him up from his grogginess.

Booker tagged back in, nailing several high knees to the head and neck of Joe.  He followed up with chops.  Joe began firing back and they went toe to toe in the center of the ring.  Booker nailed a scissor kick and did the spinaroonie.  Steiner tagged back in.  He slammed Joe headfirst into the turnbuckle.  Steiner set up Joe on the top rope and hit a belly-to-belly overhead from the ropes.  He covered Joe, who put his foot on the ropes.

Steiner cinched in a sidechinlock.  The Frontline rallied the crowd.  Nash tagged back in and choked Joe against the ropes.  The Mafia worked over Joe in the corner as 3D argued with the referee.  Nash nailed a big boot to the face.  Sting tagged in but Joe kneed Sting as he came off the ropes.  Joe went for the tag but was dazed and went in the wrong direction, allowing Sting and the Mafia to maintain the control.  Steiner was finally caught with an uranage as he charged Joe in the corner.

Joe made the tag to Styles.  Styles clotheslined Sting, then nailed the other Mafia members.  He hit the Pele Kick on Nash.  Styles caught Sting with a Stinger Splash of his own, the hit them on the other Mafia memebers in each corner.  Styles nailed Sting with a back suplex and covered him for a two count.  Joe tagged in and hit a Tazplex.  It broke down into all eight brawling inside the ring and outside.

3D nailed the 3D on Booker but Steiner broke it up and clotheslined both.  He suplexed Devon.  Ray hit the sitdown powerbomb on Steiner.  Nash chokeslammed Ray.  Styles hit the springboard forearm on Nash.  Sting nauiled Styles and locked on the Scorpion Deathlock but Joe kicked Sting in the face.  Joe went for the muscle buster but was lowblowed by Nash.  Sting hit the Scorpion Death Drop and pinned Joe.

Your winners, the Main Event Mafia!

Overall, a lot of solid wrestling on this show and you could see TNA really trying to put things in place for the future on the undercard.  I don't think there was anything that was terrible on the show, although some of the pushing to tune in Thursday was excessive.  If someone paid $40 for the PPV, they know where to watch the TV show.

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