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By Buck Woodward on 2007-01-07 22:39:00

Welcome to our coverage of WWE New Year's Revolution.  We will be updating this page throughout the evening with results from the show, so check back often.

They went immediately to the arena, and showed the steel cage being lowered for the Intercontinental Title match, which will open the PPV.  They then went to the usual pre-PPV video package for the show.

Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy vs. Johnny Nitro, with Melina - Steel Cage Match

There was a Hardy chant at the start.  Nitro hit a knee to the gut and worked over Hardy with kicks and punches in a corner.  Hardy returned fire, stomping Nitro down.  Hardy whipped Nitro hard into the opposite corner, and they continued to throw punches.  Hardy got on the second rope, punched Nitro down in the corner, then swung down off the top rope with a kick to the chest.  Nitro came back with a faceplant takedown for a two count.  Nitro tried to ram Hardy into the cage, but Hardy put the brakes on and delivered a gourdbuster. 

Hardy missed a charge in the corner, and Nitro hit a springboard kick off the middle rope for a two count.  Nitro started to climb up the cage, but Hardy pulled him back down.  Nitro went for a backdrop after reversing a whip, but Hardy kicked it away and hit a clothesline.  Hardy crawled for the door, but Nitro pulled him back in by the leg.  Hardy gave Nitro a mule kick to break free, then began to climb up the cage.  He kicked Nitro away once, but Nitro dropkicked Hardy so he would fall between the ropes and cage wall.  Nitro hit some knees to the trapped Hardy, then dropkicked him. 

Nitro climbed up, but Hardy grabbed him, and soon they were both fights on the ropes.  Hardy jumped off the top rope and dropkicked Nitro, who was seated on the top rope, and they both fell hard to the mat. Nitro reversed a whip, and Hardy lept to the top rope, then went to go over the cage, but Nitro managed to grab his pants and stop him.  Nitro delivered a second rope back superplex, laying out both men.  Nitro mounted Hardy and hit some forearm shots.  Nitro charged Hardy, but Hardy flung Nitro over his head, and Nitro went face first into the cage.  Hardy then started to climb, and Nitro joined him.  They slugged it out on the top rope, and Hardy hit a side Russian legsweep, driving both men to the mat.

Hardy climbed up, and Nitro followed.  Nitro actually stepped on Hardy's back to get above him on the cage.  They battled it out, with Nitro sitting on the cage and Hardy standing on the top rope, and Nitro gave Hardy a sunset flip into a powerbomb.  Nitro started to climb up again, but Hardy got behind him, and Nitro ended up hung upside down with his legs entwined in the scaffolding that ran along the top of the cage.  Nitro managed to free himself and fall back into the cage.  Hardy climbed up another side, but Melina whipped the cage with a belt, catching Hardy's fingers and sending him stumbling back into the ring, where Nitro nailed him with a top rope dropkick.

Nitro delivered a neckbreaker, then went to the top rope for a flying bodypress, but Hardy caught it and planted Nitro with a powerslam.  Hardy then hit a Swanton Bomb off the top rope.  He was slow to cover and Nitro got his foot on the bottom rope to break up the pin.  Hardy hit a forearm and a trio of clotheslines.  Hardy backdropped Nitro, but ran into a boot in the corner.  Nitro climbed up the cage, but Hardy followed him up.  Nitro got one leg out of the cage, but Hardy grabbed him by the hair and pulled him back in.  Hardy tried a top rope Twist of Fate, but Nitro held onto the cage and Hardy fell to the mat. 

Nitro regained his footing on the top rope, and went to climb out.  Hardy went to crawl for the door, and Melina stood between the outside referee and the door.  By the time the ref moved her and unlocked the door, Nitro was coming down the cage, right over the door.  Hardy dropkicked the door, it swung open, and Nitro crotched himself on the top of the door.  With Nitro crotched on the door, Hardy crawled out of it and got to the floor for the win at the fifteen minute mark.

Winner: Jeff Hardy.

Backstage, Todd Grisham interviewed Edge and Randy Orton.  Edge said they needed to take out DX to assume their spot at the top of the company.  He said tonight they would show DX that their run is over.  Orton bragged about busting open Ric Flair and DX.  He said they were fighting for their future. Edge said the DX reunion was "fun while it lasted, and sold a lot of t-shirts" but it would end tonight.

Lilian Garcia announced we would get a "bonus match", a Tag Team Turmoil match with the winning team receiving a future tag title match. 

Tag Team Turmoil: Highlanders vs. Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin.

Haas started out with Rory, going for a hiptoss, but getting his eyes raked.  The Highlanders hit a double suplex, and Robbie scored a two count.  Robbie hit an uppercut, then tagged in Rory.  Haas ducked a double elbow, but was caught with a drop toe hold/elbow drop combo.  Rory missed a charge in the corner when Shelton pulled Haas out of the way.  Haas hit Rory with a clothesline and tagged Benjamin.  Benjamin straddled Rory on the top rope as Haas held him, and scored a two count as Robbie ran in to break it up.  Benjamin slammed Rory across Haas' knee into a backbreaker for a two count. Haas decked Rory with a right hand, then tagged Shelton, who kneed Rory in the back. Shelton put Rory in a rear chinlock, driving his knee into Rory's back.  Shelton went for a slam, but Rory managed to shift his weight and fall on top of him.  Rory went for some quick pins, but Shelton tripped him.  Rory managed to break free and tag Robbie, who slammed Shelton and Haas.  Robbie dropkicked both opponents, then clotheslined Shelton to the floor.  Robbie slammed Haas, then went to the top rope for a rocket launcher, but Haas rolled away.  Rory went after Haas, and Haas pulled Rory through the ropes and to the floor.  Meanwhile, Shelton got on the apron, jumped to the top rope, and grabbed Robbie with a superplex for the pin at  the six minute mark.

Tag Team Turmoil: Hacksaw Duggan & Super Crazy  vs. Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin.

Hacksaw and Benjamin traded punches, and Haas clipped him from behind.  Haas & Benjamin worked over Hacksaw in their corner.  There was actually a chant for Super Crazy as Hacksaw was being worked over. Duggan battled back against Haas, and hit the three point stance clothesline.  Super Crazy got tagged in and dropkicked Haas twice.  Haas then snapmared Haas and dropkicked him in the face.  On the floor, Shelton rammed Hacksaw into the steps.  Crazy hit a standing moonsault on Haas for a two count.  Crazy went to jump on the ropes, but Benjamin clipped him, and Haas hit a German suplex with a bridge for the win at the three minute mark.

Tag Team Turmoil: Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch  vs. Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin.

Cade and Murdoch ran down and immediately ambushed Haas & Benjamin.  Cade slammed Benjamin, and they gave him a reverse atomic drop/boot to the face combo.  Murdoch then unloaded with punches on Benjamin.   Murdoch put Benjamin in an armbar.  Cade tagged in and hit a neckbreaker for a pair of two counts, then dropped an elbow for another two. Cade slammed Benjamin, then dropped Murdoch into a legdrop on top of Benjamin for a two count.  Murdoch went for a vertical suplex, but Benjamin floated over and hit a neckbreaker.  Benjamin tagged in Haas, who cleaned house with punches.  He dropkicked Murdoch, backdropped Cade, gave Murdoch a boot to the face, and gave Cade an exploder suplex.  Haas gave Murdoch a top rope dropkick.  The match degenerated into a brawl.  Haas put Murdoch in the Haas Of Pain, but Cade jumped off the ropes and nailed Haas while Benjamin was being escorted out of the ring by the referee. Murdoch crawled onto Haas for the pin at the four minute mark.

Tag Team Turmoil: Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch  vs. Cryme Tyme.

Chad ran in and immediately went to work on Cade.  JTG came in for a cannonball type move on Cade for a two count.  Cade and Murdoch pulled JTG into their corner to work him over, but JTG grabbed Murdoch with a backslide for a two count.  Murdoch kicked away a backdrop attempt, and Cade & Murdoch hit a legsweep/clothesline combo for a two count.  Cade worked over JTG with elbows and punches, then Murdoch tagged in and hit a back elbow.  Cade & Murdoch continued to work over JTG, tagging in and out and pounding him.  JTG managed to grab Murdoch in a small package, but the referee was busy with Cade.  Murdoch slammed JTG, but then jumped off the second rope into a boot.  Cade cut off the hot tag to Chad, and set up JTG for a double suplex.  He floated over and made the hot tag to Chad, who hit a double clothesline and began cleaning house.  Chad eventually succumbed to the two-on-one, but Chad dodged the legsweep/clothesline combo.  Murdoch was sent from the ring, and Cryme Tyme hit a Samoan Drop/neckbreaker combo on Cade for the pin at the seven minute mark.

Winners: Cryme Tyme.

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