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By Buck Woodward on 2007-01-07 22:39:00

Vince McMahon was backstage chatting with Jonathan Coachman about the Donald Trump-Rosie O'Donnell feud.  They both commented that it was like something out of WWE.  Vince said they should settle it with "physical violence".  Vince said he was going to put together Donald Trump vs. Rosie O'Donnell for Monday Night Raw tomorrow. Coach kissed up to Vince for inventing the "You're Fired" line, and Vince got bored with him and walked off.   Coach then turned around, and Ron Simmons was standing there.  Ron said "Damn". 

Kenny Dykstra vs. Ric Flair.

Dykstra came out in a poor man's version of a Ric Flair robe, then had them air footage of Flair being attacked by DX last Monday.  Dykstra said everyone was tired of watching Flair get beat down every week, but Dykstra said that was too bad, as he was going to beat him down again.  Flair's music interrupted Dykstra, and Flair made his entrance. 

Dykstra grabbed a headlock at the start and hit a shoulderblock as Flair shoved him into the ropes.  Kenny did the Flair strut.  Flair hit a shoulderblock of his own, then Kenny leapfrogged Flair and dropkicked him.  Kenny hit a fistdrop, and pounded Flair in a corner.  Flair responded with some chops, and they went back and forth. Flair hit some chops, then a back elbow.  Flair chopped Kenny over the top rope and to the floor. Kenny got on the apron, and Flair yanked him throat first across the top rope.  Kenny fell back to the floor, but grabbed Flair by the foot and dragged him to the outside.  Kenny suplexed Flair on the floor, then rolled him into the ring for a two count. Dykstra hit a suplex for a two count, then elbowed Flair in the back three times.

Kenny went for a Boston Crab, turning it over and Flair initially fought it off.  Flair struggled in the hold, stuck in the center of the ring.  Flair managed to move a little towards the ropes, really selling the pain of the move.  Flair finally made the ropes for a break.  Kenny hit a fistdrop, then stomped Flair.   Kenny hit some punches in the corner, but Flair returned fire with punches and chops.  Kenny got the better of the exchange, and went for a figure four, but Flair rolled him into a small package for a two count.  Flair hit some punches, then chops.  Kenny ran into a Flair elbow, then Flair went to the top rope.  Kenny caught him, and slammed him off the top rope.  The announcers pointed out how rarely that move works for Flair. 

Kenny hit a top rope dropkick for a two count. Kenny went after Flair in a corner, but Flair poked him in the eyes and chopblocked his leg out.  Flair hit another chopblock, then delivered a kneedrop. Flair grabbed Kenny by the leg, paused to stand on Kenny's groin, then applied the figure four leglock.  The crowd, which was into Flair throughout the match, chanted for Kenny to tap.  Kenny's shoulders went down, but he lifted them up at two.  Flair slapped Kenny while maintaining the hold.  Kenny eventually made the ropes, forcing a break.  Flair pounded Kenny in the corner with chops and punches.  The referee kept getting in Flair's way.  Flair moved the ref to the side, and Kenny hit Flair with a low blow (that the ref didn't see).  Kenny rolled Flair into a small package for the pin at the ten minute mark.  The announcers put over that Kenny beat Flair using an old Flair trick. 

Winner: Kenny Dykstra. 

Backstage, Johnny Nitro was having his shoulder iced down.  He told Melina to call Mercury, and that the Hardys would pay for this.  As Melina went to go make the call, Victoria approached her.  Victoria told Melina her name isn't on her checklist.  Victoria told Melina that they could work together, and if Melina helps Victoria win the Women's Title, she would get the first title shot.  Victoria told Melina to think about it and walked off. 

They recapped how Victoria has been decimating the Women's division on Raw. 

Women's Champion Mickie James vs. Victoria.

They locked up, and Victoria shoved Mickie to the mat.  Victoria took Mickie down with a waistlock and applied a chinlock with a bridge.  Victoria went into a front facelock, but Mickie reversed into an armbar.  Victoria reversed into her own armbar, and Mickie cartwheeled out of it and hit a monkeyflip.  They exchanged arm wringers, then Victoria grabbed a side headlock.  Mickie shoved Victoria into the ropes, and Victoria hit a shoulderblock, but Mickie tripped her.  Mickie hit a pair of armdrags, then a dropkick for a two count.  Mickie kicked Victoria in the corner, but Victoria reversed a whip.  Victoria ran into an elbow.  Mickie went for a headscissors, but Victoria tossed her off onto the ring apron, then kicked her to the floor.  Victoria hit a baseball slide dropkick, then dropped Mickie face first on the security wall. 

Victoria yelled something at Lilian Garcia as she got back in the ring, and Mickie grabbed Victoria into a small package, but Victoria kicked out.  Victoria stomped Mickie, then choked her against the ropes.  Victoria flung Mickie across the ring by the hair and got a two count.  Victoria went to the middle rope for a moonsault, but Mickie rolled out of the way.  Mickie hit some right hands, then a series of reverse elbows.  Mickie threw some jabs, then decked Victoria with a punch for a two count.  Mickie gave Victoria a back elbow and caught her with a rana.  Victoria rolled to the apron.  Mickie gave Victoria a forearm, knocking her to the floor.  Melina came out to help Victoria up.  Mickie rolled out of the ring and decked Melina, then kicked Victoria and threw her back into the ring.  Mickie went for a DDT, but Melina hooked her foot.  Maria and Candice came out to counteract Melina, engaging in a brief brawl, as Mickie rolled up Victoria for a two count. Victoria lifted Mickie for a slam, but Mickie reversed it into a DDT for the pin at the seven minute mark. Maria, Candice and Lilian celebrated with Mickie as Melina yelled at them from ringside.

Winner: Mickie James.

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