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By Buck Woodward on 2007-01-07 22:39:00

The history between DX and Rated RKO was recapped.

World Tag Team Champions Edge & Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels & Triple H.

The DX intro only took about five minutes this time.  DX charged Edge & Orton in the aisle as they came out and they began brawling at ringside.  Triple H suplexed Edge on the floor.  Michaels chopped Orton on the outside.  Triple H backdropped Edge on the rampway.  Michaels floated over a suplex attempt by Orton and rammed him into the ring steps.  Triple H rubbed Edge's face across the ramp, then tossed him into the ring to officially start the match.  DX worked over Edge in their corner, with Triple H tearing at Edge's face.  Triple H hit a clothesline in the corner, then stomped his hand.  Triple H continued to try and rearrange Edge's face.  Triple H rammed Edge into the outstretched boots of Shawn Michaels, then tagged him in.  Michaels hit a chop, but missed a charge in the corner.

Edge tagged in Orton, who went to work on Michaels with right hands.  Orton ran into a boot by Michaels, then hit a chop, snap mared Orton, then stomped him in the face.  Michaels kicked Orton in the midsection, then stomped him in the side of the head.  Triple H tagged in and decked Orton with a right hand.  Triple H dropped a knee, then pulled Orton across the ring apron and elbowed him from the outside.  Michaels then hit a ring apron legdrop.  Triple H covered Orton for a two count.  Michaels tagged in and chopped Orton, then stomped him in the head again.  Orton was busted open.  Michaels bit the forehead of Orton.  Michaels tagged in Triple H, and the took turns slugging Orton.  Triple H worked over the cut with punches.  Edge tried to knee HHH from the apron, but Triple H grabbed Edge and pulled him into the ring.  Triple H worked over both men, but Edge clipped his knee, taking him down. 

Orton legally tagged in Edge, who began pounding the leg of Triple H.  Edge kept kicking at the leg, then wrapped it around the middle rope and yanked it.  Edge pulled Triple H's leg from the outside and whipped it into the ringpost.  Edge let out a "Whoo" and went for a figure four, but Triple H kicked him off into a corner.  Michaels tagged in and gave Edge a flying forearm, kipped up, and gave Edge a reverse atomic drop.  Michaels knocked Orton off the apron.  Michaels slammed Edge, then went to the top rope and hit the elbowdrop.  Orton ran in and clotheslined Michaels.  Triple H clotheslined Orton over the top rope to the floor. The referee got Triple H out of the ring.  Michaels backdropped Edge to the floor, then hit a tope con hilo onto Edge and Orton.  Michaels tossed Edge back in.  As Michaels got on the apron, Orton grabbed his leg, and that allowed Edge to spear Michaels between the ropes, knocking him back to the floor.  Orton nailed Michaels with one of the tag title belts. Triple H ran over and hit Orton, but Michaels was busted open. 

Michaels was a bloody mess as he crawled back onto the apron.  Edge pulled Michaels up on the apron and hit a series of right hands.  Orton tagged in and hit a side neckbreaker for a two count.  Orton stomped Michaels, then hit a kneedrop to the back of the head for a two count.  Edge tagged in and worked over Michaels with punches.  Edge whipped Michaels hard into a corner, then hit a backbreaker for a two count.  Orton tagged in and gave Michaels repeated forearms to the back.  Orton stood on Michaels' chest and posed.  Michaels battled back, exchanging shots with Orton.  Orton raked Michaels eyes when he started getting the better of the exchange.

Edge tagged in and they hit a double backbreaker on Michaels.  Triple H broke up the count.  Edge put Michaels in a surfboard. Michaels hulked up and broke out of it, then exchanged shots with Edge.  Michaels hit a back suplex on Edge, but Edge scored with a kick before Michaels could go make the tag. Orton tagged in and trash talked Michaels, measuring him for the RKO.  Orton went for the move, but Michaels tossed him away and made the hot tag to Triple H as Orton tagged in Edge. 

HHH nailed Edge with clotheslines and a jumping knee.  Triple H pounded both Edge and Orton.  Triple H gave Edge a facebuster on the knee, then clothesline him out of the ring.  Triple H gave Orton a spinebuster for two (even though he isn't legal).  Triple H got up limping, and gave Edge a spinebuster as he ran back in.  Triple H got up limping again, and went for a Pedigree on Edge. Orton grabbed Triple H and gave him a sloppy RKO. Michaels superkicked Orton, but Edge shoved Michaels through the ropes and to the floor.  Edge then crawled onto Triple H for a two count.  Edge measured Triple H for a spear, but Triple H moved out of the way and Edge hit the corner. 

Triple H went for a Pedigree on Edge.  Orton ran in with a chair, in front of the referee, looked like he was about to hit Triple H, then turned around and ran back out without using it.  That was bizarre. Triple H hit a weak pedigree on Edge, and Edge kicked out of it.  Shawn Michaels got into the ring, ran across it, and hit Orton with a tope on the other side.  Michaels then grabbed the referee and decked him.  Michaels and Triple H then grabbed some chairs and beat the crap out of Edge and Orton.  Orton was a bloody mess.  DX cleared off both of the announce tables.  Triple H set up Edge for a pedigree on one table, while Michaels put Orton on the other.  Triple H gave Edge a pedigree on the table, but the table didn't break.  Triple H pointed at Michaels, and Michaels came off the top rope with an elbowdrop, putting Orton through the table (that one did break) at the twenty four minute mark. Michaels and Triple H then celebrated and walked off triumphant. 

Results: No contest (I guess).

Todd Grisham interviewed John Cena backstage.  Cena intentionally overhyped the match, making jokes about Umaga.  Cena then got serious, noting that Umaga has never been pinned or forced to submit.  Cena said he wouldn't just hand over the WWE Title because Umaga is supposed to be unbeatable.  He said nothing lasts forever, nothing is impossible, and nothing would stop him from walking out the WWE Champion.

Carlito, with Torrie Wilson, vs. Chris Masters.

As Carlito made his entrance, they showed the recent events between Carlito and Masters. 

Masters stalled at the start, then locked up and pushed Carlito into the ropes.  Carlito came right back with a double leg takedown and hit some right hands and chops.  Carlito hit a shoulderblock in the corner, then booted Masters in the face and hit a facebuster off the second rope.  Masters reversed a whip and hit a backdrop, then flexed his muscles for Torrie at ringside.  Masters slammed Carlito, then kicked him in the gut.  Masters went for a back suplex, but Carlito flipped over it and hit a dropkick.  Masters backdropped Carlito to the ring apron and tried to ram him into the ringpost, but Carlito blocked it and kicked masters.  Carlito then hit a double springboard moonsault onto a standing Masters for a two count. Masters grabbed Carlito by the trunks and pulled him into the middle turnbuckle. 

Masters went for the Masterlock, and Carlito reversed it, then Masters reversed it, but couldn't get the hold locked in, so he gave Carlito a one armed back suplex instead.  Masters dragged Carlito around the ring by the hair, then hit a backbreaker for a two count. Masters hit a backbreaker and pushed down on Carlito's chin to stretch him across his knee.  Carlito kicked up his knee into Master's head to break free.  Carlito leapfrogged Masters, but got caught with a clothesline for a two count.  Masters trash talked Carlito, saying he was trying to impress Torrie.  Carlito ducked a clothesline and hit a springboard reverse elbow.  Carlito hit a kneelift and a clothesline, then gave Masters a flapjack for a two count.  Masters reversed a whip, and Carlito went for a bodyscissors, but Masters blocked it and went for the Masterlock.  Carlito dropped down to avoid it, trying to grab a bodyscissors for a rollup again, but Masters dropped down on him and grabbed his trunks for the win at the six minute mark.

Winner: Chris Masters.

Post-match, Masters laid out Carlito.  He teased going back to get Torrie, but then turned back around and left.

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