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By Buck Woodward on 2006-11-19 22:48:00

Welcome to our coverage of TNA Genesis.  This page will be updated throughout the night with results from the show. 


Jeremy Borash welcomed us to the show, then they went outside the building, where Christy Hemme was asking fans who would win between Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle.  LAX showed up, and Hemme started a "USA" chant.  LAX got in the face of some fans.  Security showed up, and they cut back inside, where Mike Tenay & Don West revealed that LAX is still planning to try and burn an American flag.  They then reviewed the matches for the PPV.  

Eric Young came out, stood in the crowd, and said that tonight he would get to make his big announcement.  He said he was going to let the fans in on a "big secret", but was interrupted by Robert Roode's music.  Roode and Ms. Brooks came out for Roode's open challenge, with Roode saying it was open for "anyone in the building tonight".  Roode asked Eric if he would accept the challenge.  Roode said Young was scared, and if Eric doesn't wrestle him, he may get fired.  Roode hit Young with the microphone and dragged him into the ring to start the match. 

Robert Roode vs. Eric Young. 

Roode pulled off Young's shirt (Young was in streetclothes) and choked him down in a corner.  Young floated over a suplex attempt and rolled up Roode for a two count, then grabbed a crucifix for another two count.  Roode stopped Young's momentum with a spinebuster.  Young leapfrogged Roode and ducked a clothesline, but was caught with a sleeper.  Young shoved it off and applied his own sleeper.  Roode dropped Young with a back suplex attempt, which looked bad.  Young came back with a Thesz press.  Roode whipped Young into a corner, and Young awkwardly went to the apron and then to the ropes.  Roode went to join him, but Young shoved him to the mat and hit a top rope elbow for a two count.  Brooks got on the corner to distract Young, but Young avoided a charging Roode.  Young hit a cross bodyblock, but Roode rolled it over and got the pin with his feet on the ropes for leverage at the five minute mark.

The fans told the referee that Roode had his feet on the ropes, so the referee restarted the match.  Roode protested, then charged Young.  Young caught him with a double boot to the face out of the corner, and rolled up Roode for the pin, also using the ropes for leverage.  The announcers played up that the fans weren't clueing in the referee this time, so Young's pin stood.

Winner: Eric Young.

After the match, Roode complained to Ms. Brooks about the loss.

A video package hyping Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle was shown.

Backstage, Christy Hemme was awaiting the arrival of Samoa Joe, but LAX interrupted her.  Homicide took the mic and interviewed Konnan, who said they would burn the American flag tonight.  He also said that Petey Williams is now on their hitlist for foiling their efforts to burn the flag on Impact.  Konnan also noted that the next time James Storm takes his shirt off, he should wear a sports bra.

In the arena, Christian Cage came out and said it was a "load of crap" that he had to wrestle AJ Styles tonight, because he is the number one contender for the NWA World Title.  Styles came out and attacked him, but security broke it up.

A video package hyping Sting vs. Abyss was shown. James Mitchell, with Abyss behind him, did a promo, making a lot of references to "Sting's maker forsaking him" when Abyss destroys him.  Mitchell said by the end of tonight, Sting would be thanking him for "saving his soul".

Don West did the hard sell for the PPV.

Kurt Angle was shown arriving, and they went into a music video to hype the PPV.


Kazarian, Maverick Matt & Johnny Devine vs. Voodoo Kin Mafia

Kazarian, Matt & Devine came out with kendo sticks, Voodoo came out with chairs.  This is a three-on-two handicap match.  There was a "DX Sucks" chant at the start.  Matt started out with BG James, backing him into his corner for a beat down.  BG was soon cleaning house with right hands, but Matt took him down with a superkick.  Devine came in and bit BG on the ear.  Devine hit BG with a sloppy body block, then bit him again.  Kazarian hit BG with a kendo stick from the floor, as the threesome kept BG on their side of the ring.  Matt dropkicked BG in the face as he sat on the mat for a two count. BG came back with a forearm to Matt, and had the referee help him do a kip up so he could make the hot tag to Kip James.  Kip cleaned house and gave Matt a Pedigree, then mocked the Sweet Chin Music stomp.  James then tossed Matt and Kazarian out of the ring and gave Devine a cobra clutch slam for the clean pin at the four minute mark.

Winner: Voodoo Kin Mafia.

Post-match, BG James mentioned Vince McMahon, Michael Hickenbottom and Paul Levesque again, and said the next step in their "war" would be seen this Thursday night on Impact.

Mike Tenay & Don West reviewed the rest of the card, when Kazarian & Matt came out, carrying a hooded Devine.  They made Devine kneel in the ring.  Out came Raven, wearing a white suit and a leather mouth cover.  Devine was unhooded, and Raven beat him across the back with a kendo stick.  Devine just kneeled there, taking the shots.  They showed the welts forming across his back.  Raven posed, then left the ring.  The fans chanted "one more time".  Devine stood up with Kazarian & Matt as they cut to the back.

Shane Douglas & The Naturals did a promo, bragging about how the Naturals defeated Team 3D in a tables match, and now Team 3D have run off to Japan with their tails between their legs.  They had the broken table from the match, and had "Team 3D Was Here" painted on it.

The Naturals vs. Jay Lethal & Sonjay Dutt.

Jerry Lynn walked Lethal & Dutt to the stage, but then returned to the back.  The Naturals have new ring gear with Douglas' logo on it.  The Naturals attacked Lethal & Dutt before the bell, choking their opponents and screaming about wanting more of Team 3D.  Stevens tried to powerbomb Lethal on the floor, but he blocked it.  He then helped Dutt to backdrop Douglas onto his partner on the floor.  Lethal & Dutt hit stereo dives on the Naturals.  Lethal & Dutt hit a slew of double team moves on Stevens, but Douglas broke up the cover.  Dutt hit a powerdrive elbow on Stevens for another two count.  Lethal tagged in and worked over Stevens, but Stevens kicked him low, right in front of the referee.  Douglas tagged in and choked Lethal on the ropes. Douglas kicked Lethal low, then stomped him on the mat.  Stevens tagged back in and choked Lethal as well.  The Naturals made a wish on Lethal, then Douglas put Lethal in an abdominal stretch, with Stevens reaching in to provide extra leverage. The referee caught it after a few attempts and made them break the hold. 

Douglas hit Lethal with a jumping knee for a two count.  Stevens tagged in and hit a running kick on Lethal.  Lethal tried to mount a comeback, but Stevens caught him with a wheelbarrow suplex. Stevens hit Lethal with a top rope elbow.  Douglas then went to the top, but Lethal caught him with a shot to the gut and made the tag to Dutt.  Dutt worked over Stevens with right hands, then hit a dropkick and a flying headscissors.  Dutt dropkicked Stevens' legs out, and then worked over Douglas before giving Stevens a neckbreaker for a two count.  Dutt hit Douglas with a springboard senton.  Lethal gave Stevens a faceplant and Dutt followed with a moonsault for a near fall.  Dutt went to the top rope, but Shane Douglas went after him.  Dutt knocked him away, as Lethal pulled Douglas off the apron.  Stevens grabbed Dutt for a powerbomb, and Douglas came off the top rope for a dropkick that missed badly.  Stevens still dropped Dutt into the powerbomb for the pin at the eight minute mark, but the crowd was groaning at Douglas' whiffed kick. 

Winners: The Naturals.

LAX did a promo, with Konnan pointing out that they are American citizens, and TNA is trying to infringe on their rights by not allowing them to burn the flag.  Konnan said Jim Cornette would not stop them tonight.

A video package on Christopher Daniels vs. Chris Sabin was shown.

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