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By Buck Woodward on 2006-11-19 22:48:00

America's Most Wanted and Gail Kim did a promo basically ripping on LAX and putting over that they are proud Americans.  A video package on their feud with LAX was then shown. 

NWA World Tag Team Champions LAX vs. America's Most Wanted

Konnan got on the mic before the match, saying they were protected by the First Amendment and they would desecrate the flag.  AMW attacked LAX before he could finish his promo, and the two teams started brawling on the floor.  Harris tossed Hernandez into the guardrails.  In the ring, Storm gave Homicide a double underhook slam.  AMW gave Homicide a double hiptoss, throwing him over the top rope and into Hernandez.  Konnan distracted Harris, so Hernandez was able to hit a shoulderblock.  Harris came back with an awkward Thesz press.  Harris tried a suplex, but Hernandez forearmed him across the back.  Homicide tagged in and hit a slingshot senton on Harris.  Hernandez tagged in for a shoulderblock, then applied a chinlock/nervehold combo.    Harris battled out, and tried for a tag, but Hernandez slammed him into the opposite corner.  Homicide bit Harris on the head, then snapmared him and applied a chinlock.  

Harris battled up and hit a spinebuster on Homicide.  Hernandez tagged in, but Storm got the hot tag and cleaned house with punches.  Storm backdropped Homicide.  Hernandez tossed Storm over the top rope, but he skinned the cat and gave Hernandez a headscissors.  Storm dropkicked Homicide for a two count.  Hernandez grabbed Storm for the Border Toss, but Harris pulled his partner down out of the move.  Hernandez and Harris went at it, with Harris hitting a forearm and a vertical suplex for a two count.  Homicide caught Harris with a tornado DDT.  Storm shoulderblocked Homicide, then set him up for the Death Sentence. Hernandez broke it up and gave Harris a chokeslam toss off the top rope.  Hernandez powerbombed Storm, and Homicide followed with a top rope splash.  Harris broke up the cover. 

Harris went for the Catatonix on Homicide, but Homicide reversed it into an attempt at the Gringo Killer, but Harris got out.  AMW sent Homicide into Hernandez, knocking Hernandez to the floor.  AMW gave Homicide a lame Hart Attack for a two count.  Storm gave Homicide and Hernandez enzugiris.  Harris hit a top rope clothesline on Hernandez.  AMW gave Hernandez the Death Sentence, but Konnan was distracting the referee. Konnan went after Gail Kim on the floor, leading to Harris leaving the ring. Homicide hit Storm in the back of the head with the blowtorch, and Hernandez got the pin on Storm at the ten minute mark. 

Winners: LAX

Post-match, they teased the Gringo Killer on Gail Kim, but Petey Williams ran out with a steel bar and ran off LAX.  Jim Cornette came out and cut an impassioned promo on LAX and their desire to burn the American flag. Cornette said that TNA management had decided that LAX wasn't fit to represent TNA as tag team champions.  Cornette said LAX was being stripped of the tag team championship.  Fans, who were mostly cheering Cornette, started booing and chanting "Bulls***" over the announcement that LAX would have the belts taken away.  Cornette said if LAX didn't hand the belts over on Impact this week, they would be fired from TNA. 

James Mitchell did another promo about Sting, saying that Sting shouldn't be afraid of the dark, since his finest days in wrestling were when he was immersed in darkness.  Mitchell said Abyss would be the next NWA World Champion. 

A video package on Sting vs. Abyss was shown. 

NWA World Champion Sting vs. Abyss

Sting attacked Abyss before the introductions could be made, headbutting him and knocking him to the floor.  Sting hit a pescado and shoved Abyss into the crowd.  They brawled amongst the fans, with Sting ramming Abyss into the wall beneath the bleachers.  They went back to ringside, but Sting missed a Stinger splash and hit the guardrail hard.  Abyss grabbed a chair and hit Sting across the back with it.  Abyss set up two tables below the entrance stage, and then put a barbed wire covered boards on top of them.  Abyss teased powerbombing Sting off the stage, but stopped to argue with the referee, and that allowed Sting to mount a comeback.  They fought back down the ramp to ringside, where Abyss choked Sting.  

They made it back into the ring, and Abyss applied a head vice.  Sting elbowed out of it and hit a Stinger Splash in the corner, then hit a second one to the back of Abyss.  Sting kicked Abyss in the back of the leg, hit another Stinger Slash to the back, then kicked the leg out again for a two count.  Sting went to the top rope, but Abyss stopped him and they fought on the ropes.  Sting shoved Abyss to the mat, then hit a top rope splash for a two count. Sting ran into a big boot from Abyss, then Mitchell handed the title belt to Abyss.  Before Abyss could use it, Sting kicked Abyss, grabbed his legs and took him down to the mat.  Sting applied the Scorpion Deathlock, but Abyss made the ropes.  Sting picked up the title belt, and went to use it, but before he could, Abyss grabbed him with the Black Hole Slam for a two count. 

Abyss went for a chokeslam, but Sting elbowed it out and stumbled backwards into the referee, knocking him out.  Mitchell handed Abyss his bag of thumbtacks, but Sting grabbed his baseball bat.  Sting hit Abyss with the bat, then delivered the Scorpion Death Drop.  The referee woke up to count, but Mitchell pulled the referee out of the ring to stop the count.  Sting took the bag of thumbtacks and spread them out in the ring. Sting went to knock Abyss into the tacks, but Abyss grabbed Sting and chokeslammed him into the tacks.  Abyss covered Sting, but Sting kicked out at two and jumped up, his back covered with tacks and blood.  Sting gave Abyss a drop toe hold into the tacks, then applied the Scorpion.  Abyss tapped, but Mitchell was distracting the referee.  Sting grabbed Mitchell and put him in the Scorpion.  Mitchell screamed and tapped, and Sting released the hold and Mitchell crawled to the floor.  Sting went after Abyss, who was on the floor.  Sting hit Abyss with a chair.  Sting called for something, and a rope was lowered from the ceiling.  Sting tied Abyss' legs to the rope and pulled him up, so Abyss was hanging upside down by his feet.  Sting seemed to be having issues securing the rope, but he finally did.  Sting then hit Abyss with a steel chair across the back and face as he was suspended upside down.  

Sting then had Abyss lowered (a stagehand was helping Sting with the rope at ringside).  Sting then dragged Abyss to the top stage.  The referee tried to stop Sting, so Sting clotheslined him.  The referee called for the bell (I guess thumbtacks, chairshots, managers grabbing officials and wrestlers staying outside the ring for minutes doesn't end a match, but this does). Sting shoved Abyss off the stage and he plummeted through the barbed wire boards and tables.  Sting walked back to ring and suddenly realized that the match was over. 

Winner via disqualification and new NWA World Champion: Abyss. 

The announcers then reminded us that the NWA World Title could change hands on a DQ.  Jim Mitchell laughed and draped the title belt over Abyss, who was still lying in the barbed wire.  A dejected Sting walked off. 

A video package on Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle was shown. 

Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle. 

Angle had a large bandage on his head.  They did the "big fight" style introductions before the match began.  They locked up, and Angle backed Joe into the ropes.  Fans chanted "This is Awesome".  Wow, they really like collar and elbow tieups.  Angle broke clean on the ropes and then went for a single leg takedown, but Joe grabbed the ropes.  Joe went for a lockup, but hit a kneelift instead.  Joe punched and kicked Angle to the mat, then lifted him against the ropes and punched him again.  Angle blocked a whip and hit an overhead belly to belly suplex, then clotheslined him to the floor.  Joe grabbed Angle from the outside, pulled him from the ring and swung him by the legs so he would go head first into the guard rail.  Joe rolled Angle into the ring for a two count. 

Angle burst back on offense with three uppercuts, but missed a charge and ran shoulder first into the ringpost.  Angle fell to the floor, and Joe hit a Elbow Suicida through the ropes.  Joe threw Angle into the ringsteps.  Joe got back in the ring and threatened to hit referee Earl Hebner.  Hebner started to count Angle out, then stopped to yell at Joe for some reason.  Angle slowly got back into the ring, blood flowing from his head (his bandage was gone).  Joe kicked Angle in the head, then headbutted him. Joe ripped at Angle's cut with his fingers.  Angle came back with punches, but Joe hit him with a powerslam for a two count.  Joe hit some crossface shots, but Angle fired back with uppercuts.  Angle went for a whip, Joe reversed and Angle ducked a clothesline, but got caught with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a two count.  

Joe put Angle on the top rope, but Angle fought from the ropes, applying a front facelock. Joe pulled him off the ropes, but Angle turned it into a DDT for a two count.  They were both slow to get up, then they exchanged punches.  Joe got the better of it, but missed a charge in the corner and Angle caught him with a German suplex.  Angle hit a second German, then on a third sort of lost the handle and dropped Joe awkwardly.  Angle got a two count.  Angle went for an Olympic Slam, but Joe armdragged out of it, then it a jumping knee in the corner.  Joe hit an enzugiri in the corner, then delivered a Muscle Buster for a two count. Joe went for a choke, but Angle armdragged out.  Angle ducked a clothesline, then hit Joe with an Olympic Slam for a two count.  

There was a "Make Him Tap" chant.  Angle pulled down the straps and went for the ankle lock.  He cinched it in, and Joe went for the ropes.  Joe tried to roll through it, but Angle wouldn't let go.  Joe rolled to his back, kicked the back of Angle's leg with his free leg, and Angle fell backward into Joe's choke.   Angle was in the choke, but he kept his grip on Joe's ankle and managed to get back his hold, escaping the choke.  Joe was stuck in the ankle lock again, but he rolled through it and sent Angle into the turnbuckle.  Joe missed a charge in the corner, and Angle hit the Olympic Slam.  Angle pulled the straps back up, then pulled them back down again, and applied the ankle lock.  Samoa Joe tapped out, ending his 18-month undefeated streak in TNA, at the sixteen minute mark.  

Winner: Kurt Angle.

The fans chanted "You tapped out" at Joe.  Joe got on the mic and said "You're goddamn right I tapped out, because I know when I can recognize when one one day, someone is a better man".  Mike Tenay immediately apologized for Joe saying "goddamn".  Joe asked Angle for a rematch. The crowd chanted "One More Time" as Joe offered his hand to Angle.  Angle teased shaking his hand, but then he didn't, said no to the rematch, and instead flicked the sweat off his brow at Joe and walked away.   Angle stood on the stage and celebrated, while Joe glared at him from the ring.  Angle left, and the fans chanted "Thank you Joe".  Joe called for silence, and said "Then Angle, we've got to do it the hard way".  Joe then walked off to end the PPV.

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