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By Buck Woodward on 2006-11-19 22:48:00

Jeremy Borash interviewed Christopher Daniels about his X-Division Title win, noting he took the title from his friend, AJ Styles.  Daniels said Styles is his best friend, but when it comes to the title, it is about getting the win.  Daniels then talked about Sabin, saying nothing was handed to him and Styles when they made the division, and Sabin needed to learn respect. 

X-Division Champion Christopher Daniels vs. Chris Sabin

They locked up at the start with Sabin wiping his hands across Daniels' face on the break.  Daniels grabbed a side headlock, then applied a wristlock.  Sabin flipped out of it and slapped Daniels across the face.  Sabin went for an arm twist, Daniels flipped out of it, but Sabin poked Daniels in the eye.  Sabin stomped Daniels and nailed him with a right hand.  Daniels came back with a series of hiptosses for two count.  Sabin went for a monkey flip, but Daniels landed on his feet and hip tossed Sabin again.  Sabin went to the floor to regroup.  Sabin and Daniels ran the ropes when Sabin returned, and when Sabin dropped down, Daniels stopped himself and stood on Sabin's head, saying "You will respect me".  Daniels then hit a slingshot moonsault and rammed Sabin into the turnbuckles.  Daniels headbutted Sabin to the mat for a two count. Sabin backdropped Daniels to the apron, then dropkicked him to the floor. 

Sabin teased a dive, but stopped, got on the apron, and jumped off with a double axhandle. Sabin dropped Daniels throat first across the guardrail, then rolled him back into the ring for a two count.  Sabin hiptossed Daniels, delivered a fist drop, kipped up, and then kicked Daniels in the back of the head for a two count.  Sabin applied a nervehold, but Daniels elbowed out of it.  Daniels missed a springboard bodypress and Sabin got a two count.  Sabin choked Daniels against the middle rope, then he snapmared him and applied a surfboard.  Daniels fought out of it, but Sabin tied him to the Tree of Woe and dropkicked Daniels in the corner.  Sabin threw a chair into the ring, but AJ Styles came out, grabbed the chair and took it out of the ring.  Sabin yelled at Styles, then went for a baseball slide on Daniels. Daniels sat up, and Sabin slid out of the ring.  Daniels then hit a flying bodypress from the top rope onto Sabin on the floor.  

Back in the ring, Daniels hit a jawbreaker, a forearm and a clothesline.  Daniels hit an STO, then put Sabin on the top rope and hit a palm strike.  Daniels yanked Sabin to the mat for a two count, then hit a uranage.  Sabin hooked Daniels' leg as he headed for the ropes, and caught him with a shot to the face.  Sabin hit a springboard DDT for a two count.  Sabin missed a clothesline and Daniels hit a enzugiri.  Daniels went for a rana, but Sabin turned it into a powerbomb for a two count. Sabin hit a kick to the midsection, then went for a springboard, but Daniels caught him and hit a Fall From Grace.  Daniels hit the Best Moonsault Ever for a two count. Daniels went for Angel's Wings, but Sabin grabbed a Dragon Screw legwhip.  Sabin hit a running kick in the corner.  Sabin went for Cradle Shock, but Daniels turned it into a crucifix for a two count.  Sabin went for a powerbomb, but Daniels reversed it into a rolling cradle for the pin at the thirteen minute mark. 

Winner: Christopher Daniels.

Sabin went for a chair to hit Daniels, but Jerry Lynn ran out and took the chair away.  Lynn screamed in Sabin's face that he should shake Daniels' hand.  Lynn even threw his TNA employee badge down.  Sabin relented and shook Daniels' hand, then suckered him with a Cradle Shock and ran off before Lynn could grab him. 

They showed a bit where Alex Shelley and Austin Starr were arguing, with Kevin Nash playing peacekeeper.  Nash told them he could guide them and give them a great career, like the Italian Stallion, George Scott, Reno Riggins, Lazertron and others.  Shelley and Starr seemed to be on the same page as the segment ended.

Kevin Nash, his arm in a sling, joined the announcers, saying he was the pioneer of the X-Division.

Austin Starr & Alex Shelley vs. Ron Killings & Lance Hoyt

Killings and Shelley started off, engaging in a test of strength.  Shelley hit a right hand and a headbutt, but Killings hit a shoulderblock.  Shelley kicked Killings in the gut, but Killings hit a faceplant.  Starr tagged in, and Killings scared him by doing the crane kick position.  Starr and Killings had a sort-of dance-off, but Starr caught Killings with a kick. Starr then avoided a Killings charge once and danced, but a second time Killings caught him and powerslammed him.  Killings and Hoyt ping-ponged Starr back and forth.  Hoyt & Killings hit a double hiptoss and a double elbowdrop.  Starr kicked away a Hoyt backdrop and tried to make a tag, but Hoyt stopped him and hit a flapjack.  Hoyt knocked Shelley off the apron, then went for a moonsault, but Shelley crotched him.  Hoyt got hung in the Tree of Woe, and Starr dropkicked him in the knee.  Starr & Shelley double teamed Hoyt in the corner. 

Hoyt battled back, but Shelley tripped him and Starr tagged in with a slingshot senton onto Hoyt for a two count. Shelley tagged in and did the same move to Hoyt for a two count.  Shelley and Starr took turns dropping their weight on Hoyt's leg.  Starr hit a twisting slingshot splash on Hoyt for a two count.  Starr raked Hoyt's eyes on the middle rope.  Shelley gave Hoyt a neckbreaker, then went to the top rope.  Hoyt got his boots up as Shelley jumped off.  Killings got the hot tag and cleaned house, hitting Shelley with a flying forearm.  Shelley accidentally kicked Starr, and Killings hit a suplex into a jawbreaker on Shelley.  Starr broke up the pin.  Killings dropkicked both opponents.  Hoyt came in and held Shelley for Killings' top rope legdrop.  Killings missed a sidekick on Shelley and crotched himself on the top rope.  Starr and Shelley knocked Killings to the floor.  Hoyt lifted Shelley, but Starr kicked his leg out.  Starr dove out of the ring onto Killings.  Shelley frog splashed Hoyt on his bad leg.  Shelley told Starr to get his video camera ready to record the pin.  As Starr did so, Hoyt grabbed Shelley in a small package for the pin at the eleven minute mark.

Winners: Ron Killings & Lance Hoyt.

Kevin Nash was ticked off, telling Starr he shouldn't listen to Shelley, and blaming Shelley for the loss.

A video package on AJ Styles vs. Christian Cage was shown.

Christian Cage was interviewed backstage, and asked if he overlooked AJ Styles because of his obsession with the World Title.  Christian said he was undefeated in TNA and he never overlooks anyone.  Christian then said Styles jumped him during the preshow because he isn't able to handle his issues like a man. Christian then bragged about his wins over Jeff Jarrett, Abyss and Rhino before stating he was the biggest star in TNA.  Christian then said whether it is Sting or Abyss, after tonight, he is taking his World Title shot.

Christian Cage vs. AJ Styles.

They locked up and rolled along the ropes before they broke clean.  They locked up again, and traded waistlocks.  Christian took it to the mat, but Styles made it to the ropes.  Christian slapped Styles across the back.  Styles slapped Christian across the face.  Styles hit some punches, then hit a running elbow.  Christian grabbed a side headlock, then hit a shoulderblock.  Styles kicked Christian in the legs and grabbed a headlock, but Christian shoved it off and leapfrogged him.  Styles ducked a clothesline and hit a pair of shoulderblocks, knocking Christian down.  Christian hit Styles with an elbow and a series of right hands, then chopped him against the ropes.  Styles flipped over a backdrop attempt, and Christian tried for an Unprettier, but Styles backdropped him and went for a Styles Clash, but Christian slid out of the ring. 

Christian went for a chair and as he argued with the referee over it, Styles hit him from behind.  They went back into the ring, and Christian hit some punches, elbowed away a suplex attempt, but got caught with a flapjack.  Christian went to the floor for another breather.  Styles dove over the top rope and hit Christian with a flip senton.  Styles rolled Christian back into the ring for a two count.  Christian pulled Styles to the apron and tried to yank him to the floor, but Styles avoided it and kicked Christian.  Styles was setting for a springboard, but Christian pulled him down to the apron, then rammed him into the guardrail on the floor.

Back in the ring, Christian hit a backbreaker for a two count and applied a rear chinlock, but Styles fought up and elbowed out of it.  Christian tripped Styles to the mat, but Styles grabbed a headscissors from the mat and took Styles down.  Christian nailed Styles with a clothesline, but Styles battled back with chops.  Styles missed a splash in the corner, and Christian hit a back suplex for a two count. Christian went back to a rear chinlock, but Styles fought out and caught Christian with a backbreaker.  Styles went to the top rope, but missed a frogsplash.  Christian went to the top rope, but Styles met him there and they battled on the ropes.  Styles won out, and took Christian to the mat with a rana off the top rope. 

Christian and Styles were slow to get up, and exchanged chops.  Styles leapfrogged Christian, dropped under him, and then nailed him with a dropkick.  Styles hit a clothesline and a kneedrop.  Christian begged off, then tripped Styles and gave him a catapult into the corner.  Styles jumped onto the middle rope, then moonsaulted off and grabbed Christian in an inverted DDT for a two count.  Styles got on the top rope and jumped off, but Christian avoided him and hit a spear.  Christian went for an Unprettier, but AJ got out of it and hit a buzzsaw kick for a two count. Styles went for a springboard, but Christian caught him and powerbombed him for a two count, then covered him again for another two. 

Christian grabbed a chair,  Christopher Daniels came out and grabbed the chair from the ring apron.  Daniels and Christian were having a tug of war over the chair.  Styles jumped onto Christian with a sunset flip.  Christian didn't go over (because he was holding the chair) and dropped down onto Styles, letting go of the chair (sending Daniels to the floor) and hooking Styles' leg for the pin at the sixteen minute mark.

Winner: Christian Cage.

Styles and Daniels argued after the match, with Styles shoving Daniels.  Officials, Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal tried to calm them down.  Rhino came out, and cleared the ring of everyone but Styles and Daniels.  Rhino told them that he's been fighting his former best friend for months, and he wasn't going to let Christian ruin another friendship.  He told them to shake hands.  Styles took the mic, called Rhino "Dr. Phil" and said if he needed a psychiatrist, he'd call him.  Styles stormed off angry, yelling at Daniels on his way out, while Rhino and Daniels stood in the ring and wondered what was wrong with him.

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