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By Mike Johnson on 2006-10-22 22:56:00


The TNA Bound for Glory Pre-Game show opened Mike Tenay & Don West welcoming us to the show, then they went outside, where Jeremy Borash was in the parking lot. The "headbutt heard around the world" was discussed, and we saw Samoa Joe, in street clothes, sitting in a chair in the lot. Borash said he had been waiting for Kurt Angle to arrive in the lot for over an hour.

We went to Christy Hemme at ringside in front of a group of fans, noting that the crowd was electric and then sent us to a video package on LAX vs. AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels. Mike Tenay and Don West then ran down the lineup for tonight's PPV.

Bobby Roode came to the ring, announced as now hailing from "Wall Street, Manhattan." He came to the ring and said that the moment everyone was waiting for has arrived. He said it was going to be a new start for "Robert Roode", his new ring name. He buried Bobby Heenan, Col. Parker, and Sherri Martel, saying he didn't need them. He said he needed someone to make him their number one priority, referring to himself in the third person. He said that he wanted someone who would bring him to the World title and said he would make a lot of money with his new "CEO", Ms. Brooks (Tracy Brooks). Brooks was dressed in business attire.

Robert Roode vs. Lance Hoyt

Roode attacked Hoyt when he played to the crowd, beating him with punches and chops. He began stomping Hoyt in the corner, showing a lot of aggression. He began choking Hoyt against the ring ropes, then hit a running snap mare. Hoyt began mounting a comeback, but Roode cut him off. Roode continued to work over Hoyt with punches. He rebounded off the ropes but was hit with a big boot by Hoyt. Hoyt hit a running clothesline in the corner. Roode was caught and hit with a TKO variation, but Roode kicked up at two. Hoyt ascended to the top for a moonsault, but Ms. Brooks distracted him. The referee chased her away. Hoyt went for the moonsault but missed as Roode had discovered. Roode hit a lariat to the back of the head, then hit the Payoff spinning DDT for the pin.

Your winner, Robert Roode!

A much better showing for Roode this month. With the Wall Street and CEO references, I kept thinking of the old WCW York Foundation and Michael Wallstreet. Although Roode referred to himself as Robert Roode on the mic, the announcers and ring announcer Dave Penzer all called him Bobby Roode.

Outside, Jim Cornette, flanked by security, was trying to talk sense into Samoa Joe, telling him he wasn't going to let anyone ruin Bound for Glory and to let the issue with Kurt Angle go for tonight. Joe ignored him, sitting in the chair, seething.

Back in the Arena, Roode and Brooks were working over Lance Hoyt. Ron Killings hit the ring and Roode backed off. Killings rapped his rap song, which was over bigtime in Detroit. Hoyt danced in the ring.

Backstage, Christy Hemme was discussing the 8 Mile Street Fight as a midget ran around. He stopped Hemme, saying she looked bigger on television and asked where the locker room was, saying he was here for the Kevin Nash Invitational. Hemme directed him, then sent us to a Rhino vs. Christian Cage video package.

Mike Tenay and Don West discussed the Monster's Ball and the championship matches as they continued to plug the PPV.

They ran a video feature on Sting's quest to win the NWA championship tonight against Jeff Jarrett.

At ringside, Don West did a hard sell for the PPV. As West did the hard sell, he reacted to something and we heard noise but the cameras didn't go outside for a good 30 seconds, where Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe were being held apart by security, presumably after Angle got out of his car. Angle taunted Joe, telling him he was going to be in the ring if Joe wanted to find him. Angle called Joe a "son of a b**ch." If there was any physical contact, we didn't see it.

Aaron McMann sent word that Vince Russo was visible in front of the fans and taking pictures with anyone who asked during the pre-game show.

They closed the pre-game show with the excellent Fozzy music video that aired on Impact.


The PPV opened with one hell of an opening video that explained every match and talent that was competing painting the passion and driving force of their abilities as something special that was housed by TNA. They called it the most important night in the history of TNA.

They shot off a lot of pyrotecnics to open the show.


Kevin Nash came to the ring in a suit carrying a bowling trophy. Nash is doing commentary. They announced it was a gauntlet. Another gauntlet?

The first two competitors are Austin Starr (the re-debuting Austin Aries), billed as hailing from "TV Land" and Sonjay Dutt. Aries shoulderblocked Dutt. Dutt came back with a headscissors takedown. On commentary, Nash said he was interested in the X-Division because he was such a high flyer. They said it there were going to be new entrants every minute, but it was more like 30 seconds.

Maverick Matt Bentley was the third man out. Bentley and Starr whipped Dutt into the ropes and elbowed him down. Starr hit a driving elbow. Dutt rebounded off the ropes with a double clothesline. The crowd was into everything that they did and is really hot.

The fourth competitor was Jay Lethal, who hit the ring with a lot of fire and nailed a cartwheel into a dropkick. Starr came off the corner with a rear elbow on Lethal. The next competitor out was A-1. A-1 in the X-Division? Come on, TNA. Make an effort here. A-1 nailed Lethal with a big spinebuster. He drilled Lethal into a corner. The sixth combatant was Zach Gowen. Gowen hit a one-legged moonsault over Dutt. Frankie Kazarian was out next.

As Kazarian came to the ring, Dutt was eliminated. A-1 and Gowen tried to toss over Lethal but he hung on the ropes. Sierlda was next, returning with blonde hair. Starr nailed her with a backhand. She drilled Kazarian. Starr hit her with a lowblow, and A-1 drilled her with a running clothesline to knock her over the top. The crowd was even into Sirelda, who has worked local indies here, they are so hot.

Shark Boy hit the ring. Nash joked Shark Boy was his favorite. The Battle Royal continued. Next out was Alex Shelley. Shelly hit a crossbodyblock off the top on Lethal and Kazarian. There was a huge "Shelley" chant. Nash said he was going to send Shelley out last but the State Athletic Commission made him do this on the up and up.

Next out was the returning D-Ray 3000. He hit the ring and began headbutting everyone. D-Ray and Shark Boy, old partners, acted excited to see each other. Sharky began using D-Ray's head as a battering ram. Bentley was eliminated. Johnny Devine was next out. Devine clotheslined Gowen on the ropes, with Gowen bumping off the apron to the floor.

Elix Skipper was out next. At this point, there was nothing really standing out here, but the silliness was being kept to short bursts. Skipper went to rebound off the ropes for a dive but slipped and fell. Next out was Short Sleeve Sampson, the aforementioned midget. Shark Boy and D-Ray were tossed. Sampson and Starr battled. Starr carried Sampson around the rings. Fans called for Sampson to be tossed to them. Norman Smiley hit the ring, out next and took out Starr. Sampson and Smiley both did the big wiggle on Devine and Starr.

Alex Shelley tossed Sampson out to the floor on Shark Boy, who was getting up. Sampson chased referee Slick Johnson into the ring. Johnson acted like he was going to compete. Petey Williams was last out, given a hero's welcome by the crowd. He tossed Johnson right out. Skipper was tossed out. Jay Lethal was hit with the Canadian Destroyer, which got a standing ovation. Shelley tossed out Williams from behind, which pissed off the crowd, as they started chanting, "Bullsh**.:"

Austin Starr tossed out Johnny Devine. He then shoulderblocked Shelley over the ropes onto Devine. Devine and Shelley began arguing on the floor. Jay Lethal and Austin Starr are the final two, with a pinfall determining the winner. Lethal hit a full nelson suplex for a near fall. The live crowd did the dueling chants. Starr hit a brainbuster to score the pinfall and the win. They called it a "Starrbuster."

Your winner, Austin Starr.

This was your typical Battle Royal. Everyone got in a spot or two, waiting for the next entrant, but there was nothing really memorable. They tried to mix in comedy with Sampson, Sirelda, and Johnson. The competitors were all trying hard.

After the match, Nash awarded the trophy to Austin Starr. Alex Shelley felt insulted. It appeared Nash was leaving with Starr, but they cut to a video package without really showing it.

They aired a video clip of Gail Kim being injured by LAX on Impact.

Jeremy Borash interfered America's Most Wanted. Chris Harris said he didn't want to disrespect their opponents tonight, but on the greatest night of TNA history, there is now a missing piece of AMW. Harris said that he couldn't see how LAX could even call themselves men. James Storm said that they were going to be the new border patrol and said he didn't know how they even let people like LAX into the country. He said that they might be getting a whopping at the hands of AMW later and "Sorry 'bout your damned luck." Good promo with a lot more fire from Harris then usual and Storm doing his usual good job.


Shane Douglas came to the ring and introduced the Naturals. BG James did his usual spiel on the mic. Brother Ray took the mic and did the "You Wanted The Best" intro, ala a KISS concert, and Kip James said he had "two words for that" and then said "Suck it" to little reaction.

Chase Stevens and James Storm started off, having a good exchange. Ray tagged in and hit a big boot to Storm, then a uranage. He then clotheslined Chris Harris. Ray and BG did stereo clubbering on AMW. Weren't they feuding a few months ago? OK, they then turned on each other, so I can forgive it. Devon and Kip battled in the center of the ring. Storm hit an enziguiri on Ray.

Storm went to the top and battled with Andy Douglas. AMW and The Naturals ended up doing a great looked stacked Tower of Doom powerbomb. TNA wisely showed a replay. Harris went for the Catatonic on BG, who broke free and hit a pump handle slam. Chase Stevens drilled him with a running clothesline. James Storm caught him with the Whirlybird. Devon nailed Storm, but Andy Douglas hit a tornado DDT. Brother Ray hit a sit down spinebuster on Douglas. Kip hit the Famouser on Ray. Good, fun exchange.

The fans began chanting for tables. Team 3D hit the Doomsday Device on Chase Stevens. Devon then hit the top rope headbutt on Andy Douglas. Team 3D led the fans to yell, "Get the tables" but Chase Stevens hit a dropkick. The Naturals drilled Devon with the Natural Disaster. Andy Douglas accidentally hit his own partner and was then drilled with a 3D. Douglas was pinned. They worked their rear ends off here, trying to fit as much in as they could. Good match and effort by everyone involved.

Your winners, Team 3D!

Shane Douglas hit the ring irate. He faced off with 3D, who then let him pass. Douglas began screaming at Douglas. Chase Stevens grabbed him, but Douglas slapped Stevens down and continued berating them.

Outside of Samoa Joe's dressing room, Jeremy Borash noted that Joe didn't want to comment and would let his actions talk for him. Jake Roberts appeared and said he wasn't going to be a referee, but a guide. He said he was just going to check the pulses to make sure they were still alive. He promised Borash that if he really wanted to see it, Jake would show him the snake. Borash's reaction was hysterical.

They aired a video feature on the Monster's Ball.

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