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By Mike Johnson on 2006-10-22 22:56:00

As the ring was cleared for the Six Sides of Steel, Mike Tenay and Don West mentioned their plug in the World Series program and pushed TNA as being the buzz of the sports world.  

They aired a video feature on the LAX vs. AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels feud.

Mike Tenay and Don West talked about the feud and how successful TNA has been, showing tons of wide shots of the sold out building and noting they were up against the World Series.  They plugged the move to primetime on November 16th.  A nice way to fill the dead time of setting up the cage by marketing the strength of TNA's biggest live crowd to date.


Dave Penzer did LAX's ring announcement.  They should have had the Spanish language announcer doing it.  Homicide looked psyched up beyond belief for his biggest TNA match to date.  

All four brawled as soon as the champions hit the cage.  Daniels hit a tiltowhirl backbreaker on Homicide.  Styles and Daniels worked over Hernandez with doubleteam moves.  Daniels hit a leg lariat on Hernandez.  He tried to force Hernandez' face into the cage.  Homicide tagged in and went back and forth with Styles, culminating with a Styles dropkick to the face.  They settled into a traditional tag match.  Daniels drilled Homicide with a clothesline for a two count.  Styles and Daniels did a series of fast tags in and out.

LAX took over on Styles and Daniels, drilling them into the cage.  Homicide hit a suplex on Daniels.  Styles was busted after being thrown into the cage by Hernandez.  LAX took turns working over Daniels.  Homicide suplexed Homicide, then drilled him with a knee.  Homicide took a fork from Konnan and began stabbing Daniels in the head, busting Daniels open.  Hernandez worked over Daniels, who began fighting back.  Daniels tried to spring off the ropes but Hernandez caught him, slammed Daniels into the cage and then powerbombed him.

LAX poured tequila on Daniels' bloody face.  Homicide and Daniels battled to the top rope.  Daniels leaped off, hiptossing Homicide in mid-air as they went down.  Styles springboarded off the ropes and hit the inverted DDT on Homicide.  He elbowed Hernandez.  Homicide was backdropped by Daniels.  AJ and Daniels hit a flapjack into the cage on Hernandez.

Styles and Daniels hit the old Midnight Express double goozle on Homicide.  Styles dropkicked Hernandez into the cage.  AJ and Daniels grated Hernandez' face against the cage.  Homicide charged but AJ hit him with the Pele Kick.  Daniels got retribution, stabbing Homicide with the fork and busted him open.  Styles dug the fork into Homicide.  Daniels hit a charging forearm on Hernandez.  Daniels caught Homicide with the STO, but was tackled into the cage by Hernandez.  Styles hit a Pele Kick on Hernandez.  The crowd chanted "TNA."

Styles tried to climb up the cage.  Homicide grabbed him but was kicked off.  Styles went to the top.  Homicide followed and tried to suplex Styles off.  Daniels grabbed Homicide for a belly to back suplex.  Hernandez got underneath Daniels and powerbombed him.  Homicide went flying as well, while Styles was left on top of the cage.  Styles then did a flying bodypress off the cage onto Hernandez.  The place went nuts and chanted, "This is Awesome."

Hernandez went to the top and splash off the cage but Styles avoided it.  Daniels grabbed him for Angel's Wings but Homicide began choking Daniels with a coat hanger slipped to him by Konnnan.  Hernandez stepped on Daniels as Konnan kept choking Daniels with the hanger from the outside. 

Styles went for the Styles Clash on Homicide but Hernandez destroyed him with a running clothesline.  Homicide hit the Cop Killa and scored the pin.

Your winners and new NWA Tag Team champions, LAX!

A tremendous cage match, meshing awesome high spots with old school wrestling brutality and weapons like a coat hanger and a fork. 

LAX celebrated with the belt, then continued to beat down AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels. 

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