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By Mike Johnson on 2006-10-22 22:56:00

Mike Tenay and Don West discussed the Cage match, then pitched to a video recap of the Sting vs. Jeff Jarrett feud.


Jeremy Borash handled the ring announcements. Angle came out first, complete with pyro. Sting had a new look, meshing red into his white and black facepaint. He was wearing a silvery ring robe and red and black pants. It's a nice change from his previous look. Mike Tenay put the change over as a major transformation. He was also in way better shape, with Don West noting Sting was down 20 lbs. He looked much thinner than he has in recent years.

Sting tried to hiptoss Jarrett, who reversed it. Jarrett tried to beel Sting out of the corner, and finally nailed it. Jarrett dominated and out-wrestled Sting early. Sting shoulder blocked Jarrett down and leapfrogged him, but Jarrett got the better of that exchange as well. Sting looked frustrated, slapping one of the turnbuckles. Jarrett dropkicked Sting, who rolled out of the ring. Jarrett did the Fargo Strut.

Outside the ring, Sting went eye to eye with Kurt Angle, although the cameras missed most the exchange. Sting rallied the crowd, then took over on Jarrett, powerbombing him. Sting clotheslined Jarrett over the ropes to the floor. On the floor, Jarrett shoved Angle, who shoved him back. Angle shoved him again and pointed Jarrett back to the ring. Jarrett was hesitant, so Sting jumped to the floor and attacked Jarrett. Sting tossed him into the railing. The referee tried to get involved but Angle threw the ref back into the ring, telling him to leave Angle the floor. Jarrett whipped Sting into the guard rail and grabbed a chair. Angle pulled the chair away.

Jarrett and Sting battled up the entrance ramp. Sting suplexed Jarrett on the ramp. Sting grabbed the chair, but Angle pulled it away. Sting and Angle were playing tug of war with the chair. Jarrett charged and Sting ducked so he smashed the chair into Angle's face. Angle was taken out. Jarrett picked up Sting and dropped him on the guard rail.

Jarrett brought Sting back to the ring and put the boots to him. Jarrett locked the sleeper in on Sting as Angle got to his feet. Sting escaped. Sting rebounded off the ropes several times. They connected in center ring as both went for a high cross bodyblock. The referee was going to count them both out cold on the mat, but as he was going to count 10, Angle hit the Olympic Slam and told them to get to their feet, taking over the referee's job.

Sting unleashed a series of right on Jarrett, then hit an inverted atomic drop. Sting hit the Stinger Splash in the corner as Jarrett was facing away from him. Sting caught Jarrett with the Scorpion death Drop, but Jarrett got his shoulder up at the two count. Jarrett comes back with the Stroke but Sting got his shoulder up.

Jarrett went for a tombstone, but Sting reversed it and drilled him. Sting scored a two count with Jarrett getting up at the last second. Jarrett went for the Stroke off the ropes but Sting fought him off and sent him to the mat. Sting went for a splash out of the corner but Jarrett got his knees up.

Jarrett cinched in a figure four leglock in the center of the ring. Sting fought to turn over the move. Jarrett cinched in an Ankle Lock. Sting got to the ropes but was pulled back to the center. Sting finally escaped by rolling forward, sending Jarrett through the ropes to the floor. Sting was favoring his leg and grabbed the baseball bat (why?). Angle tried to stop him but Sting pointed the bat at him. Jarrett drilled Sting with a guitar shot (oh, that's why) but Sting no sold it and locked in the Scorpion Death Lock. Jarrett tapped.

Your winner and new NWA champion Sting!

Angle handed Sting his bat, stared at him, then exited the ring. Jarrett stared at Sting from the corner, seemingly in shock. Angle stared at the ring as he exited, walking backwards up the entrance ramp. Sting celebrated, showing off the title in the corners of the ring to the crowd. They spent a lot of time watching over Jarrett's point of view as Sting put on the NWA championship.

A decent match, although there was never a feeling that Sting's career was even in jeopardy. The crowd reaction seemed to be down a notch after the three previous matches and the Joe-Angle deal. Still, they needed to get the belt off Jarrett to go to the next phase of their storylines and this accomplished it. They were heavily teasing a Jarrett babyface turn here. This was exactly the match you expected going in, but they did a decent job.

Overall, the strongest TNA PPV in several months. There were no bad matches and a string of three great matches with the Street Fight and the X-Division and Tag Title bouts.

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