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By Dave Scherer on 2021-02-21 19:16:00

For those that missed it, John Morrison won a four way to gain entry in the US Title match.

We are opening with the Smackdown Elimination chamber match, which make sense as the winner has to have a match against Roman Reigns later tonight.  Kevin Owens was out first, followed by Sami Zayn, who of course whined the whole time.  Then came Baron Corbin finally Jey Uso.  That means that Daniel Bryan and Cesaro are starting off and if one of them goes the distance, they have a built in reason why he will lose to Reigns later on.

Cesaro came out first, then Daniel Bryan.  They will probably go scientific until the first pod opens.  Cesaro was largely in control and then Corbin came in (he was my guess since he is the biggest and there would be two babyface.  He went after Cesaro and then took out Bryan.  He got pin attempts on both men.

Corbin was in total control until Zayn’s door opened.  Sami the coward wouldn’t come out so Corbin tried to get him out, allowing Bryan to attack him.  When Sami was mouthing off, Cesaro attacked him and he is now in the match.  Sami tried to hit the kick but Bryan moved and he crashed and burned into Owens’ pod.  But he came back and hit a Tornado DDT on Cesaro, but only got a two.  Sami ran to the top of Uso’s pod to hide but Cesaro chased him.  He tried to get away on the cage but Cesaro caught him and blasted him with uppercuts.  Sami managed to get away and Cesaro chased.  And he caught, knocking Sami off the cage to the ring.  He did a chin up from the top of the cage just for good measure.  Dude is a beast.  Corbin chased him but Cesaro hit an uppercut off of the top.  He put Corbin the Swing and then made him tap out (the other guys were selling).

Cesaro eliminates Corbin.

Next in was KO.  Sami wanted KO to work with him.  Uh no.  That ain’t happening.  But, getting smashed into the pods?  KO was good with that.

KO came in on fire and took out everyone until Zayn came back and then everyone took each other out as Use watched.

KO was the first one up and he got near falls on Zayn and Bryan.

Finally, in came Uso.  KO went right after him and threw him around the cage.  Then he threw him into a pod, blowing out the back of it.

With the other four fighting in the ring, KO hit a moonsault off of one of the pods.  He hit stunners on Cesaro and DB outside.  Sami ran in for a kick but ate a Stunner.

KO eliminated Zayn.

As Sami left, Uso jammed KO’s arm in the door and did damage to it, then nailed him with a bunch of kicks and a frog splash.

Uso eliminates KO.

We are down to Cesaro, Bryan and Uso.

Uso went right after Bryan’s knee.  He then tried to get Cesaro but ate an uppercut and an elbow, two count only.

Cesaro then did three swings on Jey into the cage.  Bryan tried to jump on him but Cesaro caught him and dumped him back into the ring.  He went to the top but Bryan got up and kicked him in the gut.

DB threw kicks and got a two count.  Bryan hulked up.  He and Cesaro have been in the chamber over thirty minutes.  Bryan’s body has a lot of marks on it.    He hit a big kick and then went up to the top.  He was a little slow due to the knee so Cesaro had time to blast him with a forearm and stop him.  Then he threw a bunch.  He got on his shoulders when he was on the second rope and did a press gut buster.  He was doing the giant swing when Uso nailed him and then hit a frog splash.

Uso eliminates Cesaro.

He did one on Bryan, but DB kicked out. So, Jey lost his mind and went on a pod.  Frog splash but Jey got up the knees.  Bryan hit the running knee and wins the match.  Bryan faces Roman Reigns later tonight.

Strong, thoroughly enjoyable match.  Bryan goes into the Title match with a bad knee, after wrestling a war of about 40 minutes.  It doesn’t look good for him.

Roman isn’t waiting, out he comes.  Bryan still has not gotten up.  It doesn’t look good.

At the bell, Reigns charged but Bryan was playing possum and locked on the Yes Lock.  Reigns sold it for a few seconds but then powered out and started pounding the snot out of him.  He nailed him with punches, a stiff power bomb, and more punches.  Bryan is selling it like he’s dead.  Reigns locked on the choke.  Match over.  It was like a minute long.  Personally, I would have liked Cesaro to win and give him a five minute match before the brutality from earlier took it’s toll but what can you do. It was an easy night’s work for Roman so it would seem he will get Edge.  Just as I typed that, Edge showed up and speared Reigns.  Yep, it’s on.  Edge spoke in Reigns’ ear the same way he did to Adam on Smackdown.

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