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By Mike Johnson on 2016-11-13 00:35:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of Jersey All Pro Wrestling's 20th anniversary event in Rahway, NJ at the Rahway Rec Center.


The evening opened with the JAPW Hall of Fame ceremony for Low Ki, Homicide and Da Hit Squad.  Ring announcer Larry Legend introduced Lowlife Louie Ramos, who came to the ring.  He said he had no idea he was going to be doing this, was slightly underdressed and slightly unprepared, but will shoot for the start.   He said that he's been with JAPW since the start and JAPW has been the lifeblood of independent wrestling in the Tri-State area.

Ramos said that half the locker room would not be here without the teachings of Homicide, who has traveled around the world and back and never changed.  He introduced Homicide, who came out to accept his award.  He said he wanted to thank everyone here.  He said it was a great moment and he's been all over the world, but this means the world.  He thanked Manny Fernandez and Konnan, saying they were his teachers.  He closed out dedicating the award to the late Fat Frank Iadevia.

Legend introduced Danny Demanto.  He made his way down to the ring on crutches as he broke his leg at the last JAPW event in Bayonne, NJ.  He said that he never thought a month ago he would be standing here right now.  He said that he was promising he would be wrestling at the 21st and 22nd Anniversary shows.  He then said he was going to be inducting Monsta Mack and Dan Maff aka Mafia.  He said that Maff walked into the old Charity Hall and the late Fat Frank said, "get Monsta Mack on the phone, we have a partner for him."  He said the Hit Squad went through everyone they faced, from The Road Warriors to the SAT.  He said that imitation is the biggest form of flattery.  He said that he stole everything they did until one of them smacked him in the head for doing it.  He said they were and are the best of wrestling at this level.  He introduced the team as 65 time Tag Team champions.

Maff said that 1998 was a special year for him.  He walked into Charity Hall and bought a ticket and a sign, as a fan, because he loved this product, JAPW.  He joined the wrestling school and there, Magic was the trainer.  One day, they were at practice, these four large men walked in with a swagger and an attitude match - Jay Lover, Homicide, Low Ki and Monsta Mack.  They told him to shave his head and they were off to the races and they were all together for the good and the bad, because they were together getting kicked out of buildings and towns together.

Maff thanked Homicide, the late Fat Frank (who he said none of this would exist without), the production team at Modtrom and Team Pazzuzu for pushing them to still be theDa Hit Squad.  He said he wanted to thank his brother Monsta Mack for having the patience to help him, for helping him get past his personal demons and for telling him when he was being stupid.  He thanked his family and thanked every fan that paid their hard earned money to cheer or boo, because they were honest and let them know where they stood on the food chain.  He said he hoped they were all together another 20 years.

Maff tagged out to Monsta Mack.  He said that from where he came from, he didn't feel like he didn't have a lot of family and was the underdog.  He said fans see him as this tough guy, but in himself, he sees a short, fat Hispanic guy who isn't supposed to be able to do what he is able to do.  He said there's a magic that allows him to do things he isn't supposed to do.  He said that wrestling gave him the family he never thought he would have.  He said there are a lot of people in the locker room who have the same hunger and desire they did 20 years ago.  He said that while he's happy chanted for Da Hit Squad, he wants his legacy to be that he helped make the business better than he found it.  He said that he doesn't know how much time he has left in the ring but if tonight is the last night he's in Rahway, he's thankful to be here at the 20th anniversary show.  He said that when all the guys the fans knew are gone, keep supporting and show the same love for the younger talents that they have shown the Hit Squad the last 20 years.  He thanked his wife and his daughter.  He said he wanted to close out thanking Fat Frank, because without him, none of this ever would have happened.  He misses the phone calls and he misses him, but he knows Frank is proud watching this.  He thanked everyone again. 

Da Hit Squad's daughters joined them in the ring to close their segment.  Really awesome, classy stuff.

Xavier, the second ROH champion and one of Low Ki's first rivals, came out to induct Ki as the final Hall of Famer.   He said that he'd like to give thanks to JAPW for inviting him to have this opportunity.  He said that Low Ki was someone he greatly admired and learned from.  He said that Ki started in this company and made his way all the way to WWE.  He said that Ki grabbed belts all over the world in New Japan, TNA, and JAPW.  He said that Ki showed the world that the lightweights can steal the show and kick ass doing it. 

Xavier said that he would never quit and always worked out like a madman and to this day, he still looks up to him.  Xavier said he is an amazing person and when Ki speaks, he listens.  He introduced Ki, who came out to a big pop.

Ki said, "Wow" and said that he is honored to be here.  He said that it's been a long, difficult road.  He said that beauty of that road is that it was done with the help of everyone here in JAPW.  He said that he started in 1997 and became officially licensed in 1998.   He said that it was an honor to be inducted by Xavier, who he traveled up and down the road with.  He said that in all the years and all the trials and tribulations and even falling on his face, having the support of the JAPW faithful, staff and fans all helped pick him up.  He said that without them, he never would have had the success he's had.

Ki said that for someone of his size, he has been blessed.  He has had to work so hard and give so much more in order to achieve what he has in this profession.  He said that it means a lot to him that it's been appreciated.  He said that it's bittersweet because Fat Frank isn't with them, but Frank proved his loyalty with one gesture.  Years ago, Ki was injured and Frank took him to the hospital, made sure he was OK and made sure that JAPW would not turn his back on Ki as so many others had.

Ki said he had a lot of people to thank.  He said the first would be his father.   He said his dad challenged him in 1996 and it took 20 years, but last year, he finally got his hands on Rey Mysterio.  His dad's challenge led Ki all over the world.  Ki said that he's been able to experience the best things the business has to offer and to be recognized for his hard work is dream come true.

Ki said he wanted to thank his cousin, Steve aka Monsta Mack.  He said they are blood and even if they don't see things eye to eye all the time, they have set the tone for the future competitors and became leaders when there weren't any.  He said that with their hard work, they created an environment that has lasted for 20 years.

Ki then thanked the fans for supporting JAPW.  He said that the fans accepted all of the efforts and contributions of JAPW.  He thanked Homicide for training him.  He said Homicide took several people in the NYC area who had no idea what they were doing and groomed them, putting them on a path that would change their lives forever.  Without Homicide, you wouldn't know Low Ki.  Ki said that someone is going to have to pinch him, because he doesn't want this dream to end.

Ki said that he wanted to conclude with a thank you for everyone who is here for the HOF ceremony and asked, "Who's ready to see a fight?  Let's get it going!"

After the ceremony, Jake Iadevia, the son of Fat Frank was introduced and came down to the ring.  Jake said that 20 years ago, he wasn't even alive, so JAPW was his father's first son.  He asked the fans if they were ready for wrestling.  Jake said that he loves and misses his father so much.   Out came Dr. Hurtz, who crashed the promo, giving the audience the finger as he came out.  Hurtz said that obviously Jake hasn't learned as he's out here yapping about his Daddy again.  He said that he wanted an apology but figures he's not going to get it, so he's going to beat it out of him.  He attacked Jake and beat him down.  

Hurtz pulled a door - yes a door, out from under the ring and placed it in the corner.  He turned around and Jake tackled him through it.  The crowd popped and chanted "JAP."  Jake grabbed a piece of it and drilled Hurtz across the back.   He placed a sleeper on Hurtz and put him out.  Two referees hopped in the ring and grabbed Hurtz's arms.  They went down three times.

Your winner, Jake Iadevia!

Joey Janella vs. Azrieal vs. Pinkie Sanchez vs. Archadia vs. John Silver vs. JT Dunn vs. Conor Claxton vs. Steve Scott - Elimination Match to crown new JAPW Light Heavyweight champion

They all battled in the ring at the same time, which means I have no chance of following this!  Silver began tossing everyone around the ring with big Beal Tosses.   They all jumped on him and beat him down but he powered out and broke free and everyone went flying.  Silver pressed and tossed someone over the top onto everyone else.  He nailed a big flip dive over the top onto the pile.  Silver is the real deal.  He's going to be CWC bound one day.

Music played and everyone froze as they did the Mannequin Challenge.  OK, that was funny.  Claxton attacked and began working and beating everyone over.  He and Silver began slapping the hell out of each other.  Silver caught him going for a kick but Dunn drilled him with a Yakuza Kick.  Silver wiped out Claxton and pinned him.  Dunn drilled Silver with a roaring elbow and pinned him.

Janella and Archadia battled back and forth.  Scott and Janella battled.  Janella stole his phone and tried to take a selfie, but was hit with a reverse rana.  Dunn caught Azrieal with a cutter for a two count.  Janella and Dunn have some great back and forth exchanges.   Lots of fast paced action and near falls.  Dunn was pinned and eliminated bu Archadia after Azrieal nailed him.  Azrieal took exception to this and they had words.  They allowed Pinkie Sanchez to attacke them both. 

Scott and Sanchez battled back and forth.  Sanchez hit a dive to the outside on him. He followed that up with one on Janella.   Scott caught Sanchez with a DDT and scored the pin.  He and Janella went back and forth until Azrieal nailed him.   Azrieal and Sanchez chopped each other back and forth in the center of the ring.   Scott was eliminated by Archadia.

Azrieal was eliminated, leaving Archadia vs. Joey Janella as the final two competitors.  They battled back and forth.  Janella nailed a Michinoku Driver off the ropes for a two count.  Janella locked on a Crossface and tried to force a submission, but Archadia made it the ropes.  Archadia finally nailed an EVIL looking piledriver and scored the pin.

Your winner and new JAPW Light Heavyweight champion, Archadia!

Lots of insane, speedster action with big spots.  Way too much for me to humanely type but entertaining.

Larry Legend interviewed the new champion after the win.  He said that he's been in JAPW for 13 years.  He sat in the crowd at the 7th anniversary show.  He said the crowd has always appreciated talent and hard work, so he wonders why he gets nothing from the fans when he busts his a** for all them.   He said it was the third time he's won the Best of the Light Heavyweights, so they should name it after him.  He said he had to go say hi to his mom, so he's leaving.

Team WrestlePro (Pat Buck & Kevin Matthews) vs The Private Party, representing House of Glory

There was a lot of playing to the crowd early on.  Private Party worked over Buck.  He cut one of them off and Team WrestlePro tagged in and out.  Private Party made a comeback.  Buck used a rolling one-legged crab.  Private Party worked over Matthews but he nailed them with a dropkick at the same time.  Matthews nailed a pump handle slam but was hit with a double stomp.  Buck returned to the fray, only to be tossed over the top.  He tried to skin the cat, but was superkicked.  Private Party was able to nail a tornado DDT on Matthews, but missed a shooting star splash.    In the end, Buck and one of the Party were fighting over a backslide when the other member superkicked Buck and sent him over for the pin.

Your winners, Private Party!

Good, solid match.  Party are young but can move.  Buck and Matthews were good as the veteran heels. 

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