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By Mike Johnson on 2016-11-13 00:35:00

Sumie Sakai vs. Deonna Purrazzo

They announced they would have a very special guest sitting ringside.  It was WWE's Paige, who is obviously here with Alberto El Patron.  She was brought out, without her name said and is sitting inside the railing watching the match.  That is extremely weird.

This was originally announced as a three way with Alicia, but I am told she pulled out of the match.  Not sure what happened there.

They had some good back and forth action early on.  Deonna nailed a series of suplexes.  Sumie nailed a catapult.  They went back and forth until Deonna out of nowhere grabbed a submission and Sumie tapped out.

Your winner, Deonna Purrazzo!

The match was only 7 minutes and was stopped short because Purrazzo was busted open near her eye.  There was a lot of blood and she looked a little shaken up as she quickly returned to the back.     Hopefully all will be OK.

DJ Hyde vs "The Bulldozer" Matt Tremont

The crowd chanted "CZW" at the onset.  They locked up.  They brawled to the floor.   Tremont nailed Hyde with a chair across the back.   They brawled around ringside.  Hyde  beat Tremont with a chair on the floor.  When they returned to the ring, Tremont set up chairs and told Hyde to sit his "fat a**" down.  They sat in the chairs and punched each other in the face.   They then exchanged headbutts. Tremont was split from the headbutts but came back with a big uppercut.

Tremont set up a chair but Hyde tripped him and Tremont destroyed it crashing down into it.  Tremont tossed the chair into his face.  Tremont pulled a bag of tacks and poured them.  Hyde cut him off and chokeslammed Tremont on them.  Tremont came back with a death valley driver through two chairs for the pin.

Your winner, Matt Tremont!

This was meant to be a CZW exhibition and well, you got CZW.

The H Effect (Dixie, Deranged, Insane Dragon) vs The Legends (Magic, J Lover, & Crazy Ivan)

This is a throwback match featuring a lot of early JAPW standouts.  I am loving this.  They all brawled at the start.  They went back and forth.  Deranged nailed a big double knee off the top.  Magic nailed a double arm piledriver on Dixie and scored the pin.  Short and sweet.

Your winners, The Legends!

A follow-up on Deonna Purrazzo.  I am told she received a few stitches in her eye.

Kyle The Beast vs Joker

This is the same Joker from CZW.  They battled back and forth.  Beast nailed a nice somersault into a shoulderblock.   They battled back and forth until the bell rang.  They announced the match has been "thrown out."  The locker room emptied and there was a huge pull apart. 

Lucha Underground's Drago & Aero Star vs. EYFBO

Aero Star came out with some sort of flame thrower, which sent people running.   EYFBO are "The Funky Monkey" Angel Ortiz & "The Real Deal" Mike Draztik, who are a hell of a team.  Lots of fun lucha spots, EYFBO nailed stereo dives.  They worked over Aerostar for a long time, including a delayed vertical suplex.   Aerostar made the tag to Drago after springboarding off the ropes.  Drago and Aerostar nailed the Dream Sequence for a two count.  Lots of big dives from the luchadors.  Aerostar nailed a springboard splash for a two count.  They did a lot of insane spots and it was impossible to keep up.  In the end, the Lucha Underground crew scored stereo pins on EYFBO.  Really fun match.  I want to see this one again. 

JAPW champion BLK Jeez vs. B-Boy

They shook hands before the bell.  They had a nice back and forth match, but it seemed that the crowd was burnt out from the previous bout.  B-Boy nailed a series of punches but was caught for a DDT as he leapt at Jeez.  Jeez nailed a nice tope con hilo over the top to the floor.  B-Boy nailed a nice cutter for a two count.  They continued battling back and forth.  Jeez was caught and hit with a death valley driver into the buckles.   Jeez came back with a cutter off the ropes.   B-Boy nailed a glancing shining wizard.  Jeez finally caught him with a pinfall combination.

Your winner and still JAPW champion, Blk Jeez!

Jeez did a good promo after putting himself over.

Alberto El Patron vs. Sami Callihan

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