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By Mike Johnson on 2016-11-13 00:35:00

Sami Callihan vs. Alberto El Patron

Big reaction for Alberto.  Callihan was very aggressive in the early minutes of the match, scoring pinfall attempts and working over Alberto with a side headlock.  Alberto fought back but was drilled with a number of fiss.  He was brought into the corner and placed on the ropes but used that to snap Callihan's arm with the hanging armbar.  Callihan came back to nail a number of bodyshots but Alberto slipped past him and nailed the backstabber.  They went back and forth.  Alberto charged Sami but was kicked off again and again.  He caught Callihan and went for the rolling armbar but Callihan broke out and went for a powerbomb.  Callihan was backdropped over into a sunset flip attempt but turned it into the Stretch Muffler.  Alberto escaped and nailed the rolling armbar and scored the submission.  An excellent 13 minutes.

Your winner, Alberto El Patron!

I want to see some more of that.  Alberto gave Callihan a lot and it was a fun, competitive match.

Alberto called Callihan back to the ring after the match.  He said that people asked him why he "left that place."  He said that he decided to leave because he wasn't happy and was missing the real wrestling fans like the ones here tonight.  The crowd chanted "Si!"  He said that he was missing "this - real competition, real wrestlers" and pointed at Sami.  He said that they left it all in the ring, the place they loved the most.  He said that if it wasn't for the people who came to buy the tickets, they wouldn't be here and thanked the fans.  He said that Sami was a real competitor and told him that he has nothing but respect for him. 

Steel Cage Match: Low Ki & Homicide vs. Da Hit Squad

The only way to win is for both team members to escape.  They all brawled on the floor and in the aisle to start the match.  They battled for a long tme on the floor.  Ki climbed into the catch like a cat.  Homicide was apparently taken out on the floor after being whipped intonthe ring steps.  Hit Squad entered the ring.  Joker and  Kyle the Beast, apparently still fighting, returned to the scene and entered the cage as well.  Maff was busted open.  Joker entered the cage and joined Low Ki.  Ki took a crazy backdrop into the cage.   They all brawled all over the cage. Mack nailed a top rope elbow.    Maff speared Joker backwards through the cage door and he took a crazy bump to the floor with Maff following.  That was insane.  This entire match is all sorts of batsh** insane.

This left Low Ki and Mack battling in the cage.  Ki went to the top of the cage to do a double stomp but someone shook the cage and he took a scary bump crotching himself.  Mack tossed him into the ring.  He went to the top of the cage but couldn't get his footing.  Maff joined him and they hit a double splash off then top.    They escaped the cage.

Your winners, Da Hit Squad!

That was a pretty insane main event.  I couldn't see some of it due to the crowd standing but from what I could see, it was nuts.

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