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By Mike Johnson on 2016-01-04 07:10:00

New Japan announced 2/19 and 2/20 ROH dates in Japan  They ran down  the dates for all their major events in 215 as well.  The G1 Cimax is back at Sumo Hall.

Hirooki Goto vs. Tetsuya Naito

EVIL and Naito attack Goto before the bell.  Jeez, that has happened about 10000 times tonight.  Goto was able to come back with a hard kick to the chest of Naito, sending him to the floor.    They go to the floor where EVIL placed a chair over Goto's head then nailed him with another chair like he was swinging a bat.  They brought a table into the ringside area.  Naito nailed a neckbreaker off the apron through the table.

Naito controlled Goto on the mat with head scissors.    Naito controlled him for a long time, working over his neck.  Goto finally came back with a big clothesline on Naito.     Goto came alive with offense including a bulldog out of the corner for a two count.  He nailed a big side suplex for another two count.

Goto went for a DVDR attempt but Naito slipped out and nailed an inverted atomic drop.   He went to the top and nailed a big missile dropkick, then went after the leg and knees of Goto.   Naito placed Goto on the top but was battled as he went for a superplex.  They exchanged blows on the top before Goto scored with a headbutt.  Goto nailed a Code Red off the top for a close two count.  Nice sequence.

Goto tried to follow up with additional pinfalls but was unable to get the three count.  Naito escaped a DVDR attempt and nailed a leaping enziguiri but Goto sucked it up.  Goto was nailed again and snapped off the ropes with a top rope rana for a two count.  They battered each other back and forth with forearms and punches.

Goto finally caught Naito with a DVDR, dropping him across the knee as he came down but was too tired to capitalize.  Goto nailed a big right hand and went for a kick but it was shoved off into the referee, who went down.  Goto laid waste to Naito with a kick but EVIL attacked him.  A masked man went to spray mist but Goto ducked and EVIL was blinded.  Naito nailed him with a low blow and rolled him up but Goto kicked up at the last second.

Goto pulled him into a headbutt and pulled up Naito.  He went for a suplex into a DDT and scored the pin.

Your winner, Hirooki Goto!

Something of a surprising ending given the push Naito has received.  A really good back and forth match.

NEVER Openweight champion Tomohiro Ishii vs. Katsuyori Shibata.

They started striking and smacking the hell out of each other.  They began beating the hell out of each other with back and forth forearms and punches.  Shibata nailed a big knee and began stomping the hell out of Ishii.  Ishii had enough and got back up in his face, snapmared him over and kicked him in the back.  Shibata responded by doing the same and then daring Ishii to do the same.  They really kicked the hell out of each other until finally Ishii went down hurting.  This is some brutal stuff. 

Ishii began chopping the hell out of Shibata, who went down and leapt back to his feet with a big forearm that took down Ishii.  Shibata grabbed him but was caught with a big back suplex.  Ishii kicked him in the face several times, backling Shibata up into a corner.  He unloaded with chops and punches in the face as Shibata collapsed in the corner.

Ishii nailed a big running clothesline in the corner but Shibata fired up and nailed a series of big forearms and a huge running kick to the chest as Ishii charged him.    Shibata locked him in an abdominal stretch, then turned it into an Octopus submission. Ishii began driving his boot across Ishii's face in the corner.

Ishii pulled himself up in the corner but Ishii pulled himself up.  Shibata kept laying in the big bombs.  Ishii dated him to keep bringing it and finally snapped him back with a hard shot.   Now it was Ishii's turn to use the boot scrapes in the corner.  Shibata and Ishii went face to face with Shibata taking him back down in the corner.  He nailed a big dropkick in the corner.  Ishii went back to his feet and went for a clothesline but Shibata snapped him with a dropkick and they both went down.

Shibata locked in an attempted short arm scissors but Ishii made it to the ropes.  Shibata began unloaded with kicks to the chest and head.  Ishii fired back but his right arm was hurting.  They exchanged clotheslines and kicks.  Ishii was getting the worst of the exchange but refused to go down.   They kept getting up from all sorts of nutty big moves before they both collapsed from the exhaustion.

Ishii nailed a chop to the throat and a big powerbomb for a two count.  This is insane.  Ishii placed Shibata on the top but was caught in an armbar on the ropes.  The referee implored them to return to the ring.    Shibata came off the ropes and snapped his arm.    Ishii came back with a hard clothesline.  Shibata nailed a back drop driver for another two count.

Shibata went for a chinlock.   Ishii tried to snapmare him over but Shibata held on and held him on the mat.  Ishii looked as if he was going to go out but Ishii made it to the ropes.  Shibata immediately began kicking the hell out of him but Ishii caught the leg and nailed a vicious headbutt.    They began exchanging hard headbutts.  Ishii charged and Shibata dropkicked his head off.  Ishii came back with a nasty lariat for a two count and then another.  Shibata finally scored the pin.

Your winner and new NEVER Openweight champion, Katsuyori Shibata!

Just an insane, insane, brutal back and forth fight.  God bless these guys because they had no regard for their own well being.  It was nuts. The headbutts were completely unnecessary as everything else they did was crazy enough.

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