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By Mike Johnson on 2016-01-04 07:10:00

ROH champion Jay Lethal (with Truth Martini) vs. Michael Elgin.

Elgin was all power early, slapping Lethal to show he wasn't messing around and even doing a one-handed powerslam.  They battled to the apron, where Lethal escaped a powerbomb attempt and caught him with a springboard kick after Martini distracted Elgin.  Lethal hit a pair of tope suicidas to the floor, the first of which he almost killed himself with.

Lethal tried to get the win via countout.  Lethal tried to make the cover but Elgin kicked out at one to showcase he power.  Lethal continued to work him over and even grandstanded over his body.    Jay snapped him into the buckles and nailed him with some stiff chops in the corner.  Elgin was whipped into the opposite corner but backdropped Jay over the ropes to the apron.  Lethal fought back but Elgin nailed him with a sick tornado forearm.  Lethal somehow aborbed that and was able to nail a cartwheel elbow.  Lethal cinched in a chinlock but Elgin powered back to his feet and ran Lethal backwards into the buckles.

Lethal went for a tornado DDT but Elgin was sent flying out of the corner.  Lethal charged him but was caught and nailed with an exploder.   Elgin nailed a series of splashes into the ropes then nailed a slingshot splash into the ring.  He charged Jay in the corner but was kicked away.  Lethal charged but was nailed with a powerslam.  He grabbed Lethal for a big German suplex with a bridge for a two count.

Jay fired back with the Lethal Combination.  He went to the top for the flying elbow and nailed it for a two count.  He went for the Lethal Injection again but Elgin avoided it and nailed a series of German suplexes.  Lethal fired back with elbows to prevent a third but was caught with a big clothesline that sent him inside out.  Lethal rolled out to the apron but Elgin went to the ropes and used his power to pick Lethal up into a deadift into a Falcon's Arrow for a CLOSE two count.

Elgin went for a powerbomb but Martini tossed the Book of Truth into the ring and Jay nailed Elgin in the face with it.  Lethal nailed the Lethal Injection and scored the pin.

Your winner and still ROH champion, Jay Lethal!

A good match but nowhere near what you might have expected. Elgin got to showcase his power for most of the match but Lethal didn't get to do as much. With the win, Lethal did get to continue to build his series of title defenses. That said, I didn't care for the finish as I think that on this show, using a foreign object to set up the win didn't do as much to help cement ROH or the Lethal title run as a clean finish might have in my opinion.

IWGP Junior Heavyweight champion Kenny Omega (with The Young Bucks) vs. KUSHIDA

KUSHIDA came out with Taguchi dressed as Doc Brown from "Back to the Future" while Omega had a Terminator-inspired entrance of sorts.   The Club attacked, allowing Omega to work over KUSHIDA early and control the ring.  He missed a hip attack in the corner, allowing KUSHIDA to nail a dropkick.  KUSHIDA showed a lot of fire early.  Omega went under the ring and sprayed himself with the bodyspray but KUSHIDA nailed him with a sliding dropkick.

Matt Jacksion distracted the referee, allowing Omega to nail KUSHIDA with a trash can and then hit a moonsault off the guard rail with a trash can on him.  Back in the ring, he drilled KUSHIDA with a rude backbreaker, sending him to the floor. Omega set up for a dive as the Bucks beat on the trash cans to rally him.  Omega hit a BIG tope con hilo over the top to the floor on KUSHIDA.

Back in the ring, KUSHIDA was beaten down but fired back with chops.  Omega drilled him across the face with a big slap.  Omega went for a suplex but KUSHIDA drilled him with a knee in the middle of the attempt while upside down. KUSHIDA nailed a big kick and a springboard kick into the ring.  KUSHIDA nailed a springboard elbow and locked in a Kimura.  Omega made it to the ropes to escape but was kicked in the arm.

KUSHIDA began working over the arm, making that the extremity he was working over.  Omega caught him in the throat with a strike and began ripping away at his back.  KUSHIDA caught him rebounding off the ropes with a rolling kick then went to the top with a big flip dive to the floor. 

KUSHIDA nailed a big moonsault and went right into an armbreaker attempt.  Omega rolled through but was caught with an suplex that snapped his arm.  KUSHIDA and Omega battled to the top where KUSHIDA hit a divorce court variation, causing further damage to the arm.  KUSHIDA nailed several kicks to the arm.   Omega went for a suplex but KUSHIDA avoided.  Kenny went for a kick but KUSHIDA nailed him with a STIFF right punch.  He went to the top but missed a corkscrew twisting dive when Omega rolled out of the way.

KUSHIDA nailed a series of kicks and went for a springboard elbow.  Omega caught him with a reverse back suplex but KUSHIDA caught him in a Kimura.  The Young Bucks tried to pull Omega to the ropes but Taguchi charged and attacked them with a trash can.  Omega went for the One Winged Angel but KUSHIDA escaped.  Omega nailed a big knee strike and KUSHIDA was out on the mat.

Omega nailed a big powerbomb but KUSHIDA kicked out at the last second.  Omega drilled him with a running knee strike in the ropes.  He went for the One Winged Angel but KUSHIDA nailed a small package and scored the pin.

Your winner and new IWGP Junior Heavyweight champion, KUSHIDA!

Excellent back and forth match with lots of great exchanges and near falls.  The best thing on the show at this point.

IWGP Tag Team champions Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows (with the Bullet Babe Amber Gallows) vs. World Tag League winners Tomoaki Honma & Togi Makabe.

Our own Matt Macklin got a shout out by Kevin Kelly before the bell.  Hey Kevin, it's OK to mention the site too!

Anderson and Honma start out.  Makabe tags in and clobbers him with a big clothesline in the corner and peppers him with right hands.  The Bullet Club were able to overtake Makabe.  They scored several near falls on him before Makabe was able to catch Anderson with a clothesline and tag in Honma.

Honma slammed Anderson and then Doc to a big pop.  He dropped a big headbutt on Anderson and worked him over in the corner with right hands.  He whipped Anderson into the corner but was kicked off.  They went face to face but was nailed.  Gallows caught him with a big side slam.  The champions double teamed Honma, but Makabe broke up the pinfall.

Makabe was able to clothesline Doc over the top to the floor.  Honma was sent into the ropes and nailed a diving headbutt that shocked Anderson.  He slammed him and went to the top, which the crowd was really into, but was nailed by Gallows.  Anderson followed him to the top for a move but Honma dropped to the apron and battled with Anderson.  Anderson nailed a running powerbomb for a close two count.

Anderson and Honma battled and it ended with each man out on the mat.  Doc and Makabe tagged in.  They exchanged big clotheslines but Doc nailed a kick and the Gallows Pole but Makabe kicked out at a two count.  Makabe ducked and rebounded off the ropes, nailing a double clothesline on the champions.

Gallows was knocked off his feet.  Honma was slapped into awareness by his partner and nailed a diving headbutt on Anderson.  They double teamed Anderson with a top rope maneuver.  Honma went to the top and hit the flying headbutt followed by Makabe doing the Bruiser Brody knee off the top for the pin.

Your winners and new IWGP Tag Team champions, Tomoaki Honma & Togi Makabe!

Great stuff here with a good come from behind story.  The crowd was so into Honma, it was nutty. 

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