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By Richard Trionfo on 2015-09-21 23:03:00
We are back and it is time to celebrate the crowning of a new Divas Champion. Ric Flair wooos and struts his way to the ring.

Ric asks if he looks like a happy father. He asks if he looks like a proud father. He asks if he has had fun in Laredo before. In 1972, he had a lot of fun. Ric says that there are times in a man’s life when things happen that are so special that you don’t know what to say.

The first time you walk through the curtain, the first time you walk down the ramp, the first time you see ten thousand people. Then when you win your first title, or your second, or your third, or your tenth.

Ric says the proudest moment in his entire life is not his world championship win in 1981, or his match with Shawn Michaels when he retired. The proudest moment of his wrestling career was when his little girl won the Divas Championship. He didn’t give it to her. She got it because she worked. She bled, she sweat, and she cried. She beat a great champion in Nikki Bella. Ric wants everyone to welcome his little girl.

Charlotte walks to the ring with Becky Lynch and Paige.

Charlotte and Ric woooo together.

Charlotte says that she tends to cry when she is in the ring with her dad.

Since she was a little girl and sat in the crowd and thought that she wanted to be like him when she grew up. If she can make her dad half as proud as she is of him, she will consider herself a good daughter.

Charlotte tells Paige and Becky that teaming with them since the start of the Divas Revolution it has been a dream of hers. In addition to wanting to become the champion, she has gotten two friends.

She calls ‘Becks’ her protein sister. She reminds her that life is short and not to be so serious all the time. She reminds Paige that she was the first NXT Women’s Champion. Charlotte says that she has followed in her footsteps from the beginning. She wanted to be where Paige was and she is here because of what Paige did.

Paige says this is all so nice. Paige says this celebration is for Charlotte. Paige asks who made this possible. That would be her.

Paige says this is patronizing. I wouldn’t be here without you and I love you daddy. You sound like you have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Paige reminds Charlotte she won on her first day. She won it twice. Title reigns end. Nikki will get her rematch and she will have her hippie sister and third wheel. The title will go back to her.

There was no Divas Revolution. Paige calls Becky the least relevant of all of them. Team B.A.D. is all flash and no substance. Lana and Summer are too busy trying to figure out who to jump on. She wonders where Nattie is. Does she even work here? Paige says we know the real reason why they got where they are.

Paige tells Charlotte not to act like she is somebody because you are only here because of your old man.

Paige leaves the ring.

Nikki Bella’s music plays and she makes her way to the ring with Brie and Alicia Fox. She calls Paige classless and trashy. Poor Charlotte. Welcome to her world. When you are on top and everyone is jealous of you. Can you handle it? Paige couldn’t handle it. Nikki says she handled it for almost a year because she is woman enough. She tells Charlotte it doesn’t get easier.

Tonight, you are going to lose to her sister . . . and the Queen is not done talking. When we have our rematch, you are going to lose the Divas Championship too. She wishes Charlotte luck.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Brie Bella (with Nikki Bella and Alicia Fox) versus Charlotte (with Becky Lynch ) in a Non Title Match

The match is joined in progress and Brie with forearms and a side head lock and take down. Charlotte with a forearm and Brie with a shoulder. Charlotte kips up and woooos. Charlotte with a rollup for a near fall. Charlotte with a cravate and knees to Brie. Brie with a missile drop kick for a near fall. Charlotte sends Brie into the turnbuckles.

Charlotte goes to the apron and Brie pulls her to the floor. Brie sends Charlotte into the ring steps. Brie mocks Charlotte with a wooo and she gets back into the ring. Brie with a shoulder but Charlotte with a shoulder from the apron. Brie with a shoulder in the corner. Brie puts Charlotte’s injured leg in the ropes and kicks it.

Brie tries for a figure four but Charlotte counters with a rollup. Brie returns to the leg. Brie with kicks to the hamstring. Brie with a drop kick and then she puts the leg in the ropes again. Brie sets for the Brie Mode running knee to the injured leg. Brie with another Brie Mode knee to the leg and she gets a near fall.

Charlotte with forearms and she tries to slam Brie but Brie gets to her feet and Brie with a clip to the knee and gets a near fall. Brie with a single leg crab on Charlotte but Charlotte with an enzuigiri and both women are down. Brie goes for the leg but Charlotte with a back slide for a near fall. Charlotte with chops but Brie with a kick to the midsection. Charlotte with a neck breaker followed by a spear and she applies the figure four and bridges. Brie taps out.

Winner: Charlotte

We go to commercial.

Match Number Four: Sheamus versus Mark Henry

Sheamus pie faces Henry and Henry pushes back. Henry blocks a punch and he grabs Sheamus’ forearm and Henry with a body block. Sheamus goes to the floor. Sheamus with kicks and punches when he returns to the ring. Henry with a slam and he clotheslines Sheamus over the top rope to the floor.

Sheamus throws a Christian level tantrum while the referee starts his count.

Henry grabs Sheamus by the Mohawk but Sheamus drops Henry on the top rope. Sheamus starts with the forearms but Henry brings Sheamus back into the ring. Sheamus escapes a power slam attempt and Sheamus with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus with another Brogue Kick for the three count.

Winner: Sheamus

After the match, Sheamus says you can chant your slogans all you want, but he is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. It is just a matter of time.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Kane is enjoying a beverage and Stephanie and Hunter enter. They ask Kane how is he doing. Kane says he loves being back at work.

Hunter tells Kane they need to talk about him being back. Kane says he wanted to make an impact with the United States Title rematch. Hunter says they didn’t hear from Kane since he got hurt and then he showed up last night.

Kane does not know what Hunter is saying.

Stephanie says that she knows that Kane wants revenge on Seth Rollins and you can play mind games with Seth. She does not want Kane to insult their intelligence by playing minds games.

Kane says he is not playing mind games and he just signed his contract as Director of Operations.

Stephanie says they can work together and move forward and let bygones be bygones. Stephanie wants Kane to give it back and Kane gives her ‘five’. Stephanie says she wants the mask back.

Kane wants to know what mask. Kane is shocked that the mask is gone. He says if the mask is missing, we have a very big problem. Kane gets happy again and he says he will help them find it.

Paige is in the back and she is pacing.

Paige says ‘you do still work here’ as Natalya shows up. Paige says that she expects Natalya to lecture her on what she did wrong.

Natalya says that Paige had some good points. She asks Paige if she is the only one who wanted to lash out. Natalya says she knows about being left behind. That was Charlotte’s moment. You won the Divas Championship on the night you debuted.

Paige asks why does Natalya think she can be Mother Hen.

Natalya mentions she has a match against Naomi. She tells Paige as a friend, the only person standing in her way is her.

The New Day are in the ring and they have something to say. Xavier holds up a bag and he asks if you know what this is. After the Dudley Boyz put him through a table, the WWE medical team had to remove this piece of wood from his buttocks.

Kofi asks everyone to look at what they did to Woods. How many have to suffer before they say enough is enough. The Dudleys are a menace to society and they must be stopped.

Big E says we must build a wall. A wall around Dudleyville. A high wall. A great wall. A beautiful wall. A wall to protect us, our laws, our values, and our furniture.

Xavier says a wall to keep the Dudleys away from us and our tables.

Kofi tells everyone that they can help. They can make the WWE great again. Together, we can save the tables.

They start a Save the Tables chant.

Match Number Five: Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Rusev (with Xavier Woods and Summer Rae) versus Dolph Ziggler, Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley

Ziggler and Kofi start off and Ziggler with a wrist lock. Kofi with a reversal and Ziggler with a single leg take down while Woods screams that he is not a baby, as if he was a baby. They lock up and Ziggler with a side head lock. Kofi with a top wrist lock but Ziggler with a bridge. Ziggler with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Ziggler catches Kofi on the back elbow attempt.

Kofi with a monkey flip and Ziggler lands on his feet. Ziggler with a monkey flip and Kofi lands on his chest. Ziggler with a front face lock and D-Von tags in. D-Von with a punch and slam. D-Von with a leg drop and he punches Kofi. Kofi punches D-Von and Irish whips him. D-Von moves when Kofi leaps into the corner and D-Von with a neck breaker out of the corner.

Bubba tags in and they hit a neck breaker and belly-to-back combination on Big E. Rusev comes in but he goes to the floor before Ziggler can connect with a super kick.

We go to commercial.

Big E with a belly-to-back attempt but Ziggler lands on his feet and he hits a drop kick. Ziggler with a Stinger Splash and neck breaker. Woods distracts Ziggler with the trombone and Big E with a clothesline. Rusev tags in and he kicks Ziggler. Big E and Kofi go back and forth with the Trombone aided kicks. Kofi gets Irish whipped for the finale to the Woods performance and he hits the drop kick.

Woods plays some more and Rusev is tagged in. Rusev with a suplex and he hits a diving head butt while Woods continues to play Rusev’s entrance music. Rusev with a reverse chin lock. Rusev connects with some Bulgarian Tricep Meat. Rusev keeps Ziggler from making the tag and Big E tags in. Big E with a forearm.

Big E with an abdominal stretch. Ziggler escapes and hits a Fameasser. Kofi tags in and stops Ziggler from making the tag. Kofi with punches and then the referee has to keep D-Von from interfering. Kofi with a near fall. Kofi with a quarter nelson and chin lock. Kofi with a drop kick for a near fall. Big E and Rusev sandwich Ziggler.

Rusev yells at Dolph and tells him that Lana is his. Rusev goes for a splash into the corner but Ziggler moves and Rusev hits the turnbuckles. Ziggler with a hesitation DDT to Rusev and both men are down. Bubba and Kofi tag in and Bubba with a shoulder tackle and clothesline followed by a back body drop. Bubba knocks Big E to the floor. Bubba with a side slam to Kofi.

Bubba with an Irish whip and Kofi leaps over Bubba. Bubba with a uranage and he gets a near fall. Bubba with a big boot to Big E. Rusev tags in and Devon is tagged in. They hit a double suplex on Rusev. Ziggler tags in and he goes up top for the Wassup Head Butt and connects. Kofi and Big E are clotheslined over the top rope to the floor. Woods distracts Ziggler on the apron and Ziggler super kicks Woods off the apron. Rusev with a super kick to Ziggler for the three count.

Winners: Rusev, Kofi Kingston, and Big E

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