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By Richard Trionfo on 2015-09-21 23:03:00

We are in Laredo, Texas and your announcers are John Layfield, Michael Cole, and Byron Saxton.

The music plays and the Wyatts make their way to the ring.

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Bray calls out Roman Reigns and he says he tried to warn him with his words, but apparently he did not speak loud enough. We tried to warn you with our actions, but we did not hit hard enough. Roman, you were a fool to believe that you would be able to outrun your destiny. Last night, I grabbed the golden idol from Olympus and brought him to his knees.

You should have listened. I tried to tell you, but they all fall down. I am no liar. As a matter of fact . . .

Roman Reigns’ music plays and he makes his way to the ring and he is alone.

Bray holds Braun and Luke back as Roman enters the ring.

Roman says it is not just about him. It is about Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt. It has always been about you and I. It started here, so let’s finish it here. He tells Bray to send the bigguns to the back and see who makes it out of Laredo tonight.

Bray tells Roman he has given him enough chances.

Roman wants to make sure that Bray is telling everyone he is afraid to face him one on one. They don’t need a referee. They don’t even need this to be a match. This can be a fight.

Bray says something to Luke and then to Braun. Luke and Braun leave the ring.

Roman punches Luke off the apron and then Roman with punches. Roman with a clothesline to Bray followed by a pump handle fallaway slam. Roman with Neverending Story followed by an uppercut. Roman runs into a boot and Bray with an uppercut. Bray with a forearm to Roman and he charges into the corner and Roman with a Superman punch. Roman punches Bray.

Luke grabs Roman and Roman with an uppercut. Strowman picks up Roman and sends him to the mat. Dean Ambrose’s music plays and Dean runs past Strowman who goes up the aisle. Dean with a forearm to Harper followed by a drop kick to Strowman. Dean with a suicide dive onto Strowman and he stays on his feet. Dean with another suicide dive and Strowman stays on his feet again. Strowman takes care of Ambrose. Reigns goes after Strowman and Strowman stops him.

Reigns attacks Wyatt while Dean goes after Harper and sends him into the ringside barrier. Ambrose punches Strowman. Strowman sends Ambrose into the ring steps while the crowd chants ‘Y2J’. Harper sends Reigns into the ring. Harper chokes Reigns in the ring.

Randy Orton’s music plays and he hits a Thesz Press on Wyatt and punches him. Orton punches Harper and then he hits a power slam on Wyatt. Orton sends Harper to the floor. Orton with a backdrop driver to Harper on the announce table. Orton punches Strowman but Strowman with a head butt and he punches Orton.

Strowman grabs Orton but Ambrose with a missile drop kick and Strowman stays on his feet. Reigns with a Superman punch and Strowman goes to the floor but does not fall off his feet.

Michael Cole mentions what happened at Night of Champions with Seth Rollins and we have a video package.

We go to the Authority’s office and Seth Rollins is standing outside. He walks in and he tells Hunter and Steph he knows he is here and they need to come up with a plan.

Seth sees a man in a suit and he turns around and it is Kane. Kane wants to know who Seth needs to get rid of.

Seth mentions what ‘he’ did last night.

Kane says he hasn’t been here because his leg was broken. Kane says he is back at work as Director of Operations. He asks Seth if he got the e-mail.

Seth asks where Hunter and Stephanie are. Kane says they are not here yet.

Kane tells Seth that his rematch against John Cena for the United States Title is tonight.

We go to commercial.


Match Number One: Stardust, Konnor, and Viktor versus Neville, Kalisto, and Sin Cara


Cara and Konnor start things off and they lock up. Konnor with a wrist lock. Konnor with a forearm and he sends Cara over the top rope to the apron. Cara with an enzuigiri and Cara falls off the top rope and Konnor attacks him. Stardust tags in and goes after Cara. Viktor tags in and he connects with a Canadian Lifter. Konnor tags back in and gets a near fall. Konnor with a knee to the midsection and kick.

Konnor chokes Cara and head butts Cara. Stardust tags in. Stardust kicks Cara and does a cartwheel to mock Neville and Kalisto. Cara with a kick and he goes for the Alabama Slam but Cara gets to his feet and Neville tags in. Neville with a series of kicks and a flying kick to the temples. Stardust with an Irish whip and Neville flips across the ring and he kicks Stardust. Neville goes up top.

Neville leaps over Viktor on the apron and Stardust with a drop kick that sends Neville to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Stardust kicks Neville. We see footage fro the commercial when Viktor clotheslined Neville. Konnor tags in and he is sent into Neville with a running elbow. Konnor gets a near fall. Neville tries for a sunset flip and Viktor tags in. Neville with a sunset flip but Viktor attacks Neville and hits a fist drop for a near fall.

Stardust tags in and he hits a double sledge off the turnbuckles to continue to work on the arm. Stardust goes for a Gory Special but Neville gets to his feet. Neville with elbows. Stardust misses a splash into the corner when Neville moves. Viktor tags in and he kicks Neville and knocks Cara off the apron. Neville tags in Kalisto and Kalisto with a springboard move. Kalisto with kicks to Konnor and Viktor. Kalisto with a handspring kick to Stardust. Kalisto with a springboard cross body to Konnor. Cara with a suicide dive onto

Neville is sent to the floor by Stardust. Viktor goes after Kalisto from behind, but Kalisto with Salida del Sol on Viktor for the three count.


Winners: Kalisto, Sin Cara, and Neville


We are back and Seth Rollins is limping. He sees Hunter and Stephanie and he is happy to see them. He wants to know if they know what is happening. He asks why did they reinstate Kane as Director of Operations. Seth says that he is in the office and he invoked Seth’s rematch against John Cena. Seth says he is in no condition to wrestle tonight.

Hunter tells Seth to calm down. If you have a rematch with Cena, you have an opportunity to get back your title, then focus on that.

Stephanie tells Seth this is a chance for him to get the title back.

They tell Seth they will deal with Kane.

We take a look at photos of the Intercontinental Title match and the new champion.

Before our next match starts, the NEW Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring to watch the former champion.

Bo Dallas congratulates Kevin Owens on becoming the new Intercontinental Champion. He says that Ryback did not lose because he did not BOLIEVE. You BOLIEVED you were better than Kevin Owens . . . and you never will be. Bo tells Ryback to BOLIEVE him.


Match Number Two: Ryback versus Bo Dallas


Ryback runs Bo into the corner and connects with shoulders in the corner. Ryback with a chop. Ryback with an Irish whip and splash in the corner. Ryback with a biel. Bo with punches to Ryback and forearms. Ryback with punches and forearms. Ryback with a slam and a knee to the back.

Ryback with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Bo with elbows and punches. Ryback with a shoulder tackle. Ryback with a suplex and he gets a near fall. Bo goes to the apron and he punches Ryback and drops him on the top rope. Bo with a clothesline and knees to the head. Bo with a knee to the midsection. Bo with a boot to the head while Kevin tells Byron not to get sassy on commentary.

Bo with a reverse chin lock. Ryback presses Bo over his head and then hits a spinebuster. Ryback signals for the clothesline and he hits it. Ryback with the marching musclebuster for the three count.


Winner: Ryback


After the match, Owens attacks Ryback and kicks him in the back. Owens kicks Ryback while Bo is rolled to the floor. Ryback with a clothesline to Owens and he gets Owens up for a moment but Owens gets to his feet and he takes his belt and leaves the ring.

We go to commercial.


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