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By Mike Johnson on 2015-09-20 22:50:00
They have about an hour for Rollins' title defenses.

WWE United States champion Seth Rollins vs. John Cena.

They noted The Daily Show won an Emmy tonight and had used the footage of Cena hitting the AA on Jon Stewart over and over during the show.

Lots of back and forth chants early.  Cena was really aggressive and brawling early.  Rollins locked on a sleeper hold.  Cena escaped but was taken out when Rollins used a double stomp off the ropes while Cena was in the buckles.  Rollins continued to control Cena as the crowd did the "wave."

Cena made a comeback and used the Blue Thunder Bomb.  He seemed to get a kick out of how badly he was being booed.  He went for the Five Knuckles Shuffle and got kicked in the face by Rollins.  That got a big reaction.  Rollins kicked him and went for the Pedigree but Cena escaped and nailed the Blue Thunder Bomb.  Rollins avoided the Shuffle again but was hit with Code Red for a two count.

Cena went for the AA but Rollins grabbed the ropes and nailed him.  Cena caught Rollins as he went to the ropes.  Rollins made a comeback with a series of strikes for a two count.    They teased the idea that Cena may have hurt his nose again from the final kick to the face.  Rollins nailed Cena, who fell off the apron to the floor.  Rollins went for a splash off the top but Cena rolled out of the way.  The crowd chanted "Eddie" out of respect for the late Eddie Guerrero.

Cena ascended to the top.  Rollins met him there and was superplexed off.  Rollins popped right up and suplexed him again for a two count.    Cena shocked Rollins by taking him down to the mat and locking in a STF.   Rollins made it to the ropes but was trapped again.  Rollins powered out and nailed the bucklebomb for a two count.   Rollins locked himin for the Pedigree but was tossed off.  Rollins rolled through on a  move and set up for the AA.  Cena escaped and nailed a face first suplex.    Cena nailed the Alabama Jam to the back of the neck and nailed the AA for the pin.

Your winner and new WWE United States champion, John Cena!

Not the classic they had at Summerslam, but a really good match. 

Rollins grabbed the WWE World Heavyweight championship and tried to walk out. Cena stopped him and told him he wasn't going to leave. Rollins shoved him. Cena grabbed him and nailed a AA on the floor, then tossed Rollins into the ring.

WWE World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins vs. Sting

Sting nailed Rollins and began beating him with right hands.  He went for the Scorpion Deathlock, which Seth tapped to on Monday but Rollins grabbed the ropes as soon as he was turned over.    Rollins nailed a crossbody off the ropes but Sting rolled through for a two count.

Rollins went to the floor.  Sting followed and tossed the champion into the steel steps several times.  Seth tried to crawl to the back but Sting caught him in the aisle and nailed a series of right hands.  Sting clotheslined Rollins over the top to the floor.  He grabbed one of the TV monitors with the idea of hitting Sting but was prevented and tossed into the barricade.

Sting brought Rollins back into the ring as Rollins begged off.  Sting nailed him with a series of right hands.  Rollins did the flip bump in the corner that Shawn Michaels and Ray Stevens popularized and then went to the floor.  Rollins tried to climb over the barricade but Sting grabbed him and pulled him atop of the announcer's table.  Rollins shoved him away and Sting fell backwards through the Spanish announcer's tables, shattering it.  The announcers claimed Sting hit his head on one of the TV monitors.

Rollins grabbed his championship belt and tried to walk out.  He changed his mind and returned as he saw Sting was "out on his feet."  He continued to work ove Sting on the floor, then tossed him into the ring for a two count.  Rollins manhandled Sting and scored several more two counts as he verbally ripped Sting.  Sting finally fired back with several right hands but was nailed with the Buckle Bomb for yet another two count.

Rollins went for the Pedigree but was backdropped over the top to the apron.  He leapt onto the top for a springboard maneuver but Sting intercepted him and shoved him backwards into the barricade.  Rollins returned to the ring where Sting nailed him with several strikes.  Rollins fought back but was hit with the Stinger Splash twice.  Rollins was sent over the top the floor.  Sting went to the top and dove to the floor on the champion with a flying bodypress.  That got a "Holy sh**" chant.

Sting nailed the Scorpion Death Drop but Rollins got his foot over the bottom rope before the referee could chant three.  They continued to go back and forth until Sting collapsed after ducking a clothesline.  They had a ringside official enter the ring.  They were saying Sting hurt his back from the Buckle Bomb earlier.  They continued the match with the idea that Sting was goin to valiantly continue.  Rollins went for the Pedigree but Sting turned it over and locked in the Scorpion Deathlock.  Rollins made it to the ropes.

Sting pulled Rollins off the ropes but was nailed with a leaping enziguiri.  He went for the Pedigree but Sting turned it into the Scorpion Deathlock.  Rollins rolled through and scored the pin.

Your winner and still WWE World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins!

This was the best Sting match in many years but as a WWE main event, it was just OK.  Rollins' work tonight was pretty damn impressive.

Rollins was celebrating as Sheamus hit the ring (with ring music) and nailed Seth Rollins with a Brogue Kick.  Before he could cash in, Kane, now back in the mask, hit the ring complete with his old theme music.  Sheamus left the ring as Kane hit the ring.    Kane grabbed Rollins and chokeslammed him.    Sheamus entered the ring and told Kane to do it again, so Kane grabbed him and chokeslammed him again.  They made it a point to note that Sheamus never officially cashed in.  Kane nailed a tombstone on Rollins and they went off the air playing Kane's music as he stood over the champion.

Some good wrestling tonight but there absolutely some questionable booking decisions.

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