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By Mike Johnson on 2015-09-18 23:57:00

ROH Tag Team champions The Addiction vs. The Young Bucks vs. The Kingdom with Maria Kanellis

Steve Corino wished "JC" (Jim Cornette) a happy birthday as the Bucks came to the ring.  They noted War Machine was in Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan and watching the bout.    They started out fast with  The Bucks dishing out dives and kicks.  They did a dive sequence early with even Bennett nailing one. 

The Bucks controlled the ring and nailed dropkicks and all their trademark spots.  The Addiction caught Matt Jackson with a double powerbomb into a neckbreaker.  Daniels held him in a curbstomp position for Kazarian to nail a springboard legdrop.  They continued tagging out and in, working over Jackson.

The Kingdom tagged themselves in and now they stomped the hell out of Jackson.  Daniels was able to tag himself back in, so there was no way the Kingdom could get a victory over the Bucks.   Bennett tried to interject himself in but Nick Jackson superkicked him off the apron.  Matt superkicked Daniels and Nick Jackson tagged in, cleaning house on everyone with superkicks.

Nick Jackson mocked Daniels with an Arabian Press to the outside.  Daniels went to nail one but was grabbed by Matt Jackson as he was nailing the move.  That allowed Nick to superkick him in the head while he was hanging upside down.  The Bucks cleaned house but Maria tried to get involved.  Nick Jackson nailed a flying bodypress on Daniels for a two count.  He charged Daniels, who ducked and Kazarian nailed him.  Daniels nailed him for a two count.

The Addiction tried to pick apart Nick Jackson.  This set up a sequence where everyone hit the ring and nailed a big move.  There was a funny sequence where Matt Jackson told everyone to "Suck It" after he nailed them.  Daniels went for Angel's Wings but Nick Jackson rolled through with a rana and superkicked everything in sight.  Maria tried to get involved but Daniels nailed her with a right jab.  Bennett, enraged, charged Daniels and took out the referee at the same time.

Someone dressed like one of the KRD hit the ring and laid out The Addiction.  The Bucks nailed Daniels with More Bang for Your Buck but Matt Taven blind-tagged in.  The Bucks nailed the Meltzer Driver on Kazarian but Taven snuck in and rolled up Matt Jackson for the pin.

Your winners and new ROH Tag Team champions, The Kingdom!

A good match, although it was that style where they are pulling out everything they can to pop the crowd.  Everyone there was super into the Bucks' characters.  I liked the booking of the finish here a lot.

 Ring of Honor Matchmaker came to ringside for commentary.

AJ Styles vs. Roderick Strong vs. Michael Elgin vs. Adam Cole to crown top contender for ROH championship.

They are doing this Tornado style, so all four are battling at the same time.  Yeah, that won't make it hard to follow this!  Styles and Roderick were down on the sides as Elgin and Cole battled back and forth.  Elgin was going for a a suplex when Strong kicks him.  He held on.  Styles kicked him and he held on.  They both kicked him.  Elgin dropped Cole and battled with them.  Elgin ended up on the floor.

Strong and Cole battled back and forth.  Cole nailed a shining wizard for a two count.  Styles came in with a springboard move but Strong sent him inside out.  Elgin caught both Strong and Cole and nailed them each with a Fall Away Slam at the same time.  Styles was pulled up from the apron to the top for a superplex by Elgin.  Styles nailed several knees while upside down to escape.

Lots of stiff shots across the board.  Styles and Cole nailed stereo neckbreakers.  Lots of crazy spots and near falls.  Very physical stuff.

Elgin nailed a sick spinning backfist on Strong. Styles went for the Styles Clash on Cole but Strong broke it up.  Strong nailed a suplex into a backbreaker across the knees for a two count.   Elgin went for a bucklebomb but Styles came off the ropes with a springboard forearm.  Elgin caught him on a charge and drove him into the corner. 

Styles went for a top rope rana but Michael stopped him and nailed a powerbomb.  Cole nailed a Canadian Destroyer on Elgin.  Styles broke up the pinfall at the last second.  Styles and Cole faced off in the center of the ring.  They exchanged strikes.  Cole evaded the Pele Kick.  Strong hit the ring but was nailed.  Styles nailed the Styles Clash on Cole and scored the pin.

Your winner, AJ Styles!

Lots of stiff, aggressive stuff here.

ROH champion Jay Lethal with Truth Martini vs. Kyle O'Reilly

Bobby Fish came out with Kyle and hugged him while encouraging him to win the title.   Some nice mat wrestling early.  They went back and forth with monkey flips while holding onto each other.  Kyle grabbed him in a submission out of nowhere and began controlling Lethal as he worked over Lethal's arm.  O'Reilly was caught and crotched on the top, then crumpled to the floor.

Lethal nailed a dove to the floor.  He worked over O'Reilly who used some really nice escapes en route to regaining control of the momentum of the bout.  Lethal thought he had O'Reilly neutralized and called for the Lethal Injection but was grabbed in a rear naked choke.  Lethal broke it but was quickly chopped down with a series of kicks to the legs.  Kyle began manhandling Lethal, who was showing signs of fatigue.

O'Reilly caught him with a guillotine choke but Lethal dropped down and then turned it into a Koji Clutch.  O'Reilly transitioned it into an anklelock.   He turned it into a Kimura.  Lethal escaped and nailed a big suplex.  Lethal went for the Lethal Injection but was caught with an armbar.  He turned it into a rollup and hooked the tights, playing off of the finish of the opener.

They went back and forth with a ridiculously great striking sequence.  O'Reilly stomped the hell out of Lethal, who appeared to be completely out.  Truth Martini got on the apron and was kicked out.  O'Reilly locked Lethal in a triangle choke but the referee was pulled out.  Nigel threw Martini out of the ring and demanded the match continue.  O'Reilly went for a running kick in the corner but Jay pulled the referee in front of him and was smashed.

Lethal went to use the ROH title belt but Bobby Fish nailed Lethal and they went to set up for their finisher.  Donovan Dijak hit the ring and attacked them but Adam Cole hit the ring and ran off Dijak.  Cole and O'Reilly went for their old Futureshock finisher but Cole superkicked Kyle, turning.  Lethal nailed the Lethal Injection and scored the pin.

Your winner and still ROH champion Jay Lethal!

Very good main event with some killer wrestling and near falls.

The Kingdom joined Cole in the ring.  They held up Four fingers and attacked O'Reilly, leaving him down in the corner beaten.  The show went off the air with the Kingdom celebrating and hugging in the ring.

A lot of hard work up and down the card.  ACH vs. Sydal and Coleman vs. Moose were the show stealers in a lot of ways. 

They announced Final Battle for Friday 12/18.

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