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By Mike Johnson on 2015-09-18 23:57:00

Moose (with Stokely Hathaway) vs. Cedric Alexander (with Veda Scott): NO DQ

Veda Scott had Cedric's wrench that he had used to nail Moose.  Moose came out wearing a football helmet.  Moose hit the ring and attacked Alexander.  Cedric went to the outside but Moose followed him immediately.  He used the football helmet and charged Alexander with it, which got a big pop.  He then nailed another three point stance.  Moose sent Cedric into the barricade again.

Moose nailed Alexander with a chair and then bridged a ladder from the ring to the chair.  He placed Alexander on the ladder and worked him over.  Moose went for a flip diver over the ropes onto Alexander, who was on the ladder.  Cedric moved and Moose snapped the ladder as he nailed it.  This allowed Alexander to continue working over Moose.  He used the chair to choke him.

Moose was worked over.  Cedric went to the ropes with a chair and prepared to come off but Moose dropkicked the chair into his face.  Alexander sailed over the ropes to the floor and took a pretty crazy bump in doing so.  Moose hit a springboard dive to the floor, which was nutty to see at his size. 

Moose brought Alexander back to the ring and wedged a steel chair in between two of the buckles.  He went to powerbomb Cedric but it as turned into a rana that looked clunky but still sent Moose into the chair.  Veda held the chair in front of Moose's face, allowing Alexander to nail the Van Terminator.  He covered Moose, who got his shoulder up at two.

Veda Scott pulled a table out and Cedric set it up in the corner.  Moose and Alexander slugged it out.  Moose nailed him with a crazy clothesline that flipped him inside out.  Moose placed the ladder in the corner and then placed Alexander on it.  He prepared to nail Cedric but Veda grabbed his leg.  This allowed Alexander to nail a springboard tornado DDT for a two count.

Moose came back to slam Alexander into the ladder for a two count.  This has been quite the spectacle.  Moose piled up chairs in the center of the ring.  Cedric used a series of elbows to escape a Fireman's Carry and nailed a sit-down Michinoku Driver on the chairs.  Alexander nailed a series of dropkicks and leg lariats in the corner, drilling four in a row. 

Alexander called for a larger wrench but Stokely Hathaway attacked him.  Veda jumped on Hathaway's back and he backed her into the corner.  Alexander charged for a dropkick.  Hathaway dropped with the idea that Alexander drilled Veda. Alexander stood there wide-eyed in shock.  Hathaway nailed him with the wrench.  Alexander landed in front of the table in the corner.  Moose speared him through the table and scored the pin.

Your winner, Moose!

As I said, quite the spectacle. I think they might have done a little too much but if they wanted to have a crazy brawl, this was it.  It was very much out of the box for each of them and the crowd really enjoyed it.

ACH vs. Matt Sydal

This is match three in a five match series.  They showed the finishes of the first two bouts.  Lots of nice back and forth wrestling early, which was smart because it was a change of pace from the craziness in the previous bout and gives ACH a chance to show that he's more than just an aerial guy.

They started to go for higher impact moves but kept escaping the other.  Sydal was sent to the floor, allowing ACH to hit a big leaping backwards dive over the ropes, getting the first major offensive move in.  ACH worked over Sydal, who came back to tie up ACH on the mat and try to force him to tap with a pretty unique leg submission.

ACH began walking on a wobbly leg.  Sydal used a series of kicks to continue to take him apart.  Sydal nailed a standing moonsault for a two count.  He went right back to working over the leg, adding an back bridge to add to the pressure, almost like an inverted Muta Lock. 

ACH fired back with several strikes but was nailed with an inverted facelock, allowing Sydal to nail a scissor kick across the chest.  Sydal used a series of kicks to the legs and back.  He nailed a chop, but ACH fired back with one of his own and then a leaping enziguiri.  ACH now was in control and worked over Sydal's upper body.  ACH nailed several kicks and went to the top.  He dove off with a brutal looking stomp off the ropes.

Sydal came back with two big leaping knees to the face.  He ascended to the top but ACH got out of the way.  ACH nailed a bodypress off the ropes for a two count.  ACH nailed a brainbuster and a 450 splash for the pin.

Your winner, ACH!

ACH is now 2-1 in the series.

A very good match with some really sweet matwork and submissions.  They worked like two athletes trying to beat the other, as opposed to a performance of flashy moves.  Real good.

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