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By Mike Johnson on 2015-06-28 23:00:00

James Storm vs. Magnus

They had a good brawl on the floor early.  They went into the crowd and brawled towards the entrance stage.  Magnus tried to powerbomb Storm through a "concession" table but was backdropped through the table instead.   They brawled back to the floor, where Storm nailed a side Russian Legsweep into the barricade.  Mathews told Storm he was going too far and Storm spit all over him.

Magnus made a comeback with a clothesline and went under the ring.  Maybe he can find whatever the hell Bram was looking for earlier.  He pulled out a table.  Magnus set it up but was nailed with a low blow.  Magnus came back and nailed a catapult on Storm, who was under the table, slamming his head up into the table.  That was original!

They brawled back up the entrance aisle and into a dark corner.  Storm nailed him with something and they brawled into an area where a TNA worker yelled "high voltage" and tried to tell them to leave the area. Magnus tried to kick Storm but instead nailed some equipment. All the entrance screens began flickering and went off.  They brawled back down the aisle.  Magnus charged and went to jump off the ring steps but Storm moved and Magnus crashed into the barricade on the floor.

Storm went for the Eye of the Storm through the table but Magnus escaped and nailed a powerbomb through the table.  The brawl continued.  Storm set up Magnus on a table in the floor and retrieved a beer bottle.  Earl Hebne had words with him  Storm shoved him and Hebner shoved him back.  That allowed Magnus a chance to recover, lay out Storm and place him on the table.  Magnus tried to come off the top with a flying elbow Storm moved.  Magnus crashed through in spectacular fashion. 

Storm brought him back into the ring and covered him for a two count.  Storm went to use powder but Magnus kicked it in his face, blinding Storm and Hebner at the same time.   Storm was able to escape an pin attempt since there was no referee and nailed the Last Call superkick for a two count. 

Magnus ducked a cowbell shot and nailed an Uranage for a two count.  Storm nailed a Last Call and then another for another two count.  Storm pulled a barricade out from under the ring.  Storm set it up between two barricades.   Storm kicked Magnus and laid him out, then went to the top.  Magnus cut him off and nailed a superplex through the barricade.  Each of them grabbed a beer bottle and nailed the other at the same time.  Storm fell atop of Magnus and scored the pin. although each of them were out cold.

Your winner, James Storm!

Hell of a brawl. Really great stuff from bell to bell.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Drew Galloway. He said it was his first TNA PPV and his first PPV main event. He gave his usual good promo and said he was going to win.

They went to a shot of everyone cleaning the ring as the announcers went in and out. What the hell? Josh said it has to do with the issues from Magnus and Storm brawling into the production area. I paid $50 for this? Come on TNA.

EC3 & Tyrus vs. Mr. Anderson & Lashley

EC3 and Anderson started out.  Anderson and Lashley tagged in and out, working over EC3 early.  EC3 made a comeback but missed a splash in the corner.  Anderson nailed the rolling Samoan Drop but didn't get the pin as Tyrus interfered.  Anderson went for the Rolling Samoan Drop on Tyrus but EC3 took out his knee from behind.  Tyrus knocked Lashley to the floor.

EC3 and Tyrus worked over Anderson, tagging in and out.   Lashley finally made the hot tag and started throwing suplexes left and right.  He nailed an over the shoulder powerslam for a two count.  He went for a powerbomb but EC3 escaped and nailed a TKO.

Everyone brawled.  Anderson and Lashley nailed a double tackle on Tyrus.  They tried to double suplex him but he reversed it and suplexed them.  He went for the Asiatic Spike on Lashley who ducked and nailed the spear. EC3 nailed Lashley and pinned him.

Your winner, EC3 & Lashley!

King of the Mountain: Jeff Jarrett vs. Matt Hardy vs. Drew Galloway vs. Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young

Falls Count Anywhere.  You have to scored a pin or submission to be eligible to win.  You can then win by hanging the belt above the ring.  if you are pinned or submitted, you go to the penalty box for 2 minutes.

Watch Jarrett win, throw the belt down and declare himself the GFW champion of the world.  Hell, worked for Shane Douglas and this show makes no logical sense if you know what TNA taped earlier this week anyway, so what the hell!

The crowd chanted, "Thank you Jarrett."

Karen Jarrett's outfit was awesome.

All the TNA guys went after each other as Jarrett avoided them and hung out in the corner, watching it all.  Jarrett finally went at it with Roode and Young, backdropping each of them.  Jarrett did all his trademark stuff followed by the Fargo Strut, only to find himself rolled up and pinned by Bobby Roode.

Jarrett goes to the box.  Roode is eligible.

Jarrett got out but was sent into the box by Young and DDT'd on the floor for the pin.

Young and Roode are eligible.

Young tried to climb the ladder but Hardy shoved it over.  Hardy and Galloway battled.  Hardy nailed a Sidewinder on a ladder on Galloway and covered him but Roode broke it up.  Jarrett returned but tossed to the floor.  Everyone battled.  Hardy nailed a Twist of Fate on Roode for the pin.  Galloway pinned Young.

Young, Hardy, Galloway and Roode are eligible.  Young tried to convince Roode they needed to work together.  Galloway and Hardy battled at the top of the ladder.  Jarrett got involved to prevent them from getting the belt.  Jarrett nailed the Stroke but couldn't get the pin.

Galloway got the belt and was going to ascend the ladder when Young and Roode were released and attacked everyone.  Roode slammed Jarrett to set up Young nailing a flying elbow off the ropes.  Young and Roode did their old Team Canada pose but Young turned on Roode.

Galloway and Hardy battled on top but Jarrett slid underneath and they did a Tower of Doom spot.  Jarrett went to crawl over for a pin but Roode and Young beat him to it so Hardy and Galloway went to the box and Jarrett had nothing.  Roode and Young brawled with Jarrett after Roode said, "We built this place."

Young went to get Jeff's guitar.  Karen tried to stop him and slapped him  Jarrett kicked Young to get the guitar an hit the El Kabong on Roode to pin him.  Jarrett is now eligible.  Galloway and Hardy battled with the belt and fell off the ladder.  Jarrett knocked their ladder over with his own.  Something got clunky there.

Jarrett went to hang the belt but Young grabbed him and tried to powerbomb him over the top.  They both went over.  Jarrett tried to nail The Stroke off the apron onto a ladder that was bridged but Young stopped him and nailed a piledriver on the ladder.  He's broke into the business in  Memphis so I think everyone was DQ'd for the piledriver.

Everyone else battled on the floor and Galloway hit a swanton off the top of the penalty box to the floor.  Galloway got the belt and went to the top of the ladder but Hardy again, met him and they battled.  Hardy nailed a Twist of Fate off the ladder.

Hardy went to hang the belt from the top of the ladder but Roode attacked him and nailed a sitdown powerbomb.  Roode began to climb the ladder but Young drilled him with another ladder.  Young set up his ladder next to the one Roode was on.  They battled and Roode was knocked off.  Jarrett returned to the ring as Young began climbing up with the belt.  They battled on the ladders.  Jarrett nailed the Stroke off the ladder.

Jarrett grabbed the belt and went to the top.  He hung the belt up and scored the win.

Your winner and first TNA King of the Mountain champion Jeff Jarrett!

We went off the air with the entire Jarrett family in the ring celebrating.

It was pretty obvious from the story of the match that Jarrett was winning but they told a decent story and everyone worked hard. I have never been a fan of this match because of the convoluted nature but this was a decent main event. Everyone really gave of themselves.

I'll be back with an audio post-game show shortly for Elite subscribers and I have a lot to say. Stay tuned.

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