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By Mike Johnson on 2015-06-28 23:00:00
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Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of TNA Slammiversary 2015 from Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios!

With all the departures and returns of late, this should be an interesting few hours.

TNA Slammiversary

The show opened with Mike Tenay and Josh Mathews voicing over footage of the King of the Mountain competitors entering the Impact Zone "earlier today."

They then went into a video package showing off 13 years of TNA history.  They showed Sting and Samoa Joe, among others from the past as well as current material.

Josh Mathews said they were here tonight to celebrate the culmination of 13 years.  The announce team is Mathews, Tenay and Pope Dinero.

TNA X-Division champion Tigre Uno vs. DJ Zema Ion vs. Manik: Elimination Match

Manik attacked Uno and then went after Zema as week.  Tigre came back with a dropkick.  Ion nailed a rana on Manik.  The announcers were pushing that the X-Division is a big part of the company's identity and has been since the early days.  Lots of hot moves early. Uno went for a tope suicida but Ion nailed him with a shoulderblock as he hit the ropes.  Tigre came back to nail a corkscrew plancha over the top to the floor.

Manik shoved Tigre off the top into the ring and tossed Zema to the floor, then covered the champion for a two count.  Manik locked in a rear chinlock.  Zema tried to return to the fray but was knocked from the apron to the floor.  Manik continued working over Tigre.  Zema finally returned but was nailed with a Samoan Drop into a knee to the face.

Manik continued working over Tigre Uno with suplexes.  Pope said they were reminsicent of Elijah Burke.  Well, that's a name I didn't expect to be dropped tonight.   Ion returned but was nailed with a series of moves.  This led to everyone hitting big moves against each other and all being laid out.  The referee counted them all out but they retrned to their feet.  Tigre and Manik were dumped to the floor.  Ion nailed a great running tope con hilo over the top the floor.

It's pretty obvious TNA is trying to push the idea of all the big hot moves being the cornerstone of the division.  They noted Slammiversary was trending worldwide already.   Tigre went to the top for a moonsault but Ion crotched him by nailing the ropes.  Ion went for a back superplex but Manik slipped underneath and they did a Tower of Doom spot.  Manik covered Ion for a two count.

Ion nailed a top rope rana on Manik onto Tigre, who was out in the ring.  Ion covered Tigre for a two count.  Ion nailed a springboard dropkick to send Manik off the apron to the floor.  Uno came back with a nice running dropkickfollowed by a split legged moonsault and scored the pin.

DJ Zema Ion has been eliminated.  He had a really good showing here.

Manik and Tigre battle back and forth and exchanged near falls.   Tigre missed an Alabama Jam off the top.  Manik went to the top and nailed a frog splash for a two count.   Manik nailed another for another two count.   They went back and forth with reversals leading to Uno nailing a back suplex into the buckles, the hit the split-legged moonsault for the pin.

Your winner and still TNA X-Division champion, Tigre Uno!

Solid X-Division bout.  Everyone worked hard and they all hit some hot moves.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash took a moment to thank every fan and partner the company has had over the last 13 years. He then brought out Robbie E. Robbie did his usual silly promo, then said "that" Robbie E. is out the door. He said that Jesse Godderz tried to take away the one thing that Robbie loves, pro wrestling. He told Jesse he's not the man and said the people don't think he's the man. He's just Robbie's b**ch.

Jesse Godderz vs. Robbie E.

Godderz took the mic and said, "Robbie E wants to call me a b**ch?"  He praised how great he is.  He said he was stuck with Robbie, "the bro, the boy" and said that all the fat "heart attack waiting people" don't know what it takes to be a man.  He kept putting over his physique and said you can't become a reality TV star by bitching and complaining.  He said that he put Robbie out of commission for a month....

Robbie's music cut him off and they began brawling on the floor.  Robbie used his sweatshirt to fling Godderz across the ring and stomped him in the corner.  Robbie continued to clean house on Godderz and the announcers said Robbie wants to be known as a great wrestler.  They battled on the floor, where Godderz finally got the better end of the fight when he reversed a whip and sent Robbie into the steel steps at ringside. 

E fought to return to the ring but was met by Godderz, who stomped the hell out of him and ripped at his face.   Godderz went for a Gutwrench suplex but E fought his way out by shifting his weight.  Godderz turned it into a bearhug variation.  E fought back with a series of right hands but was caught rebounding off the ropes with a backbreaker. 

Godderz went back to the bearhug but E fought his way out.  He sent Godderz to the floor but Jesse returned and met a kick.  E nailed a big crossbodyblock.  E made a big comeback with a bunch of punches and elbows.  E nailed a DDT for a two count.  Some nice fire from E. 

Godderz came back with a buckle bomb and charged, only to meet an elbow to the face.  They each clotheslined the other at the same time and were down as the referee laid down his count.   Godderz locked in a Boston Crab, which they called The Adonis Lock.  E fought his way to the ropes and forced a break.

Godderz went for a press slam but E slipped out and nailed an inverted DDT as he came down to the mat and scored the surprise win.

Your winner, Robbie E!

Another solid match.  They each worked hard in their roles.

Jeremy Borash interviewed Matt Hardy. He said that he's lucky enough to be remembered one of the best tag team wrestlers of all time but this gives him a chance to show he's one of the best singles matches of all time. He promises to become the King of the Mountain tonight.

Matt Morgan vs. Bram

Morgan took the mic before the bell.  He said it feels good being back home.  He said that the fans didn't want to see Morgan come back to wrestle  He told Bram the fans want to see them fight.   He challenged Bram to a Street Fight.  Bram accepted.

Bram got right in Morgan's face and they exchanged punches.  Morgan shoulderblocked him down and nailed a big lariat.  Morgan sent Bram face first into the buckles.  Morgan choked Bram over the top and then splashed him in the rope.  Morgan continued working over Bram, who tried to climb under the ring.  Morgan pulled him out but was nailed with a piece of metal that Bram grabbed while he was under the ring.

Bram began pulling weapons out from under the ring and tossed them in.  He nailed Morgan in the head with a trash can shot.  Bram worked him over and choked him with a chair.  They returned to the ring, where Morgan nailed a series of kicks and a running clothesline in the corner.  Morgan nailed a big sideslam and grabbed Bram for a chokeslam.  Bram used a series of elbows to break the attempt but was caught with the Carbon Footprint.

Bram worked over Morgan and took him down, then went looking for something under the ring.  He took a long time and went to use several chairs.  Morgan fought back but was nailed.  Morgan avoided a chairshot and nailed a chokeslam for a two count. 

Morgan went to use a chair but was lowblowed.  Bram nailed him with his DDT on the chair for the pin.

Your winner, Bram!

OK brawl but something looked to be amiss towards the end that made it sort of pause for a bit.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash interviewed EC3 and Tyrus. E said he "feels like a champion, looks like a champion and this Wednesday, the world will see me become a champion." He and Tyrus bullied Borash.

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