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By Mike Johnson on 2015-05-17 22:55:00

WWE Tag Team champions The New Day vs. Tyson Kidd & Cesaro (with Natalya): Best of Three Falls

New Day did a promo, talking about how Baltimore needed to think positive.  Man, poor Bo Dallas has lost his gimmick.  They pointed out Adam Jones o f the Baltimore Orioles and asked him if was sick and tired of The Orioles not winning a World Series for over 30 years.   

Kidd and Kofi started. Cesaro and Kidd double teamed him but E tagged in and faced off with Cesaro, so the power guys from each side were showcased early.  Cesaro slammed and suplexed Kingston and Kofi, then held Kofi for a long delayed vertical suplex.  Kidd tagged in and hit a flying bodypress for a two count as Langston broke it up.

Kidd catapulted Kofi into a Cesaro slam and Big Swing.  Kidd dropkicked Kofi during the final rotation and scored the pin.

Your winners of the first fall, Kidd & Cesaro.

Xavier Woods demanded to wrestle in the second fall, citing Freebird Rules  Natalya argued with him.  Kidd wiped him out.  E was sent to the floor when he missed a charge but caught Kidd on a dive and nailed an overhead suplex on the floor. 

Big E. controlled Kidd for most of the second fall.  Cesaro interfered and Big E speared him off the apron to the floor.  That left Kidd with no one to tag as Kingston worked him over for a two count.  Kingston went to the top for a bodypress but Kidd dropkicked him.

E tagged in but missed a charge into the corner and was rolled up for a two count.  Kidd fought two on one but was caught and nailed with a double team maneuver for the pin.

Your winners of the second fall, The New Day!

Kidd finally made the hot tag during the Third Fall and Cesaro was all over, wiping people out with uppercuts.  He DESTROYED Kofi with one into the corner but Kingston kicked up at two.   Cesaro caught him with a backbreaker out of a top rope move and Kidd added a springboard elbow for another close near fall.

Kidd locked on the Sharpshooter.  Cesaro sent E over the announcer's table on the floor.  Kofi tried to backdrop Kidd over the top but he landed on Cesaro, who bumped him back into the ring.  They wiped out Kofi but E broke up the pin.  The challengers had them going until Xavier Woods slipped in and cradled Cesaro for the pin after Kingston had snapped his throat over the top.

Your winners and still WWE Tag Team champions,  The New Day!

Another really good match.  I can see some not liking the finish but since the entire New Day deal is that they don't really deserve to be champions, finishes like this only add to fan anger towards them, so I didn't mind it.  Some really nice stuff here.

Ryback was interviewed by Byron Saxton.  Ryback said he doesn't know what to expect from Wyatt but if Bray thinks he's playing mind games, he will be sorely mistaken.  OK promo.

Ryback vs. Bray Wyatt

Not a big pop for Ryback, which is surprising.  Ryback controlled the action early with shoulderblocks and punches.  Wyatt kicked him in the kneecap but Ryback nailed the The Thesz Press.  Wyatt rolled to the outside. 

Wyatt took over on Ryback and while they were outside on the apron, Ryback was slammed down onto the apron.  Wyatt nailed a back senton splash off the apron.  Ryback came up from that looking hurt.  He worked over Ryback who came back with a powerslam for a two count.  He set up for the Meathook but Wyatt rolled to the outside. 

Ryback followed but was caught with a big clothesline.  Ryback was splashed in the corner but came back with one of his own.  Ryback scored a two count with a spinebuster.  He called for Shock Treatment but was rammed into the buckles.

Bray placed him on the top but Ryback warded him off with headbutts.  Ryback went to the top and nailed a splash, then covered Wyatt for a two count.  It was an impressive splash.  Wyatt went for Sister Abigail but Ryback escaped and went for Shellshock.  Wyatt pulled away, ripping off the top turnbuckles and drilled Ryback into the exposed top buckle.

Wyatt scored with Sister Abigail and scored the pin.

Good match, especially since Ryback especially got hurt and gutted through it.  The splash off the top was damn impressive.

WWE United States champion John Cena vs. Rusev

Rusev cut a promo saying half of the people already hate him, so just swallow his pride, quit and Rusev will "spare the pain."  Cena acted like he was considering but attacked Rusev with punches.

Rusev got control and nailed a series of splashes in the corner.   Rusev worked over Cena, focusing on his ribs and back.  The crowd was cheering for Lana so Rusev made her sit in a chair in the corner, getting distracted from the job at hand.  Cena tried to fight back but was knocked down to the mat.  Rusev grabbed the Russian flag and waved it over Cena, who was down on the mat.

Rusev sent Cena to the floor and into the ring steps but he refused to quit.    The steps were brought into the ring and set up in the corner.  Cena was sent into them several times but refused to quit.  Rusev placed them in the center of the ring and pulled Cena atop of them.  Cena backdropped Rusev when he went for a move.  Cena mounted a comeback but was caught and side-slammed on the stairs.  Cena refused.

Rusev called for the Accolade but Cena fired up and nailed the AA on the steps.  Rusev rolled out of the way.  Cena threw the steps at him in the aisle but Rusev moved  They battled on the floor.  Cena was tossed into the ringpost but refused to quit.  Cena told him if he didn't give up, Cena was putting him through the "wall" of the barricade.  Rusev refused so Cena charged and followed through with his promise. 

They brawled into the crowd and the production areas.  Rusev was slammed into some equipment.  Cena set up a table in a leaning position, then drilled Rusev across the back with a laptop across the back over and over.  Rusev refused.    He came back with a Alabama Slam through the table on Cena.

An unhinged Rusev went over to the pyro table and set off an explosion, then got the big idea to put Cena onto the fireworks.  He went for a kick but Cena ducked and hit the AA into the pyro area with Rusev landing on the other side of a digital wall.  Rusev took the bump and faster than you can chant FMW, the explosions went offn as well.  It looked awesome and safe, which is even better.    Rusev refused to show how tough he is.

Rusev grabbed a steel barricade and rammed it into Rusev's head.  Cena grabbed him for an AA on the barricade, not leaning against the ring apron but he slipped out and suplexed Cena across the barricade.  Good stuff.

They returned to the ring and Rusev set up and nailed a nice savate kick.  John was locked in the Accolade.  Cena fought to his feet but was brought back down into the move.  Cena was out but the referee wouldn't call the finish because he didn't say "I Quit."  Apparently, they forgot about the Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart Wrestlemania 13 finish..and I don't want to hear it was a submission match - same thing.

Rusev removed the ring rope from one of the buckles and then revived Cena with a bottle of water.   He teased nailing Cena with the metal connecting piece but Cena nailed a droptoehold and locked in the STF while wrapping the ring rope across his face.  Rusev refused but Lana, concerned, got in the ring and said Rusev quits.

Your winner and still WWE United States champion, John Cena!

A great brawl but the finish was pretty bad in that Rusev had Cena dead to rights yet they didn't stop the match, but then had Lana give up for Rusev.  The explosion spot was cool and a lot of fun and there was some good hard work here.  Much better than their Extreme Rules match.

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