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By Mike Johnson on 2015-05-17 22:55:00

Backstage, New Day were celebrating with a cold glass of milk.  Byronn Saxton informed them they would be defending their titles inside the WWE Elimination Chamber.  E did a spit take.  Xavier Woods said, "What the hell?" just seconds after proclaiming what awesome role models they are and how they don't curse.  Good stuff.

WWE Divas champion Nikki Bella & Brie Bella vs. Naomi & Tamina

Nikki nailed Naomi with a leaping kick early.  Brie tagged in and nailed a flying bodypress for a two count.  She nailed a running knee into the ropes but Naomi went to the floor.  Tamina drilled her with a kick as she returned to the ring.  That allowed Naomi to work her over and score several two counts.

They worked over Brie until she could finally make a hot tag to Nikki.  Naomi is worked over but Tamina broke up the pinfall.  She was sent to the floor.  It looked like she was supposed to nail Nikki but was late  Nikki went to hit her and Naomi naileed the Rearview for a two count.  Brie and Tamina battled on the floor.  Tamina sent her into the barricade.  This distracted Nikki, allowing Naomi to score the pin.

Your winners, Naomi and Tamina!

The right finish for the story.  Work was fine but nothing out of the ordinary.

Backstage, Rusev is screaming at Lana in his locker room.  He demanded she get out of the locker room and then began throwing things.

They went to a video feature on the Daniel Bryan situation.  It's pretty crazy how quickly the company changed gears in the last week with both the IC title upon getting the Bryan MRI news and setting up the added Elimination Chamber PPV.

Neville vs. Bad News Barrett

I guess this is technically Neville's WWE PPV debut.  Neville uses his aerial stuff early on to keep Barrett on the defensive.  It all looked good.   Barrett caught him going for a headscissors off the apron and kicked him in the gut, then drilled him backwards into the ring apron.

Neville was placed across the top rope and beaten over the back before being punted in the gut again.  Barrett cinched in a side chinlock.  He worked over Neville and scored several two counts.  Neville fought back but was caught with a Black Hole Slam (Winds of Change) for a two count.  

 Neville leapt off the ropes with a nice takedown and then nailed a leaping enziguri.  Neville went for the Red Arrow but Barrett rolled out of the ring.    He instead went for a big dive over the ropes to the floor but came up with a hurt knee. 

The referee began counting them off.  Barrett walked off as opposed to return.

Your winner, by countout, Neville!

Barrett attacked the obviously hurting Neville after the bell from behind and walloped him into the stairs, then the barricade. Barrett put on his royal costume and celebrated but Neville attacked him and nailed a big back suplex (breaking the royal scepter in the process) and hitting the Red Arrow.

The finish was sort of lame but made sense to showcase Barrett as a villainous bastard while also giving Neville a big pop with the Red Arrow to please the fans.

WWE World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns - Kane is fired as Director of Operations if Rollins does not retain.

Everyone brawled at the bell.  Ambrose hit a dive on Orton and Rollins but was attacked by J&J Security.  Roman hit a big dive onto everyone.  It came down to Orton and Ambrose in the ring and they had some great exchanges.  They ended up on the outside as Rollins and Roman battled.  Ambrose returned to the fray and now now it was Rollins getting worked over by his former Shield bretheren.

Ambrose nailed a short arm clothesline.  Kane pulled Roman out of the ring and slammed him into the ringside barricade.  Ambrose attacked him but was laid out.  J&J Security attacked Orton and Kane jumped in.

This left Rollins in the ring to work over Ambrose and try to score the pin.  Rollins scored with a flying knee for another two count.   Rollins continued to work ove Ambrose, nailing a Bucklebomb and a kick for a two count.  Ambrose made a comeback and went for Dirty Deeds but Kane hit the ring and chokeslammed him.  Rollins covered Ambrose for a two count.

Orton pulled Kane off the apron, setting him up for a Roman apron dropkick.  Rollins avoided the Orton powerslam but was nailed with an exploder for a two count.  Rollins nailed him and went to the top but was caught and hit with a superplex for a two count. 

Orton cleaned house on the floor and set up the announcer's table to put Rollins through it.  Rollins slammed Orton into the apron.  The challengers all battled amongst themselves on the floor until The Shield opted to work together to beat down Orton and nail the triple power bomb through the table.  Baltimore went nuts for this.

Rollins tried to at like they were reunited but the others weren't interested and began beating the hell out of him.  That was great.  Ambrose and Rollins decided to do the same to Rollins and cleared out the other table.   Before they could do it, Kane attacked.  They overwhelmed Kane, then powerbombed him on top of Rollins, who was on top of the table, which didn't break.  Sheesh.  The crowd chanted for another.    Roman and Ambrose obliged and this time, the table shattered.

With the landscape decimated, they joked about what to do next, then returned to the ring to face off.  Baltimore was soundly behind Ambrose.  They battled back and forth with right hands.  Roman missed a Superman Punch while Ambrose drilled him with a flying forearm.  Reigns nailed a one-armed powerbomb and scored a two count.  Great stuff.

Ambrose ducked another Superman Punch and rolled up Reigns for a two count.  Reigns then scored with the Superman Punch for a two count.  Roman set up for the spear as Ambrose returned to his feet but was punched.  They kept countering each other until Reigns scored with a spear, only to see Rollins break up the pinfall at the last second.  That was PERFECT.

Reigns chased Rollins to the floor but J&J Security attacked him.  He wiped them out and gave chase to Rollins.  Rollins kicked him off and nailed an enziguri on Ambrose.  Superman punch on Rollins.  Ambrose nailed them both and covered Rollins after Dirty Deeds.  Kane pulled him out and drilled Roman and Ambrose with the ring steps.  Reigns was chokeslammed on the bottom portion of the chairs.  Orton, now recovered, nailed Kane from behind.

Orton returned to the ring but Rollins attempted the hanging DDT.  Orton backdropped him to the apron.  J&J got involved and ate RKOs.  Orton nailed the hanging DDT on Rollins and the place went nuts.  He set up for the RKO but was shoved away into Kane.  Kane ate an RKO.  Rollins kicked Orton and nailed the Pedigree and scored the pin.

Your winner and still WWE World Heavyweight champion, Seth Rollins!

Triple H came out and celebrated with Rollins in the aisle.

A hell of a great, physical main event.  Lots of great sequences and carnage and chaos here with a near-perfect performance from Seth Rollins and great work from all involved including Kane and J&J.  The Shield spot and aftermath were awesome as well.

A very, very good show.

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