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By Richard Trionfo on 2015-04-20 22:59:50
We are back and Triple H makes his way to the ring after a long absence due to his vacation.

A year ago, the Authority was at a crossroads and they looked around for someone who could lead the WWE. They found a man who could be the face of the WWE for the next ten years. If you look at the landscape a few weeks after the greatest Wrestlemania, Seth Rollins is that man. Now it is time to find the new Seth Rollins.

On June 23rd, live on the USA Network with the return of Tough Enough. A show that could allow you to live your dream of being a WWE Superstar. Who hasn’t closed their eyes and dreamed about being on that stage to hear your music hit and walk down the aisle and stand in the ring in front of tens of thousands and millions at home. What would it be like to stand in the ring in front of 76,000 people with the WWE Champinship held above your head? To feel that fame and that glory? That is the dream. Being a WWE Superstar is better than any dream you could have.

You have a chance to turn that dream into reality. All you have to do is show the world that you are ‘tough enough’. Send in your submission and maybe you will be selected as one of the 10 men and 5 women to see what one man and one woman will be selected to receive WWE contracts and become WWE Superstars.

Hunter wants to know if you have what it takes.

Kane’s music plays and he comes to the ring. Hunter says that Kane is too seasoned to be on Tough Enough.

Kane says that he has left voicemails, text messages, and e-mails . . .

Hunter says he got them all and he was letting Kane cool off.

Kane says it has been his honor to act as the Director of Operations, but he cannot stand the actions of the man he helped in Seth Rollins. If you are going to put your faith in the hands of someone who he cannot support, he is giving Hunter his two weeks notice.

Hunter wants Kane to go into the back and talk like men and work it out like adults.

Seth Rollins comes out and he cannot believe that Kane said he was not worth the investment. He tells Hunter if he wants to quit, let him. We don’t need a loser like Kane in the Authority.

Kane says that Seth wasn’t calling him a loser last week when he had his hand around his throat last week.

Seth reminds Kane he put Rollins on top of him because it was his job to lose. Kane became a coward and he did what he was told to do.

Kane says that Seth is a spoiled punk who has been given everything and hasn’t earned anything. He made him the champion. Kane says that he helped Rollins win Money in the Bank. They could have done the same with Dean Ambrose. Kane says they could have made El Torito champion.

Hunter says this is not how we do business. Hunter says Kane did what was right last week and what was best for business. There is no one who has been more loyal to the Authority than Kane. Which is why in your Steel Cage Match, Kane is the guardian of the gate.

Kane tells Hunter he won’t let him down.

Seth cannot believe that Hunter is doing this.

Hunter tells Seth to get on the same page as Kane and do it real fast.

In case you missed Raw last week, we see footage from the Divas Battle Royal to determine the number one contender for Nikki Bella, which was won by Paige. Paige was then attacked by Naomi.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Kane and Seth are arguing and Hunter has to stop them from bickering. Hunter tells Kane he has known him for 20 years, but he is a corporate man now. There is no Hellfire and Brimstone.

Kane says he is and he will prove it.

Hunter tells Seth that a lot of people made him the champion, especially the guy who just walked out of here. Having the belt does not make you the man, going out there to prove it makes you the man. Tonight . . . you will step into the ring and have the match you were supposed to have. You will face Dolph Ziggler. You better show the world what he already knows.

Seth says he will face Dolph tonight and he will destroy Dolph. After he is done with Dolph, the world will know what he is all about. He is no longer the future, he is the man.

Naomi was in the Goldman Box and she wants to know how many times does she have to beat a Bella to get a title match. The people tell her to be a good girl to wait for her chance. She took care of Paige. Naomi says she is done waiting.

Match Number Four: Naomi versus Brie Bella (with Nikki Bella)

They lock up and Naomi pushes Brie away. They lock up again and Naomi backs Brie into the corner and slams her head into the turnbuckle. Naomi pushes Brie down and kicks her in the head. Naomi misses a charge into the corner. Naomi with a round kick. Naomi with a forearm and side head lock take down.

Brie with a head scissors but Naomi escapes. Brie with forearms and a flying clothesline. Brie with a clean break but Naomi with a forearm. Naomi with knees to the midsection and she kicks Brie to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Naomi with a front face lock. Brie with forearms and a slam followed by an elbow drop. Naomi kicks Brie in the back. Naomi pulls Brie to the mat by the hair. Naomi with a reverse chin lock. Naomi kicks Brie in the back of the leg and stomps on her back. Naomi pushes Brie to the mat and she slaps Brie in the back of the head.

Naomi kicks Brie and snap mares her before returning to the reverse chin lock. Brie with a kick and then they both go for clotheslines and both are down. Both get back to their feet and Brie with a clothesline and drop kick followed by a running knee to the head. Brie with a missile drop kick and she gets a near fall.

Naomi with a running bulldog into the turnbuckles and Naomi goes up top and misses a cross body when Brie moves. Brie gets a near fall. Naomi with the Rear View for the three count.

Winner: Naomi

We go to the back where the Rosebuds are in catering and Heath Slater sits down next to Erick Rowan and he says he is accepting the John Cena Open Challenge. Rowan gets up and leaves and Slater yells at Rowan about walking away from the new US Champion.

Randy Orton gives Slater an RKO through the table and then he eats a chip and the count is at THREE.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Roman Reigns makes his way through the crowd to get to the ring.

Roman says he does not feel like talking, he feels like fighting so he wants Big Show to come out right now.

It is not the Big Show, but the BO Show and He comes to the stage.

Bo says he couldn’t help but notice the anger in his voice. Like Yoda said in the greatest Star Wars Movie made, Episode One. Anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering. Bo says that Roman has suffered. He failed at Wrestlemania. He tells Roman he is kind of a bust.

He calls Roman Outback Jack in Kevlar. He is the Tim Tebow of the WWE. He gets chance after chance, but he fails every time. No matter what millions of people think, Bo says that he knows Roman can be a WWE Champion. His dreams will come true. All you have to do is . . . BOLIEVE.

Reigns with a Superman Punch to Bo and then he hits a spear on Dallas.

Roman says that if Big Show has any guts, he will be out here tonight. He has no excuse on Sunday. He will be the last man standing on Sunday. Roman says that you can BOLIEVE that.

Dolph Ziggler is in the locker room and he is getting ready for his match against Seth Rollins.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Five: Sheamus versus Zack Ryder

Sheamus tells the ref to ring the bell and he says before we get started here . . . Sheamus gives Ryder a Brogue Kick and he rolls Ryder over and he says he can pin Zack Ryder right now . . . but where’s the fun in that? He says Zack deserves more than a five second match. Sheamus kicks Ryder while doing running commentary. He says this is the problem with the WWE. All these pretenders. All of these normal people.

None of you would last two seconds in the ring with him. Sheamus kicks Ryder and then he puts Ryder on the top turnbuckle. Sheamus asks Ryder if he is okay and then he connects with knees that send Ryder to the apron. Sheamus says he thought New Yorkers were tough. There are too many pretenders. Like the Zigglers and Bryans. He says you don’t belong in the same ring with him so he sends Ryder over the top rope to the floor.

Sheamus is telling everyone that they are letting you realize what the WWE is all about. It is about real superstars. You all look stupid, just like Zack Ryder. Sheamus with another Brogue Kick. Sheamus brings Ryder into the ring and he asks if you are not entertained. Sheamus puts Ryder in the corner and he calls for the Brogue by pounding on his chest.

From out of nowhere, Ziggler with a Zig Zag and Ziggler checks on Sheamus.

Winner: Sheamus (by disqualification)

We go to commercial.

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