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By Richard Trionfo on 2015-04-20 22:59:50
We begin this week with a look at how we got our stipulations for the WWE World Title Match at Extreme Rules.

We are in Albany, New York and your announcers are Michael Cole, John Layfield, and Booker T.

We begin with the steel cage being lowered to the ground as the Official Cage Lowering Music of the WWE plays.

Randy Orton makes his way to the ring and he stands inside the cage.

Randy says for someone who prides himself about being the smartest in the room, you are a dumb bastard Seth. Seth chose to ban the RKO last week for his stipulation. Seth thinks the RKO is his greatest weapon, but his greatest weapon is to unleash great pain on those who deserve it. Randy says he does not need the RKO to win. That would be too quick and too easy.

Seth made this slow and agonizingly painful on Sunday. When the bell rings, he is going to break Seth’s jaw. He is going to break his jaw so we don’t have to listen to you run your mouth week in and week out. Then he is going to drag his carcass into a corner of the cage that he is going to put his boot in your ribs. Then he will pick you up by your stupid blonde streak and I am going to run you into the cold steel until every inch of your body is aching. When the misery ends and the beating is over, so will your reign as WWE World Champion.

Seth Rollins’ music plays and he makes his way to the stage with Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble.

Seth says he doesn’t want to come out and state the obvious, but Randy has an anger problem.

Randy is shocked that it took him so long to figure that out. He says he has a Seth Rollins problem and he will do everything to make that go away on Sunday.

Seth tells Randy he didn’t listen to a lot of what Randy was saying, but he wants to make sure he got the gist of it. Seth is a jerk and Randy is going to beat him up and the losers in the crowd ate it up.

Seth says he plays this game of human chess better than anybody. That is why he is well on track to being the Greatest WWE Champion of All Time. Inside that ring, he can outmaneuver anyone. Outside the ring, he can outthink anyone.

All of this, he is the best at it. If you don’t believe him, he has the title to prove it. He is not going to take anything away from Randy. He is one of the greatest and a surefire Hall of Famer. As good as Randy is, Seth says he is that much better.

Cage or no cage, Authority or no Authority, you can make all the threats you want. At Extreme Rules, you will not walk out of the show as the WWE Champion, that is a promise.

Randy says that Seth gave him a good idea so he will get it out of his system. Randy says that he is going to go into the back and RKO every son of a bitch he sees. Then he will RKO Seth before the end of the show. That is a promise.

Luke Harper wants to know why Dean Ambrose is not afraid of him, but after tonight, you will be.

Match Number One: Dean Ambrose versus Luke Harper

Ambrose punches Harper and Harper punches back. Ambrose with a cross body and punches to Harper but Harper gets away. Ambrose with a forearm into the corner followed by a bulldog. Harper with a thrust kick followed by forearms. Harper sets for a power slam but Ambrose escapes and he sends Harper to the floor. Ambrose with a suicide dive and then he sends Harper into the announce table.

Harper sends Ambrose over the ringside barrier and Harper follows. Ambrose punches Harper and he head butts Harper. They go back into the ringside area and Harper with an uppercut to Ambrose. Ambrose rolls on the apron and he clotheslines Harper. Ambrose punches Harper and then Harper slams Ambrose into the LED board.

No Contest

On the stage, Harper sets for a power bomb onto the floor but Ambrose escapes. Harper sends Ambrose off the stage and Harper goes to the back.

We go to the back where Seth is being escorted by Jamie and Joey.

Titus O’Neil barks behind Seth and freaks him out.

Titus says he better leave before he hurts Jamie.

Seth yells at a production worker and asks if he thought that was funny and he says he will hurt the next person he sees.

Seth bumps into HHH and Hunter asks him if he is nervous about Randy’s threats.

Seth says he is not afraid of Randy and Hunter says he doesn’t want his champion to be afraid. Seth brings up what happened with Kane. Hunter says he got the message but he is busy dealing with Tough Enough. Hunter says that when Kane gets here, they will talk. Seth asks about Randy and he says he could use some more security. Hunter tells Seth it is one guy.

Match Number Two: Kalisto and Sin Cara versus Kofi Kingston and Big E (with Xavier Woods) in a Number One Contender Match)

Kofi and Cara start things off but Kalisto decides to start things for the Lucha Dragons. Big E tags in and we might have something happen. Kalisto rolls around and Big E keeps Kalisto from getting to his corner. Big E blocks a head scissors and sends Kalisto to his feet. Kalisto tries for a crucifix but Big E blocks it. Kalisto with a kick and then he hits a satellite head scissors. Kalisto with a kick and Cara tags in and hits a springboard forearm for a near fall.

We see the champions watching from the back as Kofi tags in. Cara with a shoulder tackle and he hits a springboard arm drag. Cara with a kick and he sends Kofi into the corner. Cara with a chop. Kofi kicks Cara from the turnbuckles and he tries for a tornado DDT that is blocked by Cara and Cara with a suplex for a near fall. Cara goes through the ropes when Kofi moves and Kofi with a drop kick.

Kofi kicks Cara and he tags in Big E. Big E with kicks and Kofi tags in for more kicks. Big E comes in for more kicks. Kofi tags back in and Big E Irish whips Kofi at Cara for a drop kick and he gets a near fall. Big E tags in and Cara tries to get out of the corner but Big E tries for a suplex and Cara lands on his feet.

Big E with a clothesline and we go to commercial.

We are back and Kofi with a drop kick to Cara and he punches him. Big E tags in and he connects with a forearm to the midsection. Cara lands on his feet and he tags in Kalisto and Kalisto with a springboard cross body on Kofi and he hits a rollup into a round kick. Kalisto with a head scissors driver and then Kalisto takes care of Big E.

Kofi is back dropped over the top rope to the floor. Cara tags in and they go to the turnbuckles for stereo moonsaults onto Big E and Kofi on the floor. Kofi gets back into the ring and Woods grabs Cara from under the ring to keep him from getting back into the ring and the referee gets to ten.

Winners: Kofi Kingston and Big E (by count out)

After the match, Orton comes from out of nowhere and he gives an RKO to Woods and Kofi after sending Big E to the floor. Big E gets on the apron and then he backs away from Orton.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look back at what happened between Big Show and Roman Reigns over the last few weeks.

Match Number Three: Fandango versus Curtis Axel

Axel does an Alex Wright dance before the bell rings. Fandango with a waist lock but Axel with punches and a drop kick. Axel pulls off the shirt but Fandango with a rollup for a near fall. Fandango with a drop kick and clothesline. Fandango kicks Axel in the back of the leg and Axel flips like his dad. Fandango with a Falcon Arrow and then he goes up top and hits the FandangoBama Jam and connects for the three count.

Winner: Fandango

Triple H walks in the back and he is going to make a big announcement since we are almost at the top of the hour.

We go to commercial.

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