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By Mike Johnson on 2014-10-26 23:00:00

HELL IN A CELL: Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins (with Mercury & Noble)

Ambrose came out first, tossed a bunch of chairs into the ring and then ascended to the top with a Singapore Cane. The crowd loved all this. Rollins refused to play into Ambrose’s hands and went right into the ring. Rollins finally said that if Ambrose wanted to start up there, he would go up there as well. Noble and Mercury tried to change his mind but Rollins said he tells them what to do. He started climbing up, then stopped and went back down and ordered Mercury and Noble to go up and get Ambrose. He said they work for him, which is probably news to WWE.

Mercury and Noble climbed up opposite sides of the Cell. Ambrose caned them down on top of the Cell and unloaded on them. Rollins scrambled up and attacked Ambrose and they began brawling in top of the cell. Mercury and Noble held Ambrose down as Rollins caned him over and over. The henchmen worked over Dean as Rollins tossed the cane down to the floor below.

Rollins told them to toss Ambrose off the top to the floor but Dean broke free and nailed Noble with Dirty Deeds on the top of the cage. He wiped out Mercury and went after Rollins, who tried to scale down. Ambrose followed and they scaled down the same side at the same time. Ambrose caught him halfway down and they battled, slamming each other’s heads into the cage. They both fell off the side of the Cell, crashing through both announcing tables at the same time.

The officials checked on both men and called for stretchers. Rollins was placed on a backboard and put on one of the stretchers. They kept replaying the falls from every camera angle possible, promoting it as this insane fall. Michael Cole made sure to note the match never officially started. They started rolling Rollins out. They began rolling Ambrose out. The crowd chanted his name, which energized him and he broke free from his stretcher.

Ambrose chased Rollins’ stretcher and knocked him off of it. He ran Rollins all the way down the aisle and back to the Cell, running him into it, then tossed Seth into the ring. Dean slammed the cage door into Rollin’ face as he tried to escape and demanded WWE lock the Cell. They did and the match finally, officially, began.

Ambrose began going through a gym bag he brought out and pulled out some potential weapons, then tossed them aside to grab a chair. He told Rollins, “You stabbed me in the back you son of a bitch” and began beating him with a chair over and over. He grabbed a screwdriver and went to use it but Rollins blocked it. Ambrose dropkicked Rollins hard off the apron and into the cage.

Ambrose went under the ring and set up a table standing on it’s side against the Cell on the floor. He tried to send Rollins into it but Seth escaped. Ambrose followed him into the ring and clotheslined Seth back to the floor. Ambrose hit a dive to the outside. Ambrose began piling up the chairs in one place. He grabbed Rollins by the nose and tried to suplex him onto the pile. Rollins avoided it and nailed a belly to back suplex across the chairs.

Rollins bridged a table off the apron to the Cell and tried to suplex Dean out of the ring to the floor. Ambrose fought him off and set up Rollins on the table. He hit a nice elbow off the apron putting Seth through the table in an awesome looking spot. Rollins;’ face was raked back and forth across the Cell but Kane, who had come down to ringside at some point, sprayed a fire extinguisher through the Cell into Dean’s face, “blinding him.” That allowed Rollins to send Ambrose through the table that was set up on the floor against the Cell.

Rollins nailed the Curb Stomp but Dean kicked up at the last second. Rollins grabbed the Money in the Bank briefcase and a chair. He began beating the hell out of with Ambrose with the chair before throwing it out of the ring. Some stiff physicality there. He set up Ambrose over the briefcase for another Curb Stomp but Ambrose came back to fight off Rollins. He nailed the rebound lariat and drilled Rollins in the face with the briefcase for a CLOSE near fall.

Ambrose brought several cinderblocks into the ring and placed Rollins’ head across of the blocks. As he was going to put Rollins through it, the stream went black and the crowd reacted live, so something else happened as well. When the lights came back, a lantern was in the ring spewing smoke, with a hologram of sorts in the smoke. This allowed Bray Wyatt to attack Ambrose and hit him with Sister Abigail.

Rollins, confused as to what the hell is going on, covered Ambrose and scored the pin.

Your winner, Seth Rollins!

After the match, Wyatt nailed Sister Abigail on Ambrose again. We went off the air with Wyatt smiling over him.

What a fun match. The crowd was really into the early stuff on the top of the Cell and the work was really good. The Bray Wyatt stuff at the end seemed to take the breath out of the crowd, although you could hear some fans singing for Wyatt. As a way to interject Wyatt back into the top-tier, it was a good first step on paper, although I expect there will be some backlash to this sort of finish in a Cell bout.

WWE went right into the replay and isn't doing a Post-Show.

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