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By Mike Johnson on 2014-10-26 23:00:00

Backstage, Big Show was shadow boxing. Mark Henry implored him to stay hyped and be ready. Show said he was going to knock out Rusev for his country, for himself and for Mark. Henry was silent. Show told Henry that when he was done, they were going to Salisbury, Texas on his bus for some BBQ.

WWE United States champion Sheamus vs. The Miz (with Damien Mizdow)

Miz went right after Sheamus but was tossed over the top to the apron for the shots across the chest. Miz avoided but was caught with an over the shoulder backbreaker inside the ring. Miz came back with a series of kicks but was picked up and dropped across the ropes. He went to the apron where he was nailed with clubbing shots across the chest. On the floor, Mizdow reacted to each shot like he was the one being nailed.

Sheamus went for Miz but was kicked off. The champ avoided Mizdow and then ducked a clothesline. Miz nailed his stunt double. Miz was almost tossed into the announcer’s table but was instead tossed into the ring. He cut off Sheamus with a kick as he returned to the ring and worked him over, locking in a side chinlock. Sheamus tried to escape with a belly to back suplex but Miz landed on his feet. Sheamus wiped him out with a series of clotheslines but was sent up and over to the floor as he charged the challenger.

Miz tried to dive off the apron but was caught on Sheamus’ shoulders and hit with a roling Samoan Drop on the floor. Sheamus controlled him in the ring, scoring a two count with The Irish Curse. Miz made a comeback and attempted the Skull Crushing Finale but Sheamus countered. Miz went for the figure four but that failed as well.

Sheamus called for the Brogue Kick but Mizdow got on the apron and tried to call for a “cut.” Miz rolled up Sheamus, who reversed it. Miz kicked up and tried to roll up Sheamus, who kicked up at the last second. Miz went to the top but was nailed with the Brogue Kick as he came off the ropes and pinned.

Your winner and still WWE United States champion, Sheamus!

They did some comedy after where Sheamus moved Miz’s body and Mizdow mimicked it Sheamus made Miz do the “YMCA” and finally nailed him with another Brogue Kick. Pretty silly but the crowd loved it.

Solid match. Mizdow’s stuff at ringside is great. Match itself was OK.

Backstage, Brie Bella was putting stuff in a car. Nikki Bella was all over her about making restaurant reservations. Brie gave her a smoothie that Nikki had requested. Nikki ran down all the ingredients she had requested and Brie confirmed they were in there. Nikki said that was good and poured it all over her sister’s head. She said this one was for Brie, then ordered her to make another the same way and bring it to her hotel. Nikki drove off, leaving Brie to stand there furious. JBL noted she had 29 days to go,

Big Show vs. Rusev (with Lana)

Show went right after Rusev but Rusev drilled him when Show went for a chop in the corner. Rusev went after Show’s knee, including a shoulderblock to it. He began working on Show’s leg and cinched in a leglock. Show used his other leg to kick Rusev across the chest. Rusev cut off Show, suplexed him with ease and went back to work on the leg.

Show finally kicked off Rusev. Rusev came back with a big dropkick to Show’s chest. He gets awesome height on that dropkick. Rusev set up for The Accolade but Show slipped out, grapevined Rusev’s legs and turned Rusev upside down into a submission hold. Rusev got to the ropes.

Show went for the KO but Rusev ducked. Rusev went for a move but was shoulderblocked down and run into the corner. Show speared Rusev, which looked damn impressive.

Mark Henry made his way to the ring. Show called for the chokeslam. Show went for it but Rusev broke free and worked over Show. He went for a move and rebounded off the ropes. Show caught him with the chokeslam but Rusev kicked out at two. Rusev went to the floor and was out there in front of Henry. Show went to the floor and picked up Rusev. He rolled Rusev back in the ring and as he returned to the ring, Henry stopped him to psych him up.

That distraction allowed Rusev enough time to recover and he kicked Show as he returned to the ring. Henry got on the apron but Rusev kicked him off. Rusev drilled Show again and locked on The Accolade. The crowd chanted, “USA.” Show finally submitted.

Your winner, Rusev!

Rusev celebrated with the Russian flag unfurling behind him and Lana.

This was OK in the ring but as a story, was about as perfect as it could have been as a way to build Rusev as he continues to ride towards main events.

Backstage, Dean Ambrose said Halloween is this Friday and the most popular costume will be Seth Rollins, because when they are done tonight, Rollins will look like a zombie from the Walking Dead and Dracula had a baby or something. It was pretty funny. He said they were going to Hell tonight. Usual good promo.

WWE Divas champion AJ Lee vs. Paige (with Alicia Fox)

Paige controlled early until Lee caught her with a nice clothesline. Paige cut her off and sent Lee into the ropes, only to be caught with a twisting head scissors. Lee nailed a spinkick as Paige rebounded off the ropes. The British star went to the floor to regroup but Lee attacked her and sent her into the apron.

Alicia Fox and AJ started brawling on the floor. Paige grabbed AJ and swung her head-first into the ringside barricade several times. Paige tossed the champion back in the ring and began drilling her with headbutts. Paige sent Lee into the corner and worked her over. Paige locked on a surfboard variation.

AJ came back and nailed a tornado DDT off the ropes for a two count. Paige kicked her in the gut but was caught in a guillotine choke. Paige broke it and turned it into a Fallaway Slam but not until after skipping around the ring to mock Lee. Lee went to the floor, where she was run into the barricade.

Paige went atop the barricade but Lee nailed her and Paige hit the top of it backwards before crashing to the floor. She was almost counted out but Fox tossed Paige, still woozy, into the ring to save the match. Lee locked in the Black Widows and scored the submission. .

Your winner and still Divas champion, AJ Lee!

Paige nailed Fox after the match and left her in the ring. Paige yelled at Fox that she hates her.

OK match. They did about as much as they could with the time they had.

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