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By Mike Johnson on 2014-10-12 22:45:00

Velvet Sky was interviewed last night. She said its her first time in Japan and she’s honored to be here. She said she was honored to be here for Team 3D’s Hall of Fame induction but wanted to turn her attention to Havok. She said Havok was a “Newbie” here and Sky wanted the belt.

They aired a video feature on Havok winning the Knockouts championship.

TNA Knockouts champion Havok vs. Velvet Sky

Havok tried to charge Sky in the corner several times but missed. Sky nailed a clothesline and some strikes and kicks to Havok. She came off the ropes with a double axehandle several times, staggering the champion.

Sky went for a flying bodypress but was caught and slammed down by the champion. Havok choked her against the ropes. She drilled Sky across the back with a stiff kick and drove her backwards.

Havok continued to work over Sky and locked on a bearhug. Sky broke free and battled back but was nailed with a big right hand. Havok dragged her around by her hair and slammed Sky down. Havok went for a legdrop off the ropes but Sky rolled out of the ring.

Sky worked over Havok with a series of rights. She nailed several clotheslines but couldn’t move Havok. Havok nailed an elbow but is caught with leg scissors, which finally take down the champ. Sky hit a bodypress for a two count. She came off the ropes for a double axehandle but was caught and trapped in a bearhug. Sky submitted. When was the last time we saw a submission from a bear hug?

Your winner, TNA Knockouts champion Havok!

They went to a church where James Storm was sitting in a pew. He said even in Japan, people come to places like this for guidance. He said that Senada realized that James Storm’s way was the way and he was the righteous. He promised they were going to take down Tajiri and Muta. He said they are Revolution and they are one…but there is always room for one more.

They aired a video feature on the main event.

Wrestle-1 vs. TNA: Yoshihiro Tajiri & The Great Muta vs. Great Senada & James Storm

Storm cut a promo explaining that he took a boy and turned him into a man, creating The Great Senada and getting him to turn on his mentor.

Tajiri and Muta sprayed mist in unison after the ring introductions.

Senada and Muta started the bout. Muta went after his leg early and took him to the mat, then locked in a leglock. Senada reversed. They went back and forth with some good wrestling on the mat. Senada escaped a takedown and blew mist in the air.

Tajiri and Storm tagged in. They went back and forth. Senada tagged in. They battled to the floor and went under the ring, disappearing. When they returned, Tajiri’s face was covered in blue mist and Senada had the control. Storm tagged back in and stomped Tajiri’s leg after wrapping it around the bottom rope.

Senada tagged back in and locked in a nerve hold on Tajiri. Tajiri battled back with a series of elbows but was nailed from behind by Storm, which cut off his momentum. Very slow early on. Senada nailed Tajiri with a foreign object as the referee was distracted.

Tajiri made the comeback with a springboard elbow. Muta made the hot tag and worked over Senada. He nailed the Dragon Screw Legwhip, then tossed him to the floor. Muta tossed Senada into the railing, then drilled him with a chair. He choked out Senada with a wire from the cameras. Muta nailed the corkscrew elbow for a two count.

Storm attacked Muta. He nailed a flying elbow. Senada nailed a moonsault off the top but Tajiri made the save. Storm grabbed him for the Whirlybird but Tajiri escaped and backdropped him over the top onto the entrance ramp. Tajiri KO’d Senada with a kick to the face.

Tajiri went for a mist but Senada shoved him into the referee. Senada came off the top but was drilled with the dreaded mist by both. Tajiri kicked him in the head and Muta nailed the shining wizard.

Your winners, Great Muta and Tajiri!

OK as a match for the Japanese audience but as the main event for what was supposed to be their biggest show of the year, not so much.

Storm attacked Muta and Tajiri after the match. He called out Manik, who worked over Muta. Storm began choking Muta with his bullrope and screamed at Muta to die. Team 3D’s music hit and out came Bully Ray and Devon for the save and lay out the Revolution. Muta sprays mist and looks warily at 3D before leaving the ring and heading to the back.

The show ended with Team 3D asking the crowd if they had fun and leading the Tokyo fans in a “TNA” chant.

Overall, there were two really good matches (opener and the X-Division) and some OK wrestling underneath. I can see a lot of people saying that the biggest show of the year should have been something grander and they would be right in expecting that, but the reality is that right now, this was probably the best move TNA could have made. Hopefully 2015 will be a better year for them. We shall see.

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