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By Mike Johnson on 2014-10-12 22:45:00
TNA X-Division champion Samoa Joe vs. Kaz Hayashi vs. Low Ki

They dispatched Hayashi immediately. Ki and Joe began beating the hell out of each other. Hayashi returned and nailed Ki with a kick in the corner. Joe wiped the both out and began beating down on Hayashi with stiff chops and kicks followed by a back senton splash for a two count.

Joe charged Hayashi, who ducked down and Joe went over the top to the floor. Hayashi surveyed the floor to do a dive but Low Ki grabbed him and went back and forth with him. Ki dropkicked Joe through the ropes to the floor as he was whipped in by Hayashi. Hayashi drilled Ki with a leaping kick to the head. The crowd chanted for Low Ki.

Joe and Hayashi battled. Joe picked him up for a suplex, pulling him over the top to the floor. Hayashi was nailed off the apron. Joe went for a dive but Ki came off with a springboard kick to the head for a two count. Ki and Hayashi began beating the hell out of each other with hard chops on the floor. Joe charged and killed them with a double clothesline on the floor.

Back in the ring, Joe nailed a back senton splash on Hayashi but Ki broke up the pinfall. Ki worked over Joe with hard shots and nailed a leaping strike in the corner. He nailed a series of chops to the face in the corner but Joe caught him out of the corner with a powerbomb for a two count. Joe turned that into a Boston Crab, then a STF, attempting a submission. Hayashi joined the fray and locked onto on Joe, then locked STFs on them both at the same time. That was a cool spot.

Joe unloaded with stiff slaps on Hayashi. Hayashi drilled him with Kawada kicks but Joe fired up and went for a clothesline. Joe was slammed for a two count. They went back and forth with some awesome stuff until Joe caught Ki with the Kokina Clutch for a surprise submission.

Your winner and still X-Division champion, Samoa Joe!

Really good, hard-hitting match. All three looked really good. Joe and Ki’s chemistry was especially fun to watch.

After the match, Joe cut an awesome promo basically putting over the Japnese fans and thanking them for their respect. He was treated like a huge star by the fans. He said that TNA and Wrestle-1 were starting a new cause to unify and bring the fans the best in the world and did his old “I am pro wrestling” line. Great promo.

They showed Dixie Carter being put through a table.

They had Tommy Dreamer cut a promo “last night” where he said he never thought he’d be getting back in the ring in Japan again to wrestle Team 3D. He said he was honored to induct them into the TNA Hall of Fame. He said he’s teamed with Terry Funk and Sandman in Japan but you don’t get more hardcore then Abyss. He said wrestling Team 3D tonight is a last hurrah and a huge honor.

Andy Wu & Hijo Del Pantera vs. Kuroshio Ikemen Jiro & Yusuke Kodama.

They said this was a special Wrestle-1 match. Jiro and Kodama were trained by Tajiri. Jiro wore a suit jacket to the ring and watched himself in a mirror.

Wu and Jiro started out the matcg. Jiro avoided locking up and showed off his body. Wu went for a kick but was caught. He nailed Jiro with a right hand. Jiro used his finesse but Wu used his agility to keep him off base. Wu used a lot of Lucha-based offense and they noted he was trained by Pantera.

Hijo del Pantera and Kodama each tagged in. Pantera’s speed and agility was spotlighted as he nailed a leapfrog and caught Kodama with a rana. Kodama tried to show Pantera respect with a handshake, then kicked him in the gut. He tossed Pantera over the top onto the ring ramp but Pantera came back with a springboard into an armdrag. Kodama went to the floor and Pantera leapt off the referee’s back into a flip dive to the outside.

Pantera tossed Kodama back inside but missed a charge in the corner. Kodama nailed a Faceplant and covered him for a two count. Jiro tagged back in and stomped away at Pantera. Jiro worked over Pantera and nailed a standing twisting moonsault for a two count.

Kodama continued to work over Pantera, locking in a rear chinlock. The crowd rallied the Luchador but he was cut off with a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker. Kodama nailed a nice leaping back elbow in the corner but Pantera missed another shot in the opposite corner. Pantera nailed a nice dropkick in the corner and tagged in Wu. Wu hit a bodypress and nailed a series of armdrags and a dropkick for a two count.

Wu was cut off after floating over in the corner. Kodama went to the ropes but Wu hit a headstand into the corner and used a rana. Wu and Pantera double-teamed Kodama and drilled him with a 619. Jiro hit the ringbut was tossed over the top to the floor. He was going to skin the cat but was dropkicked to the floor. Wu hit a dive to the floor.

Pantera went for a 450 splash but Kodama moved so he landed on his feet. Kodama drilled him with a superkick for the pin but Wu broke it up. All four battled. Jiro tossed Wu to the floor, then hit a moonsault to the floor. Kodama cut off Pantera and hit a twisting moonsault for the pin.

Your winners, Jiro and Kodama!

A good match. It was a little rough around the edges at times but all four really worked hard and this was fun.

They aired a Team 3D TNA Hall of Fame video. It was a really good video.

They then showed clips of the Hall of Fame induction, which actually took place at a media event yesterday. Dreamer inducted them. Bully said that had Tommy Dreamer not gone to bat for him, he doesn’t know if there would be a Team 3D. Bully thanked the fans and thanked the other wrestlers. He then thanked Devon saying they had a marriage and a true friendship. He thanked Muta for having them here. Devon gave a nice speech as well.

Hardcore Match: Tommy Dreamer and Abyss vs. Team 3D

Dreamer came out dressed like Terry Funk waving the towel like that crazy old man. That popped me huge. 3D came out through the crowd. The crowd chanted for tables after the ring introductions.

Dreamer shook hands with 3D but Abyss wasn’t interested and walked away. Dreamer and Devon started out and went back and forth then faced off. Abyss tagged in and dared Bully to tag in.

Bully obliged and the two traded power spots including chokeslams until Ray nailed a big lariat. Ray was drilled but moved out of the way of a splash. 3D double-teamed Abyss and Devon clotheslined him over the top to the floor. Dreamer hit the ring but was double-teamed and laid out as Abyss returned to the ring. Devon cut off Abyss and Bully tossed him to the floor. They nailed the Wazzup headbutt off the top on Dreamer.

Bully called for a table but once Devon brought it in, Abyss cut them off with a double clothesline. Dreamer and Bully began brawling on the floor as the fans chanted “ECW.” in Japan. In 2014. Dreamer and Devin brawled into the bleachers as Bully worked over Abyss with a chair on the floor, then put the ring bell across his groin and rang it. Another ECW chant. Tenay talked about the Japanese influence on ECW. Taz joked about how no one talks about ECW history and noted Sabu was discovered by ECW there.

Taz told the story of Gypsy Joe beating him up in this same venue. Taz seemed to really be enjoying this one. They started tossing weapons into the ring. They battled with the weapons. 3D got the better of them. Abyss and Dreamer fought back. Abyss chokeslammed Devon for a two count.

Abyss nailed Bully with a Black Hole Slam for a two count. Abyss placed a chair on Devon and went for the sit-down splash but Devon turned the chair sideways. Devon nailed a Sidewalk slam for a two count. Ray told him to set up Abyss on the table and the crowd loved that. Ray and Dreamer fought on the floor. Dreamer returned and cut off Devon as he was on the top rope. Dreamer teased a superplex through the table but Ray nailed him with a trash can to the back. He came underneath Dreamer and powerbombed him through the table.

Abyss returned to the ring with a sack of thumbtacks. He called for a double chokeslam but they broke free and nailed a flapjack into the tacks. They were embedded in his arms and chest. The crowd chanted, “Holy sh**. “ Dreamer hit the scene with a Singapore Cane but was hit with 3D and pinned.

Your winners, Team 3D!

It was exactly everything you’d expect. All four worked hard and did all the spots you’d expect. If you were a fan of this stuff, you were happy. If you aren’t a fan, you weren’t going to enjoy it. The crowd in Japan was loving the hell out of this.

After the match, Bully took the mic and said that they would like to say something to every Japanese wrestling fans there and to everyone watching across the world on PPV - thank you. The crowd chanted, "Thank you 3D!" He said they were recently inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame and the reason they were able to be inducted was because of wrestling gans here and at home. He said they have been wrestlers for 20 years and they thank God every day that they are able to do what they love to do. He said that when people ask them where is their favorite place to fight in the world, they say Tokyo, Japan. He said there isn't much else to say and thanked the fans in Japanese. Devon closed out with his trademark lines.

The grandstand challenge to The Bullet Club was edited off the PPV, so that was obviously something 3D did on their own to get media attention in Japan.

They left through the crowd.

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