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By Mike Johnson on 2014-09-21 21:16:00

They aired a really good Paige video. So good that I wish they would have aired it on TV.

Brie Bella did a promo backstage. She said that Paige and Lee have the chance to do what she hasn’t had the chance to do yet, knock Nikki down a notch. She said Nikki was like karma, a bitch.

WWE Divas champion Paige vs. AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella

Back and forth action early. Lee gained control nailing Paige and Bella on the floor. Paige tried to get off and offered her hand for Lee to kiss. Lee instead worked her over and nailed a big kick for a two count.

Paige caught her with a kick to the gut. Lee cut her off and went to the top but Nikki returned to shove her off and back into the ring. She covered Lee for a two count and then worked her over for another two count. Bella began beating Lee’s head into the mat but Paige attacked her and sent her to the floor.

Paige cradled Lee’s head in her arms then drilled her in the gut. She screamed, “Why don’t you love me?” and drilled Lee with a series of headbutts before beating her down with punches across the back. Paige awkwardly ran Lee to the ropes and nailed her with a series of kicks to the face.

Bella blasted Paige off the apron from behind and covered Lee for a two count. She drilled Lee with a knee for another two count. Bella slammed Lee down and covered her yet again. Lee fought back but was caught coming off the ropes with a bodypress. Lee turned herself into the Black Widow submission but Paige attacked them before Lee could get a tapout.

A frustrated Paige worked them over. She went for a superplex on Lee but Bella slipped underneath for a powerbomb as they did a Tower of Doom spot. All three were spent and exhausted. Lee rolled to the outside. Bella grabbed Paige for Shock Treatment and nailed it, but Lee broke up the pinfall.

Nikki nailed Lee and worked her over. Lee slammed her off the apron to the floor. Lee charged the ring and locked in the Black Widow. Paige countered it several times but Lee locked it back on and finally scored the submission.

Your winner and new WWE Divas champion, AJ Lee!

Solid match when the wrestling was allowed to shine but not a really smooth bout. I really liked the finish with the Black Widow counters. Bella taking the bump off the apron was a minor surprise. It was obvious the live crowd wanted to get Cena vs. Lesnar.

WWE World Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman) vs. John Cena

Lesnar overpowered Cena early and nailed German suplex. Cena fought back but was taken down and locked in a Kimura. Cena kept making it to the ropes. Cena fired back with a series of rights but Lesnar caught him with a German suplex. Lesnar suplexed him over and over but Cena’s shoulders weren’t on the mat so the referee wouldn’t count.

Cena nailed several hard shots but was beaten back down to the mat. Lesnar rolled Cena up and hooked the leg for a two count. Lesnar beat him in the corner with a series of shoulderblocks. Cena fired back with a series of right hands and backed up Lesnar against the ropes but was clobbered with a clothesline as he rebounded off the ropes.

Cena tried to attempt a single-leg takedown but Lesnar just beat him down with shots across the back. Lesnar grabbed a big hammerlock but Cena grabbed the ropes. Lesnar continued trashing him in the corner, then nailed an overhead belly to belly suplex for another two count.

Cena fired back with a series of strikes only to be cut off with a series of shoulderblocks. The story has been that no matter what Cena throws at the champ, Lesnar is such a beast he can absorb it and beat Cena down. Lesnar began drilling him with knees across the back.

Cena finally began putting some offense together with strikes and punches. He went for the AA but Lesnar slipped around behind and nailed a big Gernan suplex. Lesnar was bleeding from the nose after that last exchange. Lesnar nailed a series of shoulderblocks in the corner as WWE cameras closed in on a bruise around Cena’s kidney area.

Lesnar drove Cena hard into the buckles and nailed a series of shoulderblocks. Cena shocked Lesnar with the AA out of nowhere but Lesnar kicked up at two. Lesnar went for the F5 but Cena slipped out and locked on the STF. Lesnar fought out of it and locked on a Kimura. Cena refused to tap and powered his way to his feet and charged Lesnar into the corner. Lesnar refused to break it. Cena did it again and nailed Lesnar, which finally broke it.

Cena nailed the AA again and locked on the STF. Lesnar went for the ropes but Cena dragged him back to the center of the ring. Lesnar grabbed the ropes and Cena pulled him back to the middle and Cena locked it on again. Cena nailed the AA but Seth Rollins hit the ring, causing the DQ.

Your winner by DQ, John Cena!

Well, no one saw that coming.

Rollins nailed Cena with the case, sending him to the floor. He looked at Lesnar down on the mat and nailed the curb stomp, then told the referee he was cashing in. They announced Rollins was cashing in but the bell never rang.

Cena attacked Rollins and ran him off. Lesnar recovered and grabbed Cena from behind, then nailed the F5. Lesnar is still the champion. The show went off the air with a series of replays and Cena looking frustrated that he couldn’t get the job done.

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