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By Mike Johnson on 2014-09-21 21:16:00

They recapped The Roman Reigns injury issues.

Out came Seth Rollins, dressed to wrestle and carrying The Money in the Bank briefcase. Rollins took the mic and said it was funny how life works sometimes. “One minute you are on top of the world and the next…you’re Roman Reigns.”

Rollins said that Reigns was scheduled to face him tonight but Reigns was rushed to the hospital. He said emergency surgery was no excuse for not showing up here tonight. He said that in the interest of fairness and justice, he was going to give Reigns ten seconds to come to the ring and face him. If there’s an angle for tonight, here it comes. You can hear people chanting for “Ambrose.”

Rollins had the referee ring the bell and Charles Robinson began counting out Reigns. He hit ten. They announced Seth Rollins was the winner via forfeit.

Rollins took the mic and said it’s not official until someone raises his hand. Robinson did and Rollins began laughing and smiling. Rollins said that he knows everyone is let down because he isn’t competing tonight. He said that he’s disappointed because of Roman Reigns because he’s not half the man that he believed Roman was. He said that Roman left him high and dry and left him having to make it up to everyone. He showed off the case and said he’s an opportunist, then said he was going to issue an open challenge.

He challenged anyone in the back to come out. No one did. He said that he was giving anyone a chance to compete with him. Backstage, a cab pulled up and out came Dean Ambrose. Big pop when he came out.

Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose

Business just picked up!

Ambrose went nuts and they began brawling. Rollins went over the rails into the crowd and they brawled up the Arena stairs. They brawled across the arena floor. Rollins cut him off and went for a piledriver but was backdropped on the floor.

Security hit the scene as they battled back towards the entrance ramp. Ambrose jumped off a digital sign after breaking free and wiped out security. Then he dove off the entrance stage on Rollins and they brawled back into the crowd. Ambrose clotheslined Rollins over the rail back inside the ringside area. He grabbed a steel chair but before he could use it, Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury tackled him.

Security jumped on Ambrose and handcuffed him with plastic ties as an angry Triple H showed up to direct traffic. Ambrose was carried out kicking all the way. Stephanie was also out there. Rollins was furious asking where Ambrose came from. Uh, the movie he was hired to do? Triple H and Stephanie escorted him to the back, raising his arms.

A fun brawl. I guess it’s a no contest? As a replacement for the Roman match, this was a lot of fun. Ambrose comes the closest of anyone since Steve Austin to bring a legitimate feeling of danger and frenzy with his physicality. Fun stuff!

Mark Henry vs. Rusev (with Lana)

Big pop when Henry’s music began. They had Lilian Garcia sing the national anthem, which got the crowd pumped and gave this an even greater “big fight” feel. Big pop when she was done.

Henry nailed Rusev with some hard punches and Rusev went to the floor to regroup. Henry maintained control and Rusev went to the floor again. It was definitely all Mark Henry early.

Rusev finally scored by drilling Henry into the ring steps on the floor. Back in thering, he killed Henry with an Avalanche in the corner and then a running back splash. He worked over Mark and locked in a camel clutch. Man, they should have the announcers outraged he is using Sgt. Slaughter’s move. That was turned into a side chinlock. Rusev (naturally) used the Side Russian Legsweep.

Rusev continued wearing down Mark Henry. Henry fought back to his feet and scored several clotheslines. He nailed a splash in the corner but was hurting. He went for a slam but his back gave out. Rusev hit a spinkick to take Henry down.

Rusev began working over Henry’s back and went for the Accolade. Henry suddenly realized what was going on and fought his way back to his feet before Rusev could nail it. Henry went for the sitdown powerbomb but Rusev raked his face. Henry somehow caught him coming and nailed the World’s Strongest Slam but his back prevented him from following up. Rusev rolled out of the ring before Henry could capitalize.

Henry grabbed at Rusev from the ring but was nailed with a thrust kick that sort of hit him. Rusev climbed up on the apron and nailed another kick. Rusev hit a charging thrust kick and cinched in The Accolade. Henry fought but quickly tapped out.

Your winner, Rusev!

The match was about what you would expect in terms of using Henry’s Olympian status as a way to build Rusev towards his eventual showdown with John Cena in the main events. This was built exactly as it should have. OK bout.

Rusev and Lana celebrated in the ring as the Russian flag dropped down.

JBL went into overdrive about how Henry let down the entire country and man, that was grating.

They plugged the 10/26 Hell in A Cell PPV and said there would be "at least one" HIAC match.

Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton

Jericho took it right to Orton at the bell with punches and shoulderblocks. The referee tried to separate them allowing Orton to nail Jericho. Jericho worked him over in a corner and then preened to the crowd. Jericho fired back with a series of chops but was shoulderblocked down. Jericho came back with a dropkick and clotheslined Orton over the top to the floor.

Jericho hit a baseball sliding kick to the outside and then smashed Orton into the Spanish announcer’s table. He tossed Orton back into the ring but was cut off. Orton whipped him into the corner and caught him with a clothesline against the turnbuckles. Jericho fought off Orton and went to the top but took too long and was nailed and crotched on the top.

Orton nailed a superplex and followed up with a…side chinlock? Yep, he did! Jericho fought back but missed a leaping charge in the corner and crashed over the buckles to the floor. Orton worked over Jericho on the floor and slammed him onto the top of the railing with a big backbreaker. He then hit a belly to back suplex on the announcers’ table.

Orton rolled him back into the ring and scored a two count. Jericho finally fought back and nailed several shoulderblocks and a leaping clothesline into a slam for a two count. Jericho stomped away on Orton in the corner but was caught with the snap powerslam for yet another near fall.

Jericho cut off Orton and went to the top. He came off with a double axehandle and bulldogged Orton. He went for a Lionsault but Orton got out of the way. Jericho, now bleeding from the nose, realized and landed on his feet but was caught with Orton’s patented backbreaker. He went for the RKO but was sent off and nailed with the Lionsault for a two count.

Jericho was cut off and set up for the hanging DDT off the ropes but escaped and went for the Walls of Jericho. Orton escaped and sent Jericho into the ringpost as he charged the corner. Orton set up for the punt kick but missed. Jericho rolled him up for a two then locked in the Walls of Jericho. Orton fought for the ropes but Jericho pulled him back out into the center of the ring.

Orton finally was able to counter and roll Jericho, sending him through the ropes. Jericho landed on his feet and went to return to the ring but was cut off and nailed with the hanging DDT off the ropes Orton played to the crowd, then set up for the RKO as Jericho tried to get to his feet. Jericho caught him out of nowhere with the Codebreaker and scored a two count. Good back and forth stuff.

Jericho scaled to the top rope. Orton caught him with the RKO as Jericho dove off and scored the pin.

Your winner, Randy Orton.

A very, very good back and forth match. Really top notch work here in the last third of the bout. Some awesome work at the end. They did a lot more playing to the crowd than usual, especially Orton and it added to the bout.

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