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By Mike Johnson on 2014-06-22 22:59:00

ROH Tag Team champions ReDragon vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian

Tons of streamers for Bad Influence.

Daniels and Kyle O’Reilly started out and had some nice back and forth wrestling. O’Reilly teased a big move and then slapped Daniels to show his disrespect. Kazarian tagged in and he and Daniels nailed a series of double team moves. Fish tagged in but was caught with a deep armdrag. Kazarian and Fish went back and forth until Kazarian was sent into the ringpost shoulder-first. Fish worked him over on the floor.

ReDragon began focusing on Kazarian’s shoulder, trying to work it over. Kyle nailed a divorce court on it. The champions tagged in and out and did a nice job beating down Kazarian. Daniels hit the ring to break a submission, but was forced back into his corner. Kyle locked an armbar on Kazarian, then kicked him into the corner. Kazarian tried to fight his way out but was caught in a guillotine choke when he went for a tag. Kazarian powered out with a suplex but Fish knocked Daniels off the apron before he could tag in.

Kazarian finally nailed a neckbreaker on Fish and it looked like he was going to make the tag but Kyle caught him. Kaz fought him off and Daniels tagged in with a flurry of hot offense including a feet first dropkick out of the ring on Fish. Daniels nailed a bodypress on Kyle and set him up on the top rope for a move. Kyle fought him off, then dove, but was caughr with a Uranage. Daniels went for the BME but Kyle rolled out of the way.

ReDRagon caught Daniels and nailed all their signature tag team machine offense for a two count. Kaz returned, holding his arm, and everyone battled. Daniels nailed a nice dive to the outside on Fish. Daniels drilled O’Reilly with a DDT off the ropes for a two count. Fish cut off Daniels with a Samoan Drop. Fish missed a moonsault when Daniels rolled out of the ring but landed on his feet and hit a pescado over the top to the floor.

Kazarian was worked over by O’Reilly. Daniels returned and nailed the palm thrust strike and hit a Blue Thunder Mountain Bomb. Everyone was out after all the hot sequences and the crowd chanted, “This is awesome.”

Daniels and O’Reilly battled back and forth in the ring. Daniels backdropped him over and nailed Angel’s Wings on Fish but Kyle broke up the pin at the last second. Kyle began beating the hell out of Daniels with kicks but was caught with a Dragon Screw Legwhip. Daniels missed an Arabian Press to the floor and Fish tackled him into a chair and guard rail in the corner. Kyle came off the apron with a sick looking knee on Daniels.

This left Kazarian in a two on one situation. He got O’Reilly and nailed him with a sick looking Flux Capacitor on Kyle but Fish pulled the referee out and then hid. The crowd chanted, “Buillsh**.” Kazarian was selling his bad elbow from the move. ReDragon killed him with a ton of offense but he kicked out. O’Reilly locked in a cross armbreaker. Fish tackled Daniels and kept him from interfering. Kazarian tried to fight but the pain was too much and he tapped.

Your winners and still ROH Tag Team champions, ReDragon!

Good match. Daniels and Kazarian were working hard and pulling out more than they were towards the end of their TNA run. ReDragon were really smooth and showed some of their prowess as a team. Good, athletic tag team wrestling here.

ROH champion Adam Cole vs. Michael Elgin

Elgin now has a short buzz cut.

Elgin was pissed and immediately began beating Cole down on the mat and the corner. Cole tried to fake him out but was hit with a shoulder tackle. They kept reversing waistlocks and Cole shoved him to the floor. Cole went for a pescado but Elgin walked away.

Elgin grabbed Cole, who slipped behind him and shoved Elgin into the guard rail. Cole grabbed a chair but Elgin stopped him and drilled him hard with a right hand. Cole went down. Elgin grabbed Cole and nailed a Oklahoma Stampede style powerslam onto the ROH entrance ramp. Ouch.

Elgin tossed the champion back in the ring but was cut off and nailed with a neckbreaker. Cole went to the top but was cut off and nailed with some hard chops. Cole choked Elgin in the corner and raked his face. He snapmared Elgin and locked in a side chinlock.

Cole tried to come off the ropes but was cauight and pulled down into a modified Codebreaker. Elgin began striking away at him. Elgin nailed a Tiger suplex for a two count. Cole missed a leaping kick. Elgin called for a lariat but ate a big boot to the face. He nailed a knee strike to the side of the head.

Elgin went for a suplex but Cole reversed it and dropped the challenger across his knee for a two count. They battled to the top and Elgin brought Cole in with a face forward superplex for a two count. That was impressive.

Elgin kicked down Cole and went to the ropes but was dropkicked. Cole went for a top rope rana but Elgin stopped him. Cole was able to finally pull him over and nailed a reverse rana and the Florida Keys for a two count. Really close two count. Good stuff.

Cole came off the ropes but Elgin evaded him and kicked. Elgin went for a clothesline but Cole ducked and went for a superkick. Elgin ducked and referee Todd Sinclair looked like he was legitimately massacred. It was the best referee bump since I can remember.

Elgin nailed the buckle bomb in the corner, then a sit down powerbomb but there was no referee to count. The crowd counted to eight. Nigel McGuinness got up, trying to decide what to do. Matt Hardy and Michael Bennett hit the ring and worked over Elgin. Maria Kanellis also ran out. Elgin fought them off and nailed a Fall Away Slam on Hardy and Bennett at the same time.

Elgin went for the buckle bomb but Cole slipped out. He charged but Elgin nailed a shot to the back of the neck, the powerbombed him over the top onto Bennett and Hardy on the floor. Elgin teased a dive but Maria got on the apron. He was going to hit her but stopped. She slapped him. Elgin gave her chase. Bennett drilled him with a kick. Cole went for a Canadian Destroyer but Elgin stopped him and Cole nailed Elgin with the title belt.

War Machine, Hanson and Rowe, hit the scene and brawled to the back with Hardy and Bennett. Kanellis remained at ringside. They teased that Elgin was going to be counted out. Kanellis tossed the belt to Cole and distracted the referee. MsChif hit the scene and blew green mist in her face.

Cole went to nail Elgin with the belt but Elgin nailed a spinning backfist and hit the powerbomb. That was a super close two count, to the point fans tossed streamers, then chanted, “We f***ed up!” Elgin and Cole battled to the top. Elgin was sent to the mat and nailed with a dropkick to the knee.

Cole locked on the figure four leglock on the ringpost. He returned to the ring and Elgin caught him with an inside cradle for a two count. Elgin locked him in a Crossface. Cole punched Elgin’s sore knee to force a break. He continued kicking away at the knee and leg. Elgin kicked him away with the other one. Elgin charged for a move but his knee buckled as he ran.

Cole caught him flush in the face with a superkick and went for the Canadian Destroyer off the ropes and nailed it. Elgin kicked up and Cole had this awesome look on his face as if to say, “Dear God, what do I have to do?” He went back for the Canadian Destroyer but Elgin rolled through and began powerbombing the holy hell out of Cole and scored the pin.

Your winner and new ROH champion, Michael Elgin!

The fans erupted and threw streamers into the ring, which made for a really nice visual. Cary Silkin entered the ring and raised the arm of the new champion, then hugged Elgin. In a first for ROH, they had a confetti machine blowing confetti. Adam Cole rolled out of the ring, mummifying himself with streamers and stumbled to the back. Elgin celebrated in the ring.

The PPV closed with a highlight reel of footage.

If you were wondering, no return date was announced.

Great main event.

Overall, a very well paced show with lots of different styles of matches and a lot of hard working performers up and down the card.

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