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By Mike Johnson on 2014-06-22 22:59:00

Matt Hardy & Michael Bennett (with Maria Kanellis) vs. The Briscoes

Hardy came out with Nick Searcy, the actor from “Justified” who was playing a heel character.

Mark Briscoe and Bennett started out. Mark controlled him and tagged in Jay, who stomped the hell out of him. Mark nailed him with a Crane Kick and worked over Bennett, who cut him off with a dropkick.

Hardy tagged in and began working on Mark’s arm. The crowd was immediately chanting, “F*** you Hardy.” Hardy and Bennett worked over Briscoe together and scored several two counts.

Jay ended up brawling with Hardy on the floor but was distracted by Searcy allowing Hardy to nail him from behind and tossing him into the rail. The Briscoes made a comeback and worked over Hardy with a neckbreaker. He drilled Hardy with a neckbreaker again.

Jay was going for the Jay-Driller but Bennett nailed him with the ROH Iconic Title/Briscoe Title belt, causing a DQ. The crowd turned on this immediately. The Briscoes refused to let it end this way, so Matchmaker Nigel McGuinness came out and said it was now a No DQ match with two referees. The crowd loved this. This was also a great way to show that ROH isn’t going to be another company that gives you f*** finishes.

At this point, Nigel joined the announcers and all hell broke loose as Mark began tossing a ton of chairs into the ring and then nailed Bennett with one as Jay worked over Matt on the floor. Bennett was nailed with a drop toehold into a chair. Jay choked Matt against the railing. Bennett was run into a chair in the buckles. The crowd was really hot for all this.

The crowd chanted for tables and one was pulled out as Jay and Matt brawled but wasn’t used. Hardy pulled a ladder out from under the ring and drilled Jay. Bennett and Mark brawled but Mark was sent into the railing. Matt set up the ladder in the corner and whipped Jay into it. Bennett nailed a Side Effect on the floor on Mark, He draped it against the middle rope. Hardy set up several chairs but Jay caught him and nailed a Death Valley Driver through the chairs and nailed a suplex onto the ladder.

Bennett and Mark battled on the top. He shoved Bennett off to the floor, then jumped down to the apron and hit a running Cactus Jack elbow to Hardy. Briscoes nailed the Doomsday Device off the apron to the floor on Bennett. That was cool. Hardy took a Peabody Award that Nick Searcy was carrying and nailed Jay with it then rolled him up for a two count.

Searcy got into the ring so The Briscoes beat the crap out of him and Mark nailed a top rope elbow on him. They were going to give him the Doomsday Device but Maria shoved Mark off the top to the floor. Matt nailed the Twist of Fate on Jay but he kicked out. Matt nailed him with some hard chairshots across the back.

Bennett set up a table in the ring as Hardy set up a ladder. They tried to set up Jay but Mark returned to the fray. Bennett was placed on the table outside, Mark came off with this awesome flying elbow to the table. Hardy ended up taking a bump on the award. He overpowered Jay and placed him on the table. He went to the top of the ladder. Mark shot him with a fire extinguisher in the face. Jay was waiting for him when the mist cleared and superplexed him over the top of the ladder through a table in the ring. That was a hell of a bump.

Jay nailed the Jay-Driller and scored the pin.

Your winners, The Briscoes!

Great stuff. The Briscoes looked like a true top notch act here. Hardy worked his ASS off and Bennett looked great. The false finish was well done and the mayhem and plunder was different from everything else on the show so far, which made it even more fun. Best thing thus far.

Maria stole the Hardy/Briscoe title belt and ran to the back.

The crowd chanted, "Thank you Briscoe."

They showed highlights of the recent angle where Adam Cole cut Michael Elgin's hair and put Elgin's wife MsChif in a figure four leglock.

Larry Mercer (aka Larry Legend) and Mandy Leone interviewed the new ROH signee Moose, a former NFL player (real name Quinn Ojinnaka, who played for the Atlanta Falcons and has popped up in DGUSA and EVOLVE before. He said he was here to watch tonight and wanted to work his way to the top. Promos are obviously not his strong suit. Mandy tried to ask a follow-up but out came Veda Scott who said it was time for grown-ups to talk and told her to take a walk. She was here talk about RD Evans having a 122-0 streak and said that’s what Veda Scott can do for Moose. She said he doesn’t have to work his way up to the top but can start there. She tries to sign him and Moose said that he was just here to enjoy the show and asked her to talk to him later. Veda paused and showed her disgust, then walked off. Scott has a ton of potential as a talker and a manager. I hope ROH uses her in a more prominent role eventually. I can see her really drawing money as a female, hipster nerd version of what Jim Cornette used to be in the 80s.

Kevin Steen vs. Silas Young

As he came out, Steen told the viewers they were looking at the “future of pro wrestling.” The crowd showered the ring in streamers for him. He was super over. They immediately went to the floor and Silas was tossed into the railings. Steen worked him over but was cut off and beaten down on the floor.

Young nailed a Boomerang clothesline and locked in a rear chinlock. Steen battled back but was kicked in the gut and nailed with a neckbreaker for a two count. Young continued the onslaught until being caught and powerbombed down. Steen drilled him with a knee to the head and a hanging DDT for a two count.

Young grabbed Steen and shot him into the corner, then rolled him up and hooked the tights for a two count. Young worked over Steen but was caught with a suplex by Steenn, who dropped him across his knee for a two count. Steen kicked away at Young and went for the Package Piledriver but Young blocked it, crotched him on the ropes and nailed a clothesline off the ropes for a two count. Steen came back and slammed Young into the turnbuckles, then nailed a running cannonball into the corner. He nailed a swanton for a two count.

Young nailed his rolling Samoan Drop and landed on his feet. He nailed the handstand into a springboard Arabian Press but Steen rolled out of the way. Silas landed on his feet, adjusted and cut off a charging Steen with a sideslam across the knee. Young for a suplerplex but Steen turned it into a sitdown powerbomb off the ropes. He nailed the package piledriver and scored the pin.

Your winner, Kevin Steen!

Another hard-fought physical match with some good brawling. The announcers did a great job breaking down Young’s character and Steen looked like a star. Good stuff.

Steen took the mic. He told Young that he said a lot of things about Steen. He said that Steen was a coward, a P*ssy and a quitter but after tonight, one thing he cannot say is that Steen cannot beat him. He said that he said a lot of things about Young too, including that he's a bitter a**hole but after tonight, he has to say that Young is an exceptional pro wrestling. He said that Silas came out in NYC to make a name for himself and that's by going after the top guy. Steen said make no mistake, "I am the top guy." He said that his ROH contract is about up and he was going to announce in NYC that he was going to step away for now. He said that for the next month and a half, he's going to enjoy his time in ROH and every minute. He said that he's happy he got to fight Young on such a big stage and he wants to know that Young respects him. He said that if Silas is the man he says he is, he'll shake his hand right now. Young does and walked out. The crowd chanted, "Please don't go" at Steen. Steen said Young has to go, "I'm not done yet." Steen said that he wanted to say thank you to everyone but Young charged back out and attacked him from behind, taking his knee out from under him. He worked over Steen.

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