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By Dave Scherer on 2013-10-06 21:48:59

Divas Title time. Brie Bella comes out, in pink because of the month. She is with Nikki, of course. AJ then came out with Tamina. They all have some pink on, which is fine by me. ... Brie is in control early. Even she is bigger than AJ. First big spot saw Brie get rammed into the post. She made it look good. AJ rolled her up for a two. On the replay, yeah she made it look real good. AJ is in control now. She works mean, I like it. She makes it seem like she is really tryig to hurt her opponent. She is a lot of fun to watch. She is in total control now, which scares me a little. ... Yep, she just missed a run in the corner, but she fought back and is still in control. AJ is working on Brie's arm. Brie "powers" up and throws some bad forearms at AJ. Wow, really bad spot where it was supposed to be a roll up but it was a mess. Brie hits some kicks and drops AJ over her knee. She mugs for the crowd and they cheer. Brie kneed AJ on the face. Tamina attacked Nikki and Brie went to save her, allowing AJ to roll up Brie and save the Title. It was what it was.

The Rhodes Boys vs. The Shield is next. Sadly, we have to sit through Triple H and Stephanie running down The Rhodes' first.

Renee interviewed the Rhodes' before the match. Dusty, wearing a cowboy hat, talked about this being about family. Dust put over his dad and son. Cody did the same thing. He said they fight for their family and their lives tonight. Good promo.

The Rhodes boys are in control early. ... The Shield went to the floor to regroup and all three Rhodes boys faced off with them (Dean Ambrose is seconding his team). Dusty even did the wiggling legs. Old school! ... Back in the ring, Rollins took control on Cody briefly but then he came back. Rollins got in enough control to tag in Reigns. They then took control on Cody until Goldie made the hot tag. He worked over Reigns including getting a two with a slash off the top. Then, he missed one in the ring and hit the floor. The other Shield guys went to do something when Cody came over to make sure it didn't happen. Rollins tagged in and nailed goldust on the floor. He went back in the ring and the ref started to count. Dust got in at nine. Rollins got a near fall. Reigns came in and began working over Dustin. Reigns hit a nice flying arm to the chest. Rollins came in and worked over Goldie. Goldie has been up so much most of his makeup is gone. Suddenly he came back with a powerslam. He tagged in his brother, who hit a big dropkick on Rollins. He nailed Reigns and then did a jewel kick on Rollins. Cody spun him around and dumped him, getting a two. Cody waited for Rollins to get up and ran into an elbow. Cody powered up and dumped Rollins. He had the pin but Reigns blocked it. Dustin came in and Reigns laid him out. Cody still had it when Ambrose suckered him. Big Dust came over and did the bionic elbow. He took off the belt and nailed Ambrose. Reigns came over to take out Dusty from behind but Goldust came flying out of nowhere and took him out. Rollins got Cody from behind but he kicked out at two. Cody hit the Crossrhodes and got the pin. Dusty got to enjoy it in the ring with his thuns. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole match. They did a great job. ... As the Rhodes were going to the back some babyfaces and older guys, like Arn Anderson, Mike Rotondo and Fit Finlay, came out to celebrate with the Rhodes family. Great stuff.

R Truth did a Hell In A Cell PPV promo. That happens three weeks from today.

After a panel bit, Brad is on the phone sucking up. He hung up and told Vickie that Triple and Stephanie had to leave (then why take the plane there to begin with?). He needs to make sure things go as HHH wants, and he needs Vickie's help. She laughed at him and walked away. He is on his own.

Kofi came out to the ring next. Then they did the Wyatt entrance and the fans popped. Bray also got a pop when they entrance ended. I hope Vince heard. Don't let these guys fall down the card. ... Bray dominated for a long time. Then Kofi made a comeback. Kofi hit his spots but got hit with a modified spear. Kofi then took out all three Wyatts on the floor as the crowd chanted ECW. Kofi hit a splash from the top on Bray for a two. Kofi went for SOS but then got hit with Sister Abigal for the pin. It was fine. ... After the match Rowan and Harper destroyed Kofi. Bray cut a promo about purity and the lights went out.

It followed with a plug for HHH's DVD. Bow down to the king.

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