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By Dave Scherer on 2013-10-06 21:48:59

Then they showed us the giant swing of Cesaro on Khali, like we were at Raw and we didn't buy this show and we may have just tuned in. They really presented it that way. Dopes.

CM Punk vs. Ryback is up next.

Early on they traded momentum until Ryback started doing power stuff on Punk. It lasted a while. A long while.

Finally, Punk started his comeback. After about he signalled for the GTS. Heyman took the mic and said he was the Best In The World. The distraction allowed Ryback to come back and powerbomb Punk for a two count, and then two more. Heyman yelled for Ryback to powerbomb Punk again. He tried but Punk got out of it by kicking Ryback. Punk hit a knee and a clothesline and then went up top. He hit the Savage elbow for a two. He kept working on him while Heyman pleaded for mercy. Ryback went to powerslam him but Punk rolled out. Ryback did catch him though with another powerslam and got a two. Ryback was back on the offense. The finish came out of nowhere when Heyman tried to distract the ref and Punk used it to back kick Ryback in the nuts. It was good but since Punk was selling most of the way it wasn't as good as it would have been if he were going even up. Ryback just isn't as good as Punk, that simple.

After the power outage, it is time for the main event. They still have plenty of time. Luckily for them they got everything back up because if they thought a few refund requests last month were bad, this would have been really, really bad.

The crowd was totally behind Bryan. ... The match started on the mat, as expected. They traded moves back and forth. ... Then, Orton took control for a while. ... Bryan made a brief comeback but then Orton took control. ... OK, my dinner came so I just watched and ate. Sorry, I was hungry. DB locked on the Yes Lock with a knee when Big Show came running down. He knocked out the ref so he couldn't count the win for Bryan. Bryan asked what he was doing and Show punched him. The fans chanted he sold out. Scott Armstrong came down to steal the win for Orton but Show knocked him out too. Show came in the ring and faced off with Orton. Show looked at Brad Maddox as his song played and both Orton and Bryan were out cold in the ring. They ended the show with that. The power should have never come back on. This company is now using PPV to set up free TV. The tail is wagging the dog.

Now for a little editorial. Last month, WWE got irate when people called to ask for a refund due to them undoing the PPV finish on Raw the next night. And they come back with this crap. Sorry WWE, you have no one to blame but yourself if people get made that you gave them NO Finish. At this point, you better get the network up and running because if you think people are going to keep laying out 55 bucks for PPVs only to get screwed over, you have lost your collective minds. That finish was an atrocity.

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