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By Stuart Carapola on 2013-04-07 13:51:08
Dragon Gate Six Man Tag: Open The Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano, Rich Swann & Ricochet vs CIMA, EITA & Tomahawk T.T.

CIMA starts us off against Swann, and they shake hands before getting down to business, trading wristlocks and going to the mat for some pinfall and reversal attempts. CIMA tages Swann back to the mat and wrestles circles around him, but Swann fires CIMA into the ropes and gets taken down with a shoulderblock. They go back and forth and Swann dropkicks CIMA out to the floor, Swann feints a dive but bounces back into the ring and gets chopped into next week by EITA. Ricochet comes in and unloads on EITA with some kicks and then tries a couple of quick pinfall attempts to no avail. Another back and forth and Ricochet tries a cartwheel something, but EITA baseball slides him in the face in a nice counter. Now Tomahawk T.T. comes in for the first time in the match to go at it with Gargano, he goes for a couple of his namesake chops, Gargano avoids a few but Tomahawk finally connects with a pair of chops and then runs Gargano over with a shoulderblock. Tomahawk sets up for a hard chop in the corner, but Ricochet makes the save and dishes out a chop of his own and then tags out to Swann before Tomahawk can retaliate. Swann hits his own chop, but Tomahawk no-sells, shoves Swann into the corner, and lays out with a chop before tagging CIMA back in. CIMA and EITA hit a double dropkick to Swann for 2, but Swann chops EITA and brings him back to his corner so he and Ricochet can hit a series of double teams on the youngster. EITA nails Ricochet with a couple of chops of his own and then hangs him on the ropes so CIMA can come in with a double stomp and a senton for 2. Swann turns the tables and gets CIMA in the corner for a ten punch count and a rolling senton for 2. CIMA gets Swann back in his corner and Swann is in trouble now, taking a series of triple team charging strikes in the corner from CIMA's team. Tomahawk gets a delayed vertical suplex on Swann for 2, then EITA tags in and they just destroy Swann with stereo chops and kicks, floowed by a double flapjack and stereo basement dropkicks for 2. CIMA's team is in firm control as the captain comes in to stretch Swann out with a surfboard, leaving him open for more chops from EITA and Tomahawk. CIMA picks Swann up in an awkward, upside-down kind of stretch and EITA lays in another chop to the chest, then EITA and Tomahawk hit more killer charging chops in the corner and a Doomsday lungblower for 2. That was a hell of a creative spot! Tomahawk goes to the second rope, but Swann hits a leaping enziguiri and a top rope Frankensteiner, followed by a double Ace Crusher for EITA and CIMA, and the tag is made and we all know what starts now.

Gargano and Ricochet get EITA and CIMA in opposite corners and take turns charging back and forth with forearms, Gargano spears EITA through the ropes and Ricochet comes in with a rolling senton for 2. CIMA comes off the top but Ricochet sees him coming and dropkicks him on the way down. CIMA returns the favor with a dropkick to the face, but CIMA hits an Ace Crusher and a standing shooting star press for 2. Crowd is chanting for CIMA as he nails Ricochet with the Venus punch, and EITA hits a picture perfect moonsault for 2. Gargano charges into EITA's boot, and EITA hits a rolling dropkick and a weird facebuster for 2. Gargano rolls EITA into a kick to the head, then nails ihm with a slingshot DDT for 2. Tomahawk is in and gets a Frankensteiner from Swann, but nails him with a hard double chop, Swann dodges a charge and Gargano nails himwith an enziguiri from outside, then Ricochet and Swann hit a series of quick strikes to Tomahawk before Gargano lawn darts him into the second turnbuckle for 2. Ricochet with a shooting star press to Tomahawk for 2, then he goes for Hertz Donut but EITA missile dropkicks him and starts hammering in some chops until Gargano hits EITA with a clothesline, then everyone starts throwing one hard strike after another too fast for me to keep up with, and the crowd is on their feet as all six men are down. Ricochet is up first and slams Tomahawk, then goes up top to try the 630 but gets crotched on the top rope by EITA, who takes his time before walking the ropes and hitting a Frankensteiner, followed by Meteora from CIMA. CIMA hits Schwein on Ricochet but only gets 2. Tomahawk hits an inverted Razor's Edge on Ricochet, EITA moonsaults Swann on the floor, and CIMA hits Meteora again for 2. Now CIMA and Gargano are face to face and start trading chops, and the fans are on their feet as they hammer each other. CIMA superkicks CIMA, Gargano lariats and superkicks CIMA, CIMA goes forSchwein, Gargano counters to HErtz Donut and gets CIMA in the Gargano Escape, but Tomahawk breaks it up before CIMA taps. Swann with a leaping enziguiri to Tomahawk, followed by a series of knockout kicks, a pair of leaping enziguiris, then EITA comes in and drills Swann with a hard shot before hitting a full rotation Hacker Slam. Gargano superkicks EITA and hits Hertz Donut, Swann hits the triple jump 450, Ricochet hits the 630 and covers EITA for the win.

Winners: Johnny Gargano, Ricochet & Rich Swann

Now Ricochet gets a shot at either the Open The Freedom Gate Title or Open The United Gate Title whenever he wants. Gargano calls CIMA back into the ring and says that when this promotion started, it was all about the Dragon Gate six man and CIMA was the highlight of all this, and CIMA caused the biggest turning point in his career, CIMA is his mentor and friend, and it's an honor to be in this ring with him. Gargano says that Dragon Gate USA and the Open The Freedom Gate Title are on the same level as CIMA and the Open The Dream Gate Title. CIMA asks the fans if they want to see a double title match, and says he'll bring his Open The Dream Gate Title next time. Jon Davis comes into the ring and lays CIMA out from the blindside, then flattens Rich Swann with a short clothesline. Gargano holds up a hand to tell Davis to stop, and Davis walks off. CIMA gets to his feet, but Gargano kicks him in the nuts, and when Swann asks Gargano what he's doing, Gargano hugs Swann, superkicks him, then throws him out to the floor and rams him into the barricade. Gargano gets a strap and comes back into the ring and uses it to choke CIMA while mocking his "Did you like the show?" speech that CIMA does at the end of DGUSA shows. He tells the fans he did this for them, apparently believing himself to be the hero for doing this as the fans chant "f*** you Gargano" at him.

Well, DGUSA definitely held up the standard they had set in years past with the six man. This was excellent, and the last ten minutes were an all out war, and this was also a great platform for Tomahawk T.T. and EITA to show what they can do. I'm not quite so sure about the Gargano turn because it just came out of nowhere, but I guess we'll see where they go with it.

It's main event time!

Shingo vs Akira Tozawa

They tie up and Shingo backs Tozawa to the ropes and breaks clean. Another tie up, nobody goes anywhere but Shingo unloads with a series of jabs, Tozawa tries a dropkick but Shingo flattens him with a clothesline. Shingo picks Tozawa up in a fireman's carry and hits a gutbuster followed by a DDT, he tries a legdrop but Tozawa moves and hits a senton, then chokes Shingo in the corner with his boot. Tozawa unloads with a series of Kobashi-style chops, then feints one and jabs Shingo in the face. Tozawa covers for 1, then chokes Shingo with his boot, Shingo tries to bull into Tozawa, but Tozawa blocks and chops Shingo. Shingo is unfazed, so Tozawa lays in more chops and a boot to the face, but Shingo runs Tozawa over with a clothesline and is back in control. Shingo dumps Tozawa to the floor and keeps up the assault out there, ramming Tozawa into the barricade and then dumping him face first onto the ring apron. Shingo drops a series of knees to Tozawa's back and then just stomps on his back as well. Shingo gets a pair of sentons for 2, Tozawa goes for a slam, but Shingo blocks and powers Tozawa up into a delayed vertical suplex, holding Tozawa up even as he tries to struggle free, then drops Tozawa to the mat. Shingo slams Tozawa hard and then comes off the second rope with an elbowdrop for 2, he goes for a powerbomb, but Tozawa fights his way free and hits a Frankensteiner, rolls through, and hits a Shining Wizard knee to finally turn the tide.

Tozawa and Shingo trade forearms, Shingo gets some headbutts, but Tozawa dropkicks Shingo's knees out from under him, a basement dropkick sends Shingo out to the floor, and Tozawa hits a pair of dives through the ropes and a somersault senton. Now Tozawa is in firm control, sending Shingo back inside, drilling him with a running forearm, and then popping Shingo up into a brainbuster for 2. Shingo goes for a backdrop driver, Tozawa repeatedly elbows Shingo in the head, but Shingo drills him with a hard northern lariat. Tozawa boots Shingo in the face as he charges into the corner and tells Shingo to bring it on as Shingo gets to his feet one more time, but this time Shingo catches his foot and straddles Tozawa in the corner Shattered Dreams style so he can just unload with punches and chops that will leave Tozawa eating through a straw for a week.

Now Shingo is back in the driver's seat, Tozawa tries to leapfrog him but Shingo catches him, pops him over in a suplex, and flattens himwith a diving lariat. The crowd is 50-50 as Shingo slowly picks Tozawa up to go for Made In Japan, Tozawa blocks and hits a pair of spinning kicks before dropping Shingo on his head with a backdrop suplex. Tozawa charges Shingo in the corner, but Shingo catches him in a fireman's carry coming in, climbs the corner with Tozawaa on his shoulders, Tozawa escapes and goes for a superplex, Shingo shoves him off, Tozawa hits a bicycle kick to the face, leaps to the top rope and hits the superplex the second time around. Tozawa covers for 2, then crotch chops at Shingo before getting a waistlock to try for the German suplex. Shingo blocks that and drills Tozawa with a backelbow, but Tozawa hits another Frankensteiner and bicycle kicks Shingo to the floor before going for another dive through the ropes. Shingo catches Tozawa, pops him up and powerbombs him onto the ring apron, and Tozawa looks to be in a bad way as Shingo rolls him back inside and covers for 2. Shingo picks Tozawa up for a powerbomb, but keeps pulling backward to flip Tozawa completely over his head into a facebuster. Shingo covers for 2, drills Tozawa with a clothesline, but Tozawa doesn't budge and starts firing shots back at Shingo. Shingo responds with a flurry of forearm strikes, Tozawa hits a bicycle kick and a backdrop suplex, Shingo with a backdrop suplex of his own, Tozawa with a backdrop suplex, Shingo with one, and they're both down. Tozawa gets up and hits another bicycle kick, Shingo pops Tozawa in the air into a DVD, Tozawa ducks a clothesline and German suplexes Shingo, Shingo pops right back up and flattens Tozawa and they're both down again.

The crowd is going nuts with a "this is wrestling" chant as Shingo gets himself fired up, he goes for Made In Japan, Tozawa slips out but Shingo nails him with a short clothesline, he tries to pop Tozawa up but Tozawa nails himwith double knees and then a charging kick for 2. Tozawa goes for a German suplex, Shingo blocks so Tozawa hits a bicycle kick to the back of the head followed by a German suplex, then deadlifts Shingo into a bridging German for 2. Tozawa goes for the straitjacket German suplex, Shingo holds the ropes and drills Tozawa with a clothesline when he breaks, but Tozawa doesn't budge and he hammers Shingo with a series of forearms. They trade right jabs, Shingo goes for Made In Japan, Tozawa tries to block, but Shingo powers him over and Tozawa kicks out at 2. Shingo hits another Made In Japan for 2, then sets up for the lariat, and he takes Tozawa's head off with it for the win.

Winner: Shingo

That was a HELL of a main event! Welcome back, Shingo, we missed ya. I could watch these two wrestle for three hours and be happy, but it topped off an excellent show, and I highly recommend you buy the replay.

Thank you for following's live coverage of Mercury Rising 2013, we'll be back later today with full coverage of Wrestlemania 29 and will have postgame coverage of many of the weekend's biggest events over the course of the coming week!

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