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By Stuart Carapola on 2013-04-07 13:51:08
Ladders Are Legal Fray: AR Fox vs Samuray Del Sol vs Matt Jackson vs Nick Jackson vs Christina Von Eerie vs Uhaa Nation vs Facade

Okay, we start off with Fox and Del Sol and ladders are only legal after everyone has entered the match. They have a fast paced start to the match as they trade armdrags, dropkicks, and headscissors and wind up at a stalemate. Samuray feints a series of lockups until Fox kicks him in the gut and starts unloading with forearms and takes Del Sol to the mat as we count down to the entrance of Matt Jackson, who goes right to the top rope for a dive that both opponents avoid. Matt hits hard and rolls right back out to the floor as Fox and Del Sol trade kicks, Del Sol goes for a top rope something, but Matt drags him down and hits a German suplex before knocking Fox to the floor. Matt goes for a double cartwheel as if he were going over the top, but instead slides under the bottom rope and rakes Fox's back. Matt rams Del Sol into the barricade as the clock counts down again and Christina Von Eerie makes her entrance, Matt charges at her as she makes her entrance, but she pulls the top rope down and Matt goes out to the floor, then she hits a springboard crossbody and wipes all her opponents out. Von Eerie hammers Matt with forearms and a series of headbutts, Matt goes to the eyes and chases her out to the floor, ramming her into the ring apron and then sliding back inside to take her out with a slingshot plancha. Now Matt and Fox are going at it, then Del Sol nails Matt and goes back inside with Fox as we count down to the entrance of Nick Jackson, who will now join his brother in what seems to have broken down into a 2-on-2 match against Fox and Del Sol. They hit a series of double teams to clear out the ring, then they allow Von Eerie to get back into the ring like good sportsmen...before superkicking her into next week and pinning her. The clock counts down and Uhaa Nation is out next, running over both Bucks with clotheslines, popping Nick into a Samoan drop, powerbombing Matt, hitting an overhead release suplex on Del Sol, and then tossing Matt to the floor on top of Nick and Fox. Uhaa prepares to hit a dive, but Fox comes in and drills him with a Yakuza kick that sends him to the floor before wiping everyone out with a somersault dive. Nick hits a moonsault to the floor as we count down to the final entrant, Facade, who runs down to the ring and wipes everyone out with a springboard dive first thing. Ladders are now legal, so Facade brings one into the ring and immediately gets nailed by the Young Bucks. They try to hit Facade with the ladder, but he springboards off the ladder, then springboard moonsaults off the top rope to take both men out with the ladder. Fox and Del Sol go at it, Del Sol superkicks Fox and hits an inverted Frankensteiner for 2. Nick superkicks Del Sol as he goes to the top and Fox hits Lo Mein Pain to eliminate Del Sol. Facade goes after Fox, he ducks a clothesline and nails Fox with a Yakuza kick and then gets a tornado DDT on Uhaa.Facade nails Nick in the...uh, midsection with the ladder and then sets it up in the corner, but Matt whips Facade into the ladder and Facade goes out to the floor as Fox hits a springboard Ace Crusher on Matt. Fox sets up the ladder in the middle of the ringand starts climbing, Facade leaps off the ropes and tries to land on the ladder, but his weight actually bends the ladder and Facade crashes hard. Fox nails Facade with Meteora to leiminate him, and we're down to Fox, Uhaa, and the Bucks. Nick gets backdropped to the floor, Uhaa splashes Matt in the corner, Fox dropkicks him, Uhaa hits a charging knee, Nick comes in and superkicks both Uhaa and Fox, nails Uhaa with a spinning enziguiri, then baseball slides Uhaa out to the floor. The crowd chants for the Bucks as Nick goes to bring another ladder to the ring, they ram Uhaa in hte face with it and then bring it inside to use as a battering ram on Fox's...uh, midsection. Lot of that going on tonight. Nick slams Fox and climbs the ladder, but Fox is up and he pushes the ladder over, and instead of landing hard on the floor, Nick uses the momentum to springboard off the top rope and hit a somersault dive onto Uhaa. Matt sets up the ladder between the ring and barricade, the Bucks try to suplex Fox onto it, but Fox fights his way out and lays Matt out on the ladder. Fox springboards out of the corner and moonsaults onto Matt, then brings Matt and the ladder back inside and prepares to splash him, but Ricochet runs out, shoves Fox off the top rope and onto the ladder, then hits him with a 630 splash and Nick Jackson quickly slips in and pins Fox to eliminate him. Now Uhaa Nation is by himself against both the Bucks, they whip Uhaa into the ladder and do it again. The Bucks put the ladder on the mat and they double suplex Uhaa onto it, but Uhaa kicks out at 2, so they use the ladder to double team choke Uhaa and then use it as a battering ram into Uhaa's head. They set the ladder back up in the corner, but this time Uhaa whips Nick into the ladder, backdrops Matt onto it, but the Bucks hit a double team Sliced Bread # 2 and Nick hits a running kneestrike for 2. They take turns superkicking Uhaa until the big man fires up and takes them both out with a double clothesline. He goes to press slam Matt, but Nick upserkicks him and then Matt powerbombs Uhaa into a superkick from Nick. They go for More Bang For Your Buck, but Uhaa shoves Matt into Nick and rolls Matt up to eliminate him, then hits his finishing combo on Nick for the win.

Winner: Uhaa Nation

I don't know if I'm quite on board with having one guy beat both the tag champs by himself, but it came off like he survived this match more than he won it. If the goal was to make Uhaa look unbeatable, this did the trick.

Intermission notes: During the earlier tag match: Player Uno's shoulder popped out while the Super Smash Brothers were going for their finish on Sami Callihan, which is why he lost the move and Dos had to improvise with a top rope splash for the finish. Arik Cannon was also knocked out legit during this match.

Jon Davis vs Orange Cassidy

This doesn't look good for our old pal Orange, who has Chuck Taylor, Drew Gulak and the Swamp Monster at ringside. Orange barely seems to notice the match starting, and he just slouches in the corner as Davis crouches in his own corner as usual. The crowd chants "this is awesome" as Davis finally gets tired of waiting and grabs Orange, who just shoves him off and goes back to slouching. Davis finally has enough and hits a kneelift to Orange, then hits the ropes for something he never gets to hit because Orange falls on his butt. He picks Orange up and goes for a hard lariat, but Orange falls down again. Running boot attempt, and Orange passes out flat on his back. Orange keeps rolling away from Davis' offense, so Davis yanks him up by the neck and Orange hits a Frankensteiner, then goes to the second rope and hits a DDT. Orange comes off the ropes and passes out on top of Davis for 2. He kips up and goes to the top rope to try another Frankensteiner, Davis picks him up for a powerbomb, Orange goes over the top for a sunset flip, but Davis yanks him up again by the neck and just launches him across the ring, then hits a hard clothesline that also wipes out the referee, and the bell rings as Davis has apparently been disqualified again.

Winner: Orange Cassidy by DQ

Drew Gulak comes in and attacks Davis, but gets powerbombed into the corner. Taylor comes in to go after Davis, but Davis short clotheslines him into next week, so the Swamp Monster comes in to check on his crew, and I think we all know what's coming now. Davis stalks the poor Swamp Monster, picks him up, and hits Three Seconds Around The World to complete the collection.

The Dragon Gate six man is up next on Page 3!

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