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By Dave Scherer on 2013-02-17 17:04:47

I am excited for this. ... Cole just told us no one has eliminated more people in the chamber than Y2J. ... As the bell rings the fans are going nuts for Jericho. He cups his ear. Who can blame him? ... Early on they are going back and forth, pacing themselves. ... Jericho went outside to use the cage and Bryan smartly said, "Uh no!" ... The third entrant into the match is the Racist American, Jack Swagger! ... He comes in like a house afire, hitting a Swagger Bomb on Jericho for a two.

Swagger is beating up both guys that started the match. They are selling that he is not about handouts and that real Americans take what they want. Is that legal? ... Jericho makes a comeback and the fans channt "Y2J". Well, at least until he missed a splash on Swagger. ... Cole just told us that HHH has won the most Chamber matches at 4. ... Bryan just killed Swagger with a knee off of the top. That hurt me, two time zones away. OUCH! The fans are chanting for Bryan now and he works Jericho. Very cool. ... The fourth man to enter the Chamber is: (in my JR voice) IT'S KANE! He immediately laid out Bryan who was the only guy in his way. A second later, the tag champs are working together. Well, until Bryan tried to pin Kane. Now, it's every man for himself.

But wait, Bryan wants to hug it out. He says yes, Kane says no. So Bryan piefaced him. And Kane slapped him. Bryan nailed a running dropkick in the corner and is working over Kane. Well, until Kane dodged a dropkick and did a sidewalk slam for two. Oh yeah, Swagger and Jericho are laid out right now. Swagger got killed. Jericho was playing possum. He and Kane set Bryan up for the Road Warrior's Total Elimination but only got a two on Bryan. ... Swagger is back and working over Kane. Well, for a second anyway. ... Next in is.......Randy Orton. Total devastation for all comes in 4 minutes.

Viper does damage and it ends up with him and Kane. He DDT's Kane off of the second rope, onto the steel outside. ... Orton is paired off with Swagger while Jericho is with Bryan. They didn't know it, but both Y2J superplexed Bryan from the top while Orton did the same to Swagger. ... Everyone is weak when Mark Henry came in. He is killing every one. World's Strongest Slam on Bryan. See ya. Five remain.

The first HOLY SHIZ moment of the night came when Mark Henry split Orton's wig throwing him THROUGH the pod. DAMN! Now Mark is facing off with Kane. ... Kane was briefly in control. He went up to the top and when he came down, Mark caught him. WSS. Kane is out. Beat him up, kick his ass. Mark is a monster.

Down to four, Jericho and Swagger team up to work him over. The double suplex him on the metal flooring. Ouch. Mark is down. Swagger and Jericho are the only two upright right now. ... Jericho went for the Walls but Swagger blocked it. ... Jericho went up for the Lionsault but Henry rose, grabbed him and wasted him into the steel. He then threw him onto Swagger. Orton is still out, FYI. ... He has Y2J and Swagger stacked and went for the big splash but Swagger moved. He took some abuse and then Orton rose from the dead and hit the RKO, pinning Mark. There were some seriously LOUD boos in the building, and at least one in Las Vegas, when Orton pinned Henry.

As Henry left the crowd gave him a huge ovation. I mean huge. So, he turned around, went back in and hit the WSS on the three guys left. Tons of refs, Booker T and Teddy Long came out and told Mark he had to leave. He was threatened with suspension, so he left. To another ovation. Hopefully Vince heard it. I think he did. Push my man! They kept him really strong with how they booked Henry.

Down to three, the action is really good. I was just watching. ... The first big spot came when Swagger went for the Ankle Lock on Orton. Y2J broke it up and went for the Walls. Orton broke that up and got a two on Y2J. Swagger got dumped onto the metal. Orton did the two strike, er double DDT, on them from the second rope. The crowd is going nuts. Bill Watts is proud. He didn't try to pin either which led to Jericho go for the Lionsault. Orton got the knees up. Orton gets the pin. Swagger quickly rolls up Orton. Six weeks of racist promos to follow. ... This match was awesome. Totally awesome. I am not looking forward to the promos, but this match was great.

The Shield vs. John Cena, Ryback and Sheamus is up next. They recapped what got us here so far and it was excellent. ... The faces were out first. Seemed like of the three Ryback got the weakest response. But none of them, not even Cena, got a huge pop. Here comes The Shield, out of the crowd. This show has been really strong so far. They better not ruin it by burying The Shield.

Early on, the faces are in charge. Sheamus even opened Ambrose's jacket to club him on skin. Good spot. ... Roman came in however and began working over Sheamus. ... Cena makes his first tag and the boos are very noticeable. VERY! ... To be fair, when he put the STF on Roman, the cheers were there too. ... This is really competitive so far.

The Shield is working over Cena. This is leading to the let's go Cena, Cena sucks dueling chants. Cena almost got pinned but Sheamus made the save. He is getting worked over by the fans and there is are load of feed me more chants. See, when a face gets his ass kicked and sells, the true marks root for the faces. When Superman kills everyone, BORING!

It should be noted that Cena is still getting his ass kicked. Ryback hasn't tagged in yet. The Shield has been booked really strongly so far. The fans are chanting Feed Me More. Finally, he comes in.

Ryback lays everyone out. Roman hit Ryback from behind so Sheamus made the save. Roman just TOASTED Sheamus on the floor through the barricade. Lilian just got away. Rollins comes off the top. Ryback catches him but before he can kill him, The Shield save him. Just when it looked like the the faces were going to do the by the numbers, take the heels out. Cena took out Ambrose. As Ryback was going to hit Shellshock on Rollins, Roman speared him. Ryback made the cover. Folks, they totally protected the Shield. Yet another great match. This is the best PPV in I can't tell you how long. Maybe MITB 2011.

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