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By Dave Scherer on 2013-02-17 17:04:47

Finally, we get out Dolph appearance. He says it was nice for Swagger to come back and all and win, but he is not guaranteed the main event at Mania. His MITB does that. Booker then came out and said he is wasting our time. He said he knows a man that can do everything that he can do. It's his opponent. Impromptu match time. Dolph vs. Kofi Kingston.

I like when the bonus match is something we want to see, and these guys should have a good match. ... The first big spot was Kofi hitting a TIP for a two. Kofi was ticked at Big E so he wasted him on the floor. He his a springboard splash on Zig for a near fall. But just as quick Zig gets the pin with the Zig Zag. It was basically a time filling, enhancement match. ... After the match, Big E killed Kofi. They made him look like a monster, which hell, he is. As he was destroying Kofi the peeps in the Big Easy were chanting ONE MORE TIME. I love New Orleans for a reason. And now another one.    

This show, so far, has had a real "let's keep everyone strong" feel to it. I don't know if it's the Triple H influence or whatever, but it's good stuff.

They are doing a step by step deal as to how we can download the app. Yes, because a lot of people are stupid. Cole has a picture of him and Lawler on his phone so he got abused. ... They showed the Dancing Fools, Brodus Clay and Tensai, winning on the pregame show. We see Brodus, with two hot chicks, playing with figures (which you can get from our good friends at Tensai is now Sweet T. He wants an action figure. His tats could be a food menu. He dances with the Brod-ettes.

Popcorn time. Tamina vs. Kaitlyn, and I don't mean any offense to them. They show Monday's app angle where Tamina called the champ rubbish. ... Cole says buy Hulu plus for extra stuff (but not what they cut out of Raw). ... Kaitlyn did a promo. Tamina is terrifying. So are Kaitlyn's promos. TNA knows how to book the women. WWE, not so much. ... Tamina is in control, which means she will not win. ... Yep, she missed the Superfly Splash, got speared, Kaitlyn retained. Maybe someone there cared but it wasn't loud enough to hear. It was OK but they have a lot of work to do with the women in WWE.

WWE Title time! Punk came out with his (not) belt. I like it. Good reaction for Punk. Great reaction for Rock. Let's go!

To those of you reading live I apologize for the delay. Dinner came during the match so I just watched it and I am about to do the post game show. In a nutshell, it was a really good match. The Rock gave a ton to Punk. He sold big time for him. Punk had the pin but there was no ref. Punk kicked out of finishers. And Rock won in the end. We can hope that Cena says he wants to settle the score with The Shield or Rock says Punk had a beef and deserves another show. But if that doesn't happen, Punk came out of the match strong. Overall, it was an excellent PPV.

I am off to do the post game show!

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