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By Mike Johnson on 2013-02-09 18:50:37

Dan Maff vs. Anthony Nese

They locked up and muscled each other back and forth.  Maff unloaded with a series of chops.  Nese came back with a series of kicks in the corner and tried to work over Maff, who slipped under and nailed a series of kicks.  He set up Nese and went for a running kick but Nese slipped to the outside.  Undaunted, Maff nailed a tope suicida to the outside.

Maff chopped away at Nese against the railing.   They battled atop the apron where Nese slipped back into the ring and knocked Maff back to the floor.  Nese followed to the outside, working over Maff.    Nese brought Maff back into the ring and controlled him.   Nese nailed a double jump moonsault for a two count.  Nese covered Maff for a two count.

Nese locked in a side chinlock.   Maff fought his way out and sent Nese into the corner and kicked him off.  Maff caught Nese and suplexed him into the turnbuckles.

Nese and Maff battled back and forth with Maff scoring a two count after a big clothesline.  He drilled Nese with another big suplex and called for the Burning Hammer.  He lifted Nese and went for it but Nese landed on his feet and kicked Maff in the face.  He came off the ropes with a splash for a two count.

Nese lifted Maff on his shoulders but Maff fought his way out.  Nese fired back with a series of kicks and a suplex but Maff rebounded with a clothesline that sent Nese inside out for another two count.  Nese went for a top rope headbutt but missed.  Maff went for the Burning Hammer and nailed it for the win.

Your winner, Danny Maff!

Good back and forth match.

Nese was interviewed after the match and asked if he'd like to comment on his continued losing streak. Nese just sat their despondent and didn't say anything. He finally forced the ring announcer out of the ring and took the mic. He said that he was a TNA star but had a chance to wrestle The Great Muta in front of the PWS fans and gave up a national TV contract to entertain these fans. He asked what he gets for that and responded "Dis-res-f***ing-pect." He said he doesn't deserve to be on the stupid sh** indies and deserves to be in TNA. He declared he was Mister TNA. He said there isn't a single person that deserves it more than him and said he was done entertaining piece of sh** like these fans.

PWS champion Matt Hardy vs. Kevin Matthews - TLC Match

They locked up and Matthews backed Hardy into the corner but was forced to break clean.  They locked up agan and Hardy drilled him with a right hand.   Hardy drilled Matthews with a clothesline, sending him to the outside.   Hardy then nailed him wth a dropkick through the ropes.

Out on the floor, Hardy nailed Matthews several times with a chair, including a hard shot across the back.   Hardy tosssed him back into the ring and continued the assault with the chair.  He wedged a chair in between the buckles and whipped Matthews into them but Matthews reversed it and Hardy nailed the chair hard en route to crashing down to the floor.

Matthews brought a ladder into the ring and worked over Hardy.  He tossed Hardy hard into the ladder several times after propping it in the corner.  Matthews tried to climb the ladder but Hardy dumped it over.  Hardy placed it in the corner and whipped Matthews hard into the ladder.

Hardy went under the ring and pulled out a much larger ladder.  He set it up in the ropes but was attacked by Matthews.  Matthews suplexed Hardy over on the ladder.  Matthews went under the ring and tossed a bunch of weapons in, then drilled Hardy in the chest with the smaller ladder.  He nailed Hardy across the back with a chair, then placed several chairs facing each other on the mat.  Matthews then placed the ladder across it.   He placed Hardy on the ropes for a superplex into the construct but was fought off.  Hardy dropped Matthews across the chairs and the ladder chest-first.

Hardy tried to climb up the smaller ladder and grabbed the belt but didn't remove it.  Matthews shoved the ladder aside and Hardy caught himself on the top rope as he toppled over.  Hardy recovered and began climbing the ladder but was nailed over the back with a large piece of wood.  Hardy reversed a whip and sent Matthews into it, shattering the wood.

Hardy again set up the ladder and tried to ascend to the top.   Matthews slipped under and nailed the powerbomb over his knees.    Matthews placed the ladder in the corner over the ropes and catapulted Hardy into it.  

Matthews went to the top of the ladder but Hardy grabbed him and nailed a back suplex off the ladder.   Hardy went to the top but was lowblowed by Matthews.  Hardy and the ladder were shoved over again.   They battled to the floor.  Matthews brought in several chairs.  Hardy regained control and went to the top but saw Matthews coming and nailed him, then hit a moonsault into the ring on Matthews.

Matthews stopped Hardy at the top of the ladder and sent him flying off into the ropes with a big right hand.   Matthews grabbed the larger ladder and tossed it into the ring. He then set up another ladder on the outside of the ring and bridged the first ladder between that and the apron.  

Matthews returned to the ring and whipped Hardy into another plank of wood, which broke.   Matthews tried to suplex Hardy out of the ring onto the bridged ladder but Hardy slipped free.  He tried to suplex Matthews who blocked.  Hardy finally backdropped Matthews over the top through the ladder.

Hardy went for the belt but the other members of Reality Check hit the ring and worked over Hardy.   Alex Reynolds set up the ladder and a table for Matthews.   Hardy nailed Reynolds with the Twist of Fate.  Matthews almost got to the belt but Hardy climbed up and they both grabbed it.  Both men battled and fell backwards through the table. Matthews was the last man holding the belt and was announced as the new champion.

Your winner, Kevin Matthews!

Really good ladder match with both guys taking ridiculous amounts of punishment.

Craig Steele vs. Chris Payne

Steele is one half of the Southside Players Club.   Steele attacked Payne at the bell.and nailed him with a sideslam.   Payne fought back and sent him to the floor, then hit a flip dive over the top to the floor atop of him.

Back in the ring, Payne drilled him with a legdrop for a two count and cinched in an armbar.  Payne came off the top with a bodypress but was caught and nailed with a fall away slam for a two count.   Steele continued working over Payne and nailed him with snake eyes.

Payne caught him with a rollup out of nowhere and scored the pin.

Your winner, Chris Payne!

Still to come:

*Jerry Lynn vs. Lance Storm in Lynn's New Jersey farewell.

*Saved By The Bell's Mr Belding (Dennis Haskins), The Phat Pack, and The Big O vs. Reality Check's Devon Moore, Damian Gibbs, D-Struction, and ???

*PWS Tri-State champion Star Man vs. Alex Reynolds

*Also scheduled to appear are Awesome Kong, Katarina Leigh, Shelly Martinez, Becky Bayless, Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg, and more.

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